Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Pes Survivors

 Task: We are learning about how animals adapt and survive in their own environment. Like a Wolf for example. We had to try and get an animal from the Desert environment and the Arctic environment. Then we had to get as much information that we know from that one animal. We had to try and adapt the animal from the desert environment and adapt the animal from the arctic environment.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Camp Bentzon

Walt: Summarise a week long experience into a recount.
On Tuesday the 17th of November the Year 6 students were going to Camp Bentzon at a place called Kawau Island. When we were about to go, Mr Burt said “All of use are ambassadors (The Year 6 students) Then we aboard the bus to drive to Sandspit so then we could catch the ferry to go to kawau island. It was a very long drive because sandspit was so far far away.

Then when we arrived, we started eating our morning tea. Kawau B went to pack the bags onto the ferry so then we could go on. But when we were about to aboard the ferry, we had to let the other people aboard the ferry before we could allow ourselves to go into the ferry. When all the other people aboard the ferry we had to go up the top the ferry. We were supposed to see some Whales and some Dolphins but unfortunately we didn’t see anything.

My first favourite activity is Abseiling because we were on a very tall tower. We had to try and get down but we had to do it very slowly so we don’t get an accident. But first we had to be safe so we won’t hurt ourselves. The first thing we had to put on was a Helmet and a Harness so then they can connect the rope to and we had to make sure that the rope is tight so we won’t fall. My favourite part of abseiling was facing my fears and never be scared of heights.

My second favourite activity is Kayaking because we were going to see some Stingrays and some Jellyfish. Mr Somerville was the person to take care of us. We also had a tutor and she was also the owner of Camp Bentzon. First we went underneath the bridge, but when I went underneath the bridge, I nearly fell out because their was someone else that went under the same bridge I went under. Some of us went through the Mangroves and some went around the Mangroves because they didn’t want to get stuck.

My favourite part of Camp was playing Spotlight. While we were having our camp practice, we had to wait for the right time to play spotlight because it has to be dark for us to be available to play. First the teachers explained to us how to play spotlight and what the rules is. Then it was time to begin the game. Some kids brought their torch out so the teachers could use it to find us. When a teacher finds one of us then they will always say “Spotlight” and you have to return to the deck. 

My other favourite part of camp was having the Concert night. The winning team was Mansion. It was so funny when the Boys were acting like girls and the girls were acting like boys. It was so funny because Alfa said “Come on girls, lets show these boys how it’s done” They started dancing to Hula Hoop.

At the end, I wasn’t really happy to go back home because I got to sleep with my friends and I also got to have heaps of fun. We had heaps of fun with the couples and they were kind to us and also helpful for what they did for us. It was time to hop on the ferry to go back to Sandspit. Then we waved goodbye to the couple and all the other people. So then we went back. But that is just how life goes.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Google Cardboard 2015

This is one of the greatest creation that Google has ever made, just by using Cardboard. When you put it on then it feels like you are in another world because you are checking out different places around the world that you have never seen. If you want to try this out then you can get the cardboard part from Night markets. But all you need is an app and a Smartphone to be available to do these kind of stuff. When you get those things then you can see anything and anywhere you have never been before. While you're at it, there are some safety rules before you could use it. 
1. Don’t stand up

2. Don’t wander around because you could hit something and you could also break the screen

3.Sit down at all times and never stand up

And number 4. Enjoy the new creation from Google.

Kawau Island

Walt: Gather and use information from a text

Task: Our task was to make a presentation about Kawau island and the animals that lives on Kawau island. We had to put as much detail as we could and explain the history about Kawau island and what was happening at Kawau island back in the old days. Did you know? that in 1844 the discovery of copper was made by Alexander Kinghorn and his miners, who at the time were mining for Manganese ore on great barrier island. The British company that owned Kawau decided to form a subsidiary company called the Kawau Company.

Strawberry Farm

Walt: Write for an audience
On Sunday 23th of November I went to Strawberry farm. While we were waiting for my parents to get ready my little and I were playing some hands games because we weren’t allowed to play on the Xbox 360. When my parents was finished getting ready we set off.

When we got into the car it was time for us to go. While we were driving my dad went and put some music on while I was still watching my movie behind my mum’s seat. Some of my dad’s songs was from the old days and when other people play their songs all the time. So then I asked him “Dad can you play Cheerleader” then my dad replied back to me “Is that song good for you?”, my dad only asked because he doesn't really listen to new songs he only listens to old songs.

We were still driving. Then we went past the Otahu pools, I was asking my mum if we could go swimming first before we could go to Strawberry farm. But then my mum said to me that we can’t because we didn’t bring our swimming togs to swim. So then we carried on driving for a long time. It was taking so long that I was getting so thirsty and so hungry at the same time.

When we arrived, I was so happy that I started shouting out “Yay we made it, finally we are here” then my mum asked me to not shout at a public place. There were some people their because it was about to rain. So then my mum ordered for 4 Waffle ice creams and 3 sundaes, when the woman about the ice cream maker was finished making the ice cream it was time for us to dig in the ice cream. At the end I was so happy to come back to strawberry farm.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Birthday Party

Walt: Write for an audience
On Saturday the 21st of November, it was my baby cousin's birthday. Her name was Ellamoana and she was turning 1 years old. First we had to get dress for a special day. When we got to our aunt's house there were heaps of people there including half of the people from her dad’s side who is Samoan.

Then it was time to sing a Happy Birthday to my little baby cousin. While we were singing she started crying because she loved the song a lot. When we were finished, it was time to cut her cake. Then her grandparents from the Samoan side came to cut the other cake. Then it was time to eat. While we were on the table the girls had to wear a Minnie hair bow and the boys had to wear a Mickey mouse mask. On the table there was a 5 or 6 pizzas on the table and some juice.

When we finished eating, it was time to hit the pinatar. But when all the candy came out it wasn't supposed to be for the big kids it was only for the little kids. When all the candy was gone the next pinatar was for the little kids. But it was the adults turn to hit the pinatar. First up was my aunty but she started hitting the pinatar heaps of times when it was supposed to give another person a turn. The last person to hit the pinatar was the birthday girl’s grandfather. Then all the candy came out.

