Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Team 5 Art Processes "As I see it"

Walt: Brainstorm and Unpack Idea's from a Performance, write a Review about a Performance.
Task: Our task was to watch the Video called "As I see It" and that this Video was made from the AL87 Media team to show people what we do in the Team 5 Block and what is going to happen for our Team 5 Topic. Once we have Reviewed the Video, we had to in each box by having Full Sentences and to make sure that our Writing makes sense and also that we have to put in what are the 5 different Art Stations and what is their skill that was demonstrated while each person was going to each class to get a Taster and what their main project that they will be doing. 

Monday, 27 June 2016

Algebra BODMAS

Walt: Using BODMAS to solve Algebraic Equations.

Task: Our task was to use BODMAS to solve different kinds of Algebra Equations. The word 'BODMAS' has a meaning to each word. 'B' stands for Brackets of, 'D' stands for Divisions, 'M' stands for Multiplications, 'A' stands for Additions and the last letter but not least, 'S' stands for Subtractions. These are the different meanings to each letter. The first box was to try and use the "BODMAS" to find the Correct solution to each of the Equations. We had to make sure that we follow the "BODMAS" Rule.

"Fire Dance at Assembly" - Brainstorm

Walt: Brainstorm and unpack ideas from a Performance, Write a Review about the Performance.
Task: Our task was to watch a short clip about Last Year's Special event from Mrs Muliaumasealii and that we had to try and get as much information about the Short Clip before filling in the Brainstorm about as much information that we know about the Video. We had to fill out each box with a full Sentence explaining about the questions that are in each box and making sure that our sentences makes sense to our readers. 

Nesian Fusion - Road to "Te Oro" - Brainstorm

Walt: Brainstorm and unpack ideas from a Performance, Write a Review about a Performance.

Task: Our task was to Review the Performance about the "Nesian Fusion - Road to "Te Oro". We had to try and reflect our work and knowledge and information to try and remember everything about the Special Event