Monday, 8 December 2014

Christmas Word Search

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Friday, 5 December 2014

Jesus is Born

Two thousand years ago in a city called Nazareth, there lived a woman called Mary.
One day she met Joseph and they were in loved, so then they both got married. While Mary was sitting on her bed, a angel appeared his name was Gabriel, he came to give Mary good news. She was stunned when the angel told her that god has chosen Mary to be the mother of his son. Mary came across Joseph and told him the shocked news about Mary having a baby. Another night Joseph was sleeping in bed, Gabriel appeared again and told Joseph to take good care of Mary because she will be having a baby. That night the angel vanished, when Joseph woke up he had a dream about Mary having a baby.

King Caesar told everybody to travel to Bethlehem, so then Mary and Joseph settled on an adventure to Bethlehem. When they got to Bethlehem they went to the innkeeper and asked him if they could stay with him, but then the man said sorry he can’t allow them to stay at his house. Joseph said that his wife Mary was going to have a baby, The man stopped and think for a while he said to the couples that they can stay in the stable. Mary and Joseph was so happy even when it had animals they were very lucky to get a home for themselves and for their child.

Three angels appeared from the sky and said to all of the shepherds to go to the stable and visit Jesus, the shepherds quickly tried to find Jesus until they found the baby. Mary and Joseph was so shocked about how many people was with them and with the baby. Three wise men saw a big star, they went and opened their books to see what was the sign and they said that there will be a new king that will be born. The three wise men searched everywhere for the newborn king, until they found the baby. The three wise men gave Mary and Joseph presents like Golds,Frankincense,Myrrh. That is the true story about the very first Christmas, god had sent his son Jesus to earth.