At the end the last activity was to pull a number out from the basket. The only numbers that you could only get a prize and a packet of lollies was from 1-10. Some kids got a prize but most didn’t get a prize at all. When it was my turn I thought that I will go over 10 but then I was very lucky to get a number 6. My prize was 2 toy guns and 1 packet of Chocolate. 

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Number Patterns

Walt: Try different solutions to solve Number Patterns

Task: Our task was to work out the problem using any maths stragies that we already know. We had to figure out what the rule is and what we can use to solve the problem. There are some hard ones that we don't know so instead of doing a division you can mulitipli the numbers because it will be very easy. 

Chocolate Game

Walt: Write an effective recount
Guess What? On Tuesday the 27th of October, we were playing the chocolate game. We were playing the chocolate game in our literacy class, but on the same day it was Mr Somerville’s first day back. 

The rules was to get into a circle. In the middle of the circle you will find a plate with a fork and a knife. If the dice hits 6 then you get to dress up and eat as many chocolate as you can before the next person get’s 6. But if it don’t hit 6 then you will have to pass the dice over to the next person.

Finally it was time to get the game started. While we were rolling the dice some people rolled a 6 and some people didn’t. When I rolled the dice, I was hoping to get a 6 then I did. So then I jumped up to put the costume on, but I managed to get 1 chocolate. Judah, Zack, Billy and Hendrix managed to get as many chocolate as they can.

In the end Zack was the last person to finish off the chocolates that was on the plate. You should try and play the game with your family and friends. You will really enjoy the game because you get to eat as much chocolate as you want.

Friday, 23 October 2015

San Diego Zoo

Walt: Think about my purpose and reader by plaining my recount.

It’s time to go to the zoo! Should be an exciting experience, except our class is actually going on a virtual tour of the zoo. Can you even call it a zoo trip when we are seeing animals on a little screen, on our chromebooks, using the internet?

Do you think that watching a Virtual tour is better than being at a real zoo? I think that I will rather go to a real zoo because you get to see all the cool animals and other animals that you have never seen before.

Reason’s why it is very boring watching it on the internet. First, we won’t be available to see all the other cool animals and all their information. Second, we will just wish that we were there and never had to watch it on the internet. Third, It won’t be fun at all just looking at your small chromebook screen, instead of dreaming what it will be like in the San Diego zoo.

There are many reasons why we can go to a real zoo instead of watching a zoo on the internet. First, we get to see all the fun things that animals can do and also watch the tutor teach them some new tricks like a seal for example. Second, we get to see all the new tricks that animals does, either in the air or in the water.

I like the way they were explaining about San Diego Zoo because it has all the information about any animal and everything about them. San Diego Zoo has everything that I need to know, but a real zoo knows everything and has anything you can get to feed the animals with their favourite food. But being at a real zoo is way more better then watching a fake zoo on the internet.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: Try different solutions to solve multiplication problems

Task: Our task for today was to solve each problem by using multiplication. We had to try and solve the problem by using any strategies that we know already. First we had to solve the problems in our Maths books then we had to try and write it on a Google Presentation. After that we had to do a screenshot of our working out and post it on our blogs.

Animal Research

Walt: How animals survive in thier Enviroment
My Chosen animal is the Scorpion. It has adapted to survive in the desert by these things. Scorpions has exoskeleton, metabolism regulation. They have the ability to avoid harsh temperature from the desert. Scorpions have the ability to live in difficult environments. Scorpions are common in many of the world’s most hottest place on earth. Scorpions use their tail and their claws to protect themselves from enemies. In a scorpion's tail, they have a poison called Venom. Venom is a kind of chemical that affects the nervous system, ultimately killing or paralyzing the enemy.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Free Blog Writing

Walt: Write for an audience

When the school holidays was still on. Me and my mum and dad, and also my little sister was getting ready in the middle of the night. I was tired and also excited, it was because we were leaving New Zealand to go to the Cook Islands. First we had to pack our luggage, then we had to get ready before we could leave.

When we arrived at the Auckland airport, there were people carrying their luggage. First we had to weigh our luggage so then we know how much it weighs. Then we had to go to a machine where they have to do a xray on the luggage so then they know that you are not carrying anything dangerous in your luggage. We went and took the stairs so then we can get to the top.

When we arrived at the top floor, our family was waiting for us. It was time to say goodbye. When we waved back to our family, it was time for us to walk through the door where other people walks through so then they can move on before they are leaving the country. When we entered the room, the room was full of people waiting in line. It was our turn to check our passports, when it was finished we went through the next door.

But when we opened the door there were all kinds of different shops around us, there were Shoes, Wine, Blankets, and also some food. While we were wandering around each shop that we could look at. We brought some food for us to eat before we could enter the plane. We were waiting for our number to be called out the speaker so then we can enter the plane

At the end, I was so happy to leave New Zealand. “I can't wait to see my family in the Cook Islands. Then it was time for us to aboard the plane. Then the engine was starting up, but before we could leave New Zealand they were showing us the safety manual and what to do. “I can’t wait to see the deep blue sea”

Monday, 12 October 2015


Walt: Write an effective recount
During the school holidays, I went back home to see what was going on. I stayed home most of the time doing nothing. Then it was time for us to go shopping, while we were shopping my mum brought me a new necklace. I liked it a lot, it was very special to me so then my mum went and put the necklace on me.

Then on Sunday my brother took us to the movies. The movie that we were going to watch was Born to dance. My favourite character from the movie was Stan Walker. But my favourite scene was when two groups was the same, but the other group was dressed up in army clothes. Then the leader from K crew knew what they were up to. 

Then the other group that was dressed up in army clothes, took off their army clothes. When they did, the judges were shocked. Then it was time for the judges to chose. It was either the K crew or it was the Freaks. Then the judges has to decide, their choice was decided. Everybody was waiting for the winner, then the winner was the Freaks.

At the end, the movie was finished. I really enjoyed watching the movie. I really hope that next time there will be another movie, but it is all about dancing. I felt so happy that I got to watch Born to dance.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: Identify and solve number problems Today we were learning about Number Pattens. First we had to known what to do when we get up to these kind of tests. We had to know how to work this problem out by ourselfs and we had to understand how it works. Our task was to find missing paterns and put in the right answer.

Term 4 Animation

Walt: Show what is happing. Add details
Roimata from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
This term our topic is all about Trade and Enterprise. Today we had to do a animation about what to do when you find something that is lying around. We had to draw a person walking along and their three emotions are spinning around their heads so then people knows what there thinking of.
My last emotion is Serious, he is telling me to do the right thing and never follow Calm or Happy. It is because they are giving me the wrong advice and everything will get worse. So then I followed serious advice because it was the right thing to do.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Market Day

Walt: Write an intersting and detailed recount
Our topic for today is all about Trade and Enterprise. For trade and enterprise we have been learning how to make a profit, sell and make our very own products. As part of our topic, we had our market day held last week on Friday. I was very poor - Jokes I am rich. I managed to get heaps of money from other people. 

We are having a market, there is a reason why we are having a market, it is because we can share what we have created in our Trade and Enterprise groups. People will know that we have tried our hardest to try and create as many as we can before the market comes. My business group is called the musical instruments, my business partners are Kura, Amethyst and meee! In my business group me and my business partners has made Flutes and Drums. When I grow up I want to make a business called technology, so everybody knows what I am doing and what I have created for them, so everybody can come and enjoy my business. Me and my business groups managed to make 14 PT's and 50 Pieces. 

When it was nearly time to do the market, we had to set things up. First we had to put posters up so people know what we have on sale for other people to come to our store. Then we had to move tables around, other people had to move some decks outside so then they can sell their cupcakes and Chocolate fudge and some Chips. When we claimed our spots we had to put our products onto a table that we have claimed so then people can see our products. The table that we went and put our products was the table that was between Room 6 and Room 7.

While everybody was shopping and some were selling. Some people from Christchurch came to the Team 4 block to see what we have on sale. When they came in their pockets were full of PT’s and Pieces. Everybody was so happy that they wanted them to come to their store so then they can get heaps and heaps of money to go and put it into their bank accounts. While they were walking around some of the visitors came to my store but they were just playing with the drums that we made, then they started talking about how good the drum was and how strong it was so when they started drumming it didn’t brake at all. But by the time they came to buy some food, it was already gone.

When we were about to begin the market, Mr Somerville was explaining to us about the rules of swapping over with your business partners. When someone from your group stays on the table and He/She has been their for a long time, then the money that they get from each customer that’s how much money that they will get when they put it into their accounts. The person that was shopping the whole time get’s no money because they weren’t helping their partner with the selling. 

When it was the market, I felt so happy that I got to buy any product. I really had fun selling and buying other people’s stuff that they have created for other people to come and buy their stuff. I really hope that next time I get to have a market and also get to create anything for anyone to buy.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Cross Country

Walt: Write a recount about Cross Country
If you guessed that I just finished running, then your correct.Because it was week 8, which also meant the it was cross country.Yesterday on Monday the 7th of September 2015. At Cross Country is was really exciting and muddy run.The Event was a surprise, for me and my sisters. Because we didn’t go on Thursday or Friday. So without knowing I gave it my best shoot.

Cross Country is a day, that Point England School Students, train for the Whole year.Cross Country happens is term 3.Sometimes it happens in term 4. But it depends on the Weather.On Cross Country, we went and sat on the hard court. 

After then Mr Burt stood on a chair, spoke for a few minutes. Then Ms V, our school sport teacher spoke for a few minutes too. Then after a few minutes, we started to have people running. And then the year 6 and year fives moved to a different place, so we could see better.

Anyway, after we got there, me and Inez who was going to ran with me. As soon as Mr Burt started the run, every year 6 girl sprinted to the cone, on the other side.

After that We keeped running to the gate, and then we went through the gate, out of school grounds and, onto the reserve. And continued running until we got to Mr Somerville and went straight.

We keeped running until we got to Ms Nada, and keeped running. After running it took me and Inez one hour to do one lap. Our run was so long, and hard. My Feelings about Cross Country, are hard to say. But above all I had a pretty good time.

After a few other years ran, it soon was the year seven boys. After the year seven boys, the year six girls got called to the liner. Which is where we started the run.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: Identify and solve tricky decimal probelms.                                                      

Thursday, 3 September 2015


Walt: Find information and use this in an empathetic way.

This week our task was to make an interview. Before we can make an interview, we had to do the planning so we know what to say. Then we had to write who was going to be the person to interview Mac, Craig or Mac's mum. I was the interviewer and Waimaria was Mac. So when we recorded, we can say what we wrote on the planing Doc. Then at the end we had to record, and write what we have learnt and what the book we were reading was about.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Laughing Samons

Walt: Watch Laughing Samons

Today is Mr Somerville's birthday. I would like to say happy birthday to him. Here is a presentation about Laughing Samons from Heather.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Advice Column

Walt: Think critically about what we read.

Today our task was to write an advice column. We learnt how to think critically about what we read and write. We had to help a person and his name was James Abel, he needed some advice. He needed some information of which watch he should buy. We had to help him know which watch out of the Garmen Vivo fit 2 and the Fitbit Charge was the best watch to chose. Then we had to look at the reviews so then we know which watch is better then the other watch. We had to have three reasons why James Abel should buy that watch.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Trade Fair

Walt: Add one main idea per paragraph

This term we are learning about Trade and Enterprise. Our learning is about creating and selling a product that we have designed and made. We were broken up to 6 different business groups to learn about what it takes to become a business man or woman.

As part of our terms topic we had a trade fair. A trade fair is different from a Market because a market is when you buy some things, but a trade fair is when you order something first then you will get it later. Me and my partners made a presentation about what design we will be doing and a order form so people can come and order something.

For the trade fair my partners and I have created a business called Music. We were selling a flute, our flute costed 1pt. My business was going very well with our selling. We made a presentation with all of our ideas, so that people knew what we were selling and we could take their orders.
Our teachers have created a currency a new kind of way for money. Another word for saying currency is money. We use Pt’s and Pieces as our money. For example 2pt is like $2.00 and 50 Pices are like 50 cents and 20 pieces are like 20 cents. The only time we put our pieces and pt’s into our account is at lunch time and morning tea. Everyday when we come to school we always get 20 Pieces each day we come.

I’m really excited about our market day coming up in week 8! We are hoping to make lots of PTs and Pieces. I cannot wait for the market and to create our products, before the market comes.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Check out my number

Walt: Understand money as decimal numbers.

In this presentation, we had to pick a decimal number, from 0 to four. I picked 3.9. I showed 3.9 from money. I putted 3 one dollars, and 1 50 cent, and 2 20 cents. We also had to show the number we had picked on the number line. Then we had to show the number in the tread house. It's got a one's column, a tens column, hundredes column, and a tenths column.

Can I afford it?

Walt: Understand money as decimal numbers.

I have been learning about Can I afford it?. The task for today was about we have to spend our money on something then we have to see how much money we spent on that product, how much charge we will get back. Then we had to use the coins on the side to show how much charge we got back.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Properties of 3D shapes

Last week we were learning about what a tetrahedron is and what a 3D shape is. A 3D shape is different from normal shapes, it is because a 3D shape is like your holding something and a 2D shape is really flat. Today we were learning about the properties of a 3 dimensional shape. We had to make a presentaion of 3 dimensional shapes we know. We were looking at a Tetrahedron, Cube and Pyramids. We had to write how many Faces, Vertices and Edges that the 3 dimensional shapes have.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Check out my Number

Walt: Use strategies we already know to solve decimal problems

In this presentation, we had to pick a decimal number, from 0 to four. I picked 3.9. I showed 3.9 from money. I putted 3 one dollars, and 1 50 cent, and 2 20 cents. We also had to show the number we had picked on the number line. Then we had to show the number in the tread house. It's got a one's column, a tens column, hundredes column, and a tenths column.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Check out my Number!!!

Walt: Use strategies we already know to slove decimal numbers

Task: Our task was to do a presentation of What's my Number. First we had to think of a number then we had to fill in the other stuff, the last part was to search up a image that looked the same like the number that we already picked.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: Use strategies we already know to solve decimal problems.

Character Description

Walt: Find specific evidence in the text.

This week we have been descriping a character named Kynan. He was a boy that wanted to buy himself a computer, but then he had no money. His mum told him to earn money so then he made a plan of a job that he will be doing. Kynan needed some money so then his mum gave him some money to start his bussiness.

The Ski Trip

Walt: Find specific evidence in the text.

Task: Our task was to write about how Anthony can earn money for his Ski Trip. Anthony mad a list of what he can do and he made another list of things he has to do to earn real money. When he finished making his plan he went around town to hang up the note if anybody else needs it. It had all the details so people knows his phone number and his email.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

If I had a million dollars

Walt: Write effective paragraphs using jucicy and exciting words.

WOW! Having a million dollars, it would be a dream come true. I would really spend my money on the things that I don’t need. I could buy anything that I want. That would be so cool.

I would spend ⅓ of my million dollars at Toyworld it would be amusing. I could buy heaps of teddy bears and more if I want too. It would be so fun to have heaps and heaps of teddy bears because you get to hug them and they could make you so warm because their fur are very soft like a pillow.

At JB Hi Fi I would buy a samsung galaxy S5, alpha drone quadcopter and I would buy a PS4. So when I play my ps4 It would be like I am really in the game, it would be so fun to have an alpha drone quadcopter because you get to fly the drone anywhere you want it to go. 

At Footlocker, I would buy new pairs of shoes in all kinds of colours. But most of all I would buy Nikes, Sneakers and the Spike sneaker shoes. I would prefer these shoes then wearing adidas shoes. I would rather wear these shoes because it is good for me to run in when I have fittness.

I prefer Food Court because I like their tasty ice cream sundae, banana split, burger and also some coca cola. I would prefer these food because they are so nice and so cold just the way I like them. Food court is going to be the best place to spend your money at, I have the reason why you should spend your money at food court because you get to eat all the food and dessert to have all to yourself.

It would be so fun spending your million dollars on the things you always wanted, but it will also be selfish because you are not spending your money wisely on the things you don’t really need. Just imagine the poor people with no money and no homes and you are so rich with heaps of money. If I was you I will spend send the rest of my money to Africa so then they have clean water, shelter to keep them safe and also send some food to them.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: Solve tricky number problems in the thousands.                                                                                  

First I did 2+1 = 3, nad 0.5 + 0.7 =3.7 so the answer was 3.7

Friday, 31 July 2015

My Job Aplication and C.V

Walt: Write an aplication for a job.
To whom it may concern,

Teachers Dishes:

I am applying for the position of teachers dishes. I think that I would be good at this job because I am responsible, trustworthy and speedy person and can do my job perfectly. 

This job is perfect for me because at home my mum tells me to clean the dishes and I do it straight away. I am the perfect person that is able to be responsible, trustworthy and a speedy. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my application. I look forward to hearing from you soon

Yours sincerely,

Roimata Ru


Letter reference:

My daughter Roimata is a trustworthy and speedy person that you can trust to be cleaning teachers dishes. 

I believe that Roimata will be a great person to hire for this job because she can take responsibility of herself and others. She is a very good girl and can work really well with many people.

Roimata will be great for this position because she has the right personality for working with people. She can participate with others and can take good care and do her job correctly.

Monday, 27 July 2015

My Work

Teachers Dishes:

I am applying for the position of teachers dishes. I think that I would be good at this job because I am responsible, trustworthy and a speedy person and can do my job perfectly.
This job is perfect for me because at home my mum tells me to clean the dishes and I do it straight away. When I am doing the dishes at school, I will be earning 1PT a week. Every week I will be staying behind after school or I will be taking the teacher's cups before we begin our silent reading.

Friday, 24 July 2015


On Friday, I was with my mum and my little sister. When we got to Sylvia Park we were taking some pictures of the new mini golf. Before we went into the Cinemas we had to decide what movie we will be watching. 2 of us chose to watch the minions and the other 2 decide to watch inside out. But my cousin decide to watch Inside out, so when we entered the cinemas we were looking at the big screen to see what time the movie starts.

Then my cousin went and paid for the tickets so then we can get inside. When the tickets were paid off we went to pake’n save to buy some food to eat so then we won’t get really hungry. When we finished shopping we were looking around the mall and looking at all the shops where we can buy heaps of clothes. Then we went back to the cinemas to go and watch our movie, before we entered my cousin asked us if we needed to go to the toilet. 

While I was waiting for my other small cousins to hurry up, we were looking at the new movies that will be coming out on September. The new movies that I was really excited to watch was Hotel Transylvania and Pixel, I was so excited and I cannot wait to watch the new movies that will be coming out in the afternoon. When we entered the room it was so quiet while we were looking for our seats.

The movie was about to begin, I was so happy that I came to watch Inside out. I was sitting down on my seat and eating some nachos then the movie started, there was a girl and she had feelings inside herself. There names were Fear, Anger, Happy, Sadness and Disgust. They all had different talents. Riley was a really sweet and happy girl that likes to have fun. Riley’s emotions control her memory and some of riley’s important memories are kept safe because they are the important things that happened in her life.  

My favourite part of the movie was when Happy and Sadness came back to help the other emotions. When the movie was finished I wished to come back to the movies to watch another cool movie. That is what I did in the holidays.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: Solve tricky number problems in the thousands.

Task: We had to write a explanation on our maths book and we had to try and solve the problem. When we finish writing our explanation on our books, then we had to write what we had done on our books and how did we work out the answer.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Animation Term 4

Walt: Make a side scrolling game.
This term we had to make a side scrolling game. In my game, my charcter is Half Eagle and Half Lion. My chracters goal is to try and collect as many coins as it can so then it you can upgrade your own chracter. My chracter has to try and get up to the highest level, if he dies then he will be sent back from where he started and he will have to start all over again. The only way for my chracter to die, is when he gets bitten by any snakes and he could also get posien from other peoples powers that they have.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Walt: Understand and use new vocabulary

Task: Our task was to create our own definition. We had to create a google drawing that shows our personal definition of new and intersting vocab. We had to put as much detail as we can into our definition. I have learnt how to study new vocabulary and to write a complex sentence.


Walt: Understand and use new vocabulary.
Link to Padlet
Task: This is a padlet that the Pavalovas have been working on. We were looking at scientists and the S.E.M, s.e.m stands for scientists electoral microscope. We had to bold our words so then people knows our new and intersing vocabulary.

What have you leanrt: I have learnt that you can only see anything by using a microscope or a magnifying glass to look at the bugs. Did you know? that a magnifying glass can only see up to 100 meters and a microscope can see up to 1000 meters.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Identifying nouns

Walt: Identify nouns in pictures
Task: This week I have learnt to identify things in the photos. For example if you had a photo on there will be a lot of things that you can say like a man water, legs arms, stick and many other things.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Sun Smart

Today is really hot. It’s summer time.
The sun can burn you. It is really important to slip, slop, slap and wrap on sunny days. The sun can burn you if you don’t put sunscreen on because you might get skin cancer and sunburns.

The first way to stay safe in the sun is to slop on some sunscreen to protect your skin from getting skin cancer and sunburn. You should actually apply sunscreen 20 minutes before you set a step outside then reapply it after every two hours. It is really important to put sunscreen before going into the sun. The sun dangerous so you need to stay in the shade.

Another way to stay safe is to slap on a hat to protect your face from getting burnt. You should really put on a hat especially put one with a wide brim or cap with flaps. This is so your face is protected and that you get the littlest opportunity of getting melanoma. It is shown that lots of people get lots of sunburn on their face and neck then any other part of your body.

The third way to stay safe in the sun is to wrap. Wrap is to put on sunglasses to protect your eyes. It is told that UV radiations can affect your eyesight equally. Trust me you don’t want to get it in your eyes.

Don’t forget to slip, slop slap and wrap!!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Being sun smart

Walt: Write an explanation using simple complex sentences

What I have learnt: I have learnt how to write a simple sentence and how to write a complex sentence. A simple sentence is when a sentence dosen't have a any detail inside. A complex sentence is when you have to add as much as detail as you can.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: Find the fraction of a number
Task: We had to do our Problem Solving and we had to figure out how can we split 72 into a quarter. We were learning about our fractions and how we can solve very hard fractions.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Explaining my thinking and Understanding

This term we had to create a side scroller game because our topic was called Tinkering tools and toys. When it is a wet lunch or a wet morning tea then we can play on our own or other people’s side scroller games. We had to create our own lead character and a side scroller backgrounds, we are using a side scroller backgrounds because our lead character has to move sideways. We got to play some side scroller games so then it can give us some ideas on how we can make our own backgrounds.

What I have learnt is have to create your own side scrolling game and creating our own characters for our topic. I have learnt that you can not always win, sometimes you can lose too but it is all about the fun that you have playing the game. You can create anything as you want to just have to think of what you are going to do for your side scroller game.

Writing an Introdution

Walt:Write and engaging introduction

My Introdution: On a freezing cold day heaps of people were playing on ice, he was really stupid. If I was him then it will really be freezing cold. If he came out of the freezing cold water then he will be shaped like a Ice cube and he will have to be taken onto a truck so then he can get home and have some hot coco.

My next Introdution: In the morning I was still tired so I jumped into super very cold freezing water. When I jumped inside the water I was trying to refresh my day with jumping into the freezing cold water. When I got out of the freezing cold water I was shaped like a Ice cube, then people started to whisper and they were saying that I am a really crazy girl to jump inside the freezing cold water on a very cold day. But I guess that was a very bad thing to do so then I can start up my day.

The Task this week for writing is to write an introdution about an image of a man jumping into cold water. First we had to write our own intordution then when we finished we had to use someone else's sentence beingings to write a second introdution.

How to make a Poppy

Walt: We are learning to give step by step instructions of how to make a poppy.

Task: Last week we had to make a presentation on how we can make a poppy. We had to write what we had to do then, we had to add some pictures so then our audeince knows how to make a poppy when they get home. We had to write what we have had to do, so then we can learn on how we can make our own.

Explaining my Game

The name of my game is called The Big Adventure, Our task was to create a side scroller game.Our task was to explain how our games solve the problem, It was to provide how people can play side scroller games when it is a rainy day.

My lead character is a animal, my animal is a half lion and a eagle. When you put them together it makes a Griffin. My lead character is in a Demon world and he needs to find his Parents and needs to get back home. My mission is to get my parents out of the Demon world and get out so then I can get back home. My character faces a evil griffin, which it has been controlled by a very good controller. To win you have to beat all of the monsters, the monsters are holding a bomb inside their hands.

Another way to win is that you have to use your gun to shoot some people so then they won’t infect you, If you get infected then you will lose 1 life. To gain a life you need to collect some blue and pink bottles.

To jump you have to push the Spacebar, To control earth then you press the letter A, To use your sword you press the letter S. The last one is to use your guns then you press the letter D.

My character will face some evil monsters, some of them are infected and some are not. You have to watch out while you're on your way because they can come out off nowhere. Sometimes there are big people and they hold a big metal, but they can run across you and also hit you very bad. 

If you look at the bottom of the screen then you can use your powers to defeat them also you can use your gun to shoot them. When you get to the last level then you will be challenging the evil boss and try defeating him with all you got.

When it is raining then other people can go and play some side scroller games. It is a very cool idea to play on a raining day because you can have some fun and you won’t be bored, so that is why my game will fix the problem when it is raining.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: Find the fraction of a number.

Task: We had to do our Problem Solving and we had to figure out how many of each flavour would they each get. We were learning about our fractions and how we can solve them out by using our multiplications.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: Find the fraction of a number.

The task that we were given to do was to go and work out the problem. After that we had to write it inside our Maths books and write out what we have done to work out the problem. I have learnt how to solve my problem solving by using divide by's, times tables and by using our fractions to solve this problem out.

Compare and Contrast Christchurch to Auckland

Walt: Find comparisons and differences between items and provide proof.
This week our task was to write some information about comparing Christchurch with Auckland. First we had to read the story to find more information about Christchurch. We also had to find the differences and similarities. In Christchurch the art gallery got demolished, so then a group of people planned to paint the buildings so people can see still see art from local artists.

I have learnt how to find some information about Christchurch and how it is different to Auckland. I have found out that Christchurch has had more earthquakes then Auckland, Auckland only has a few earthquakes in recent times. In Christchurch there is a red zone, and in the red zone there are no buildings because the earthquakes has already damaged the place. Sometimes there are people that builds new homes for some other people so then they will be safe.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: Solve problems using multiplication and division strategies.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Character Description of Archibald Baxter

Walt: Find evidence and clues from the text to create a description.

This week we had to create 2 Padlets. The first padlet explained what perseverance meant, and how Archibald Baxter showed this while his was in World War 1. The second Padlet explained how Archibald Baxter was resourceful and how this helped him to survive World War 1.

This week we have learnt to make two padlets. On the padlet I have learnt to change backgrounds and write lots of information describing a character’s personality. On the padlet we had to write how resourceful was Archibald Baxter. We have learnt to add exact details and evidence into the padlet from the story that we were reading. We have learnt how to find some evidence and clues about our story.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: Solve problems using multiplication and division strategies.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: Solve Problems using multiplication strategies
First I had to write my working out on my maths book, then I had to write it in words.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Happy Mother's Day

On Sunday it was Mother's Day, mother’s day is a modern celebration honoring one’s own mother, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mother’s society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March or May.

I woke up early in the morning and went to my little sister to wake her up because it was Mother’s day, We went to check up on our Mum so then we can surprise her. We went inside the kitchen and made her some breakfast, then she woke up and walked inside the kitchen then me and my little sister surprised her then we

When she finished eating her breakfast she told us that our cousins are coming over for Mother’s day. So then we had to get stuff ready before they come to our house and have some food with us to celebrate a very special day for Mother’s, so then me and my little sister had to help our parents to get things setted up before they come.
At the end they came home me and my family surprised our Nana, she was very happy to see her gift for Mother’s day. Then we started eating, me and my other cousins were eating Rice, Chicken kebab. Then we started to play with our Pool table but we had to use our hands to hit the hard Pool ball, then my little sister was playing some music on her phone and we started playing with our ball. Then my mum was so happy that we celebrate mother’s day with our hole family. 

Silas the Stretcher Bearer

Walt: Present Information different ways

In Room 7 Literacy Class we had to try and write some information about Silas. Then we had to write out information in our own words.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Reviewing a Game

Name of Game: World’s Hardest Game

Link to Game:

How do you score/ win: Move the red square through the maze of balls to the end of the zone.

Difficulty: 7/10

Fun: 10/10

Description: Move the red square through the maze of balls to the end of the zone. You have to avoid the blue balls while collecting all of the yellow balls. You use the red ball to move but if the red square touches the blue ones then you will have to start all over again.

It is going to be too hard because you need to try and pass each level without touching the blue squares. The more you pass each level, the game will be getting even more harder. This game can be very hard for everybody to play this very hard game.

I will rather play this game with a friend because it can make it more challenge for me and the person that is playing the game. I will rate this 10/10 because it can be very hard for people to beat each level if you use your head.

Side Scrolling game

Name of Game: Johnny Upgrade

Link to Game:

How do you score/ win: You win by defeating the boss.

Difficulty: 7/10

Fun: 10/10

Description: In Johnny Upgrade you start with nothing and have to upgrade Johnny. There is a boss that you need to defeat and if you do, then you win the game. But watch out there are robots and bombs that can stop you from reaching the boss and winning the game.

Johnny Upgrade is one of the top games for people to play on cool maths games for kids. Johnny Upgrade is a similar game like a side scrolling game where you start with nothing and have to keep on upgrading to get to the boss and defeat him. You have to collect coins and keep on getting stronger and better and have to unlock the ray gun to shoot the boss.

I will share this to my friend because I can have a person to play with and fight to win. But if I was not to have a friends to play with, it will be very boring. So I give this a 6/10 rating.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

World War 1

In 1915, in World War 1 thousands of soldiers fought for Australia and New Zealand so they can keep us safe. We wear poppies because the place that the war was taking action in was a field filled with poppies. A - N - Z - A - C stands for Australia, New Zealand, Army, Corps. Observed on 25th April each year, Anzac Day was originally to honour the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought at Gallipoli and Turkey against the Ottoman Empire during World War 1. While we were at assembly we had to gather at the Memorial to remember the people that passed away, then we had to remain silent to show respect to them.

The first NZ soldier to die was Private William Ham. He was fighting in Turkey in an area that is known as Suez Canal. They were fighting against the Ottoman Empire which is Turkey. He died 2 days after the attack because of his extreme injuries. Austria Hungary was the first country to declare war on Serbia. Russia mobilizes. Germany warns Russia to stop mobilizing. Russia says mobilization is against Austria-Hungary only. In August 2th 1914, Britain asked New Zealand to seize German Samoa as a ‘great and urgent Imperial service’. New Zealand’s response was swift. Led by Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Logan, the 1400-strong Samoa Advance Party of the New Zealand expeditionary force landed at Apia on 29 August.

Did you know? that in World War 1 they did not only have soldiers in the army but they had different types of animals to help with things like carry ammunition, pull guns and carry wagons. Dogs were used able to help send messages to help search for wounded soldiers and carry medication. Dogs were a better choice to use because they were faster and more quicker than a soldier, so they would have more of a chance to survive if they had to run across the battlefield to send a message to others. If someone gets caught they
would let them go because people didn’t want to kill others. They would just surrender and send them back to have peace.

I have learnt that on Anzac Day heaps of people from Australia and New Zealand has fought for us and they surrender because they wanted everybody to be free and have peace in every country. I feel really bad for the people that went to war, some people from the war came back and some soldiers passed away and their families were so sad. “They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them.”

                                                             The first thing I did well was elaborating my ideas with detail. I have done well in connecting my sentences and building up the main idea. This is the first time that I have ever been elaborating my ideas with details, carefully choosing my own vocabulary and changing my sentences beginnings.
I didn’t remember too change my sentence lengths, so next time I will have to think about changing my lengths so that my writing is interesting for my readers. The next time I write I will have to improve on my lengths and how long they are. My goal for writing is to think about my sentence lengths so then when the future comes then I will be available to do heaps of writing to engage my audiences. I have chosen this because I need to improve on my writing and add lots of detail.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: Solve problems using multiplication strategies
First I had to work my answer on my maths book, then I had to explain what I just did.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Side scrolling game

Walt: Create a Side scrolling game

First we had to play Mario brothers and Mega man so then it can give us some ideas about how we can make our game look like. Then we had to go and plan about how our Character will look like and what costume is it going to wear and also what are the powers or the skills that your Character has to do. After that we had to go and draw our Character and what He/She is going to wear as their costume, then we had to think about our Powers or Skill. Then we had to draw a picture of what our Background is going to be when we draw on Sumo paint or Pixlr editor.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Holiday Highlight

During the school holiday, I was bored because I had nothing to do at all. While I was at home I was listening to some songs, then I started dancing with my little sister. Then I went to my mum to ask her if me and my little sister can play with the Xbox 360, then my mum replied back to me “Yes you can play with the Xbox 360”. I was so happy because my mum allowed me to play with our Xbox 360. My favourite game that I like playing was called Just Dance.

The song that we wanted to dance to was called Turn me On. When we finished playing the song, my little sister wanted to play Monkey See, Monkey Do but I didn't really feel like playing that game, but I had to because my mum will tell me to turn off the Xbox if I don’t do what my little sister wants to play.
So then we started playing and I started to get interested in playing game so then I had heaps of fun, then my sister wanted to have a try at boxing the bag but you have to do it carefully because you might get hit in the face. So then my little sister started playing then I got more interested in the game, until my sister lost and only had 12 points because she got hit in the face.

It was my turn, while I was playing my little sister was moaning because I could score more points than her. But then my brother was distracting me so then I lost the game and my little sister was laughing at me. My little sister really wanted to play a different game so then we started playing the Pig game, it was funny because you had to slap your thighs and you also have to dodge the Mud, Hay, Bombs. Me and my little sister was having a Challenge so if any of us gets to the finish line then we win the game, but if we lose then the loser have to do whatever the winner tells them to do.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Year 5/6 Camp

Walt: make connections across a wide range of texts

I have visited Khaia's blog post her thoughts about camp is about the tradition to Pt England school and the first camp at school was in 1993 so Pt England school just cared for it for 21 years. Her other thought about camp was when she got the chance to be the camp leader for her team, and her group name was the All Stars.

Khaia's experience about camp is different to mine because my group name is The Real Dealz and my camp leader was Zack and Yvonne. First we did Kayaking and it was so fun, that I really enjoyed it. Then on Friday we got to go to the pools and we get to do a lot of bombs.

Malama Honua comes to Manaiakalani

On Wednesday 25th of March we were getting ready to go down to Pt England beach to see
the two waka's come in, the names of the waka's are Hikianalia, Hokule'a. We lined up and Mr Burt was praying, then the little kids had to go first then the big kids can go after them. When we got to the beach we had to sit down silently and watch the waka come in. The people that was on the waka were people that were Voyaging around the world.

When we were sitting down on the muddy grass we had to sing three waiata. The people that was on the Hokule’a waka was collected by the people that was on the boat. We had to welcome them with a Waiata and a Haka. The names of the three waiata's are E Oho, Nga Waka and He Honore.

Then when we finished singing, the Hawaiian people was greeting us in their language. We waited for them to finish singing, then it was time for us to go and meet them. Everybody was so excited to meet them, when it was time for me to meet them I was so happy that I shaked their hands and also hugged them too.

Displaying 20150325_100618.jpgI was so happy to meet the Hokule’a and Hikianalia crew. I hope that next time they can come back and visit us. I really had a good time with the crew.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Year 5 and 6 Camp

   Guess what? last week the year 5 and 6 went to camping for three whole days. My camp group’s name was The Real Dealz. We had to camp at school.  Some of the other year five and six camp people didn’t come to camp, everybody was very excited for the year 5 and 6 campers. All of the year 5 and 6 had to sleep with other kids. Our camp leaders was Zackariah and Yvonne.

Activity 1:
     On the same day that we had to go to school on Wednesday, it was time for us to go down to Pt England Reserve so then we can go kayaking with Mr Burt.  When we were at Pt England Reserve we saw Mr Burt, Mr Kelle and also two lovely ladies.  We had to put our bags and towel away so then we can’t get our stuff wet, then these two young mens was showing us what to do and how we can get inside the kayak.   My partner was Alisha and we were waiting for the two seat kayak’s, when they were available I went up to Mr Burt and was asking him that me and my partner wanted to go into the kayak. When we got inside the kayak we paddled furiously in our kayak to try and stay out of danger.

Activity 2:   
     When it was Thursday Afternoon the Real Dealz group had to go to camp cooking with Mrs Jarman. But the thing was that only the girls can go with Mr Goodwin to the kitchen, but the boys had to stay with Whaea Saffron so then they can use some sticks to practice with. So then we were following Mr Goodwin to go to the kitchen and cook with Mrs Jarman, when we got to the kitchen Mrs Jarman was telling us to find a partner so then we can help each other with some cooking. My partner was Alisha but then another girl didn't have a partner so then me and my partner Alisha was in three’s. Mrs Jarman gave us a piece of paper which had some ingredients for us to make, then Mrs Jarman was saying to us that today we will be making some Chocolate chip cookies. When I heard Mrs Jarman say that I was full of excitement. When we finished we had to put our trays inside the oven, but first we had to wait for Mrs Jarman, we followed Mrs Jarman into the place where all of the teachers gathers up and talks.  Mrs Jarman went and put our tray into the oven and we had to wait for our cookies to be cooked.

Activity 3:   

It was night time, before we were going to sleep we had to follow our camp teacher into a classroom but two groups had to come with our group. The classroom that we could go in and watch some movies was in Mr Baxendine's classroom, Mr Goodwin was trying to press ok on the remote but he never knew how to control it properly. So then he went and pulled out the plug but when he did it made a loud noise,  he told one of the adults to go outside and look for Mr Baxendine when Mr Baxendine entered the classroom we waited for him to make the sound and the Tv work. Then Mr Goodwin tried again and it worked. The movie that we were watching was called The Lego Movie, the first part was when Emmet the builder was always following the rules. Then Emmet started talking to his food friends,  when he was about to walk home he saw a girl and her name was Lucy. When Lucy went and took off her hoodie she started moving her head side by side and Emmet was just in love with her.  When the movie was finished we had to go and lineup outside of the classroom and wait for our camp teachers, then I was looking for my two buddies and there names are Yvonne, Kerstein. When we got into our tent we were eating some food silently so then the secretary can’t hear us eating at night time.

Free Time:
On Friday our last day of camp we were getting dressed into our togs because we were going to Mangere Pools to have a very long swim. We had to get into our group lines, then we had to line up in the breeze the first group that went onto the bus first was the All stars. Then it was my group the Real Dealz when we hopped onto the bus I went and put on my glasses because the sun was going into my eyes until I heard a voice on the other side. I turned my head around and Junior was saying to me “Roimata I like your glass” then I replied back to him “Thank you”. While we were on the bus there were people chatting to each other until the All stars were singing some songs. Then when we got to Mangere Pools we had to line up outside and wait, but we had to eat some apples before we entered the Pools. Then when we entered the pools we had to sit down and grab our togs so then we can get changed in it. Then we were allowed to go inside the pools. When I hopped inside the pool it was freezing cold but then I had to get use to swimming inside the cold freezing water. After that the bombing pool was open and everybody was so excited to do a lot of bombs. Until Mr Goodwin came up and he was going to do a bomb, Mr Goodwin went and did a back-flip and then he landed in the freezing cold deep water.


My favourite thing about camp was when we got to go to the kitchen and make some Chocolate chip cookies with Mrs Jarman. I hope that next time we can do more baking of different kind of cookies, and also more kayaking. My other favourite thing about camp was watch some movies with my friends and also with my camp group. I am very excited for next years Camp.


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Holiday Photo's

While it was still the school holidays my mum and dad was taking pictures of us and what we were doing. So I hope that you will like the photo's. While it was still the school holidays I was still in Aitutaki, I asked my dad for I was allow to go with him onto the kayak and catch some fish for us because we will be having fish for dinner tonight.

Then my dad said to me yes I was so happy that I went and hoped inside the kayak. Then my dad said to me that we will be going near the corals because that is where you can find heaps of fish and also big fish. I went and put a small fish onto the hook and waited for any fish to come and eat it , until for a while I felt something pulling the hook then that was my chance to get the fish.

Here is a picture of the fish that I caught in Aitutaki. 

Catfish at Omaru Creek

Walt: Have you ever seen a Catfish at Omaru Creek?

My activity that I had to do was to go and find some information, if there is any Catfish inside the creek and what they look. Then we had to name the body parts. Then we had to write in if some Catfish are good for our creek and what it looks like.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

My Cool Thing

My Favourite movies that I enjoy watching is Major Payne. My favourite parts of the movie is when this man went and said something wrong then Major Payne went and digged everybody into the garden and started watering their heads with the hose. When it was morning Major Payne told them to dress up in girls dresses and jog in them.

While we were watching my brother went and changed the movie and he started to listen to some music, while we were listening to some music my favourite song popped up and the name is Uptown Funk, me and my little sister was listening while dancing. When the song was finished my brother got in trouble by my mum and he had no choice but to change the song and carry on watching the movie.

When we were still watching I went to my mum and said “Mum can I get some chips” then she replied back to me “Yes you can get some chips but share it with your sister” so then I went and grabbed some chips and poured it into a big bowl so then it can be enough to share between us. When the movie was finished me and my little sister was playing tekken 6, while we were playing my sister chose Zafina and I chose Alisa. Me and my sister was fighting but my sister Mamarei was being rough on the controller.

I was getting angry so then I went and chose my favourite player and her name was Christie, while I was playing I went kicked her and she fell when I beat her and then she started crying so then she went inside the room. Then I was jumping up with joy and started being so happy, until I had to beat my cousin and his name was Papa I didn’t really wanted to challenge him but I had no choice so then my cousin chose Paul and I chose Christie again. We were playing until Papa beat me 1’s then when it came to the second challenge I beat him by doing a kick and then his player fell back then I got victory.

Then It was time to go sleep because I had to get up very early so then I can go to the birthday on Sunday.

So then I had fun in the end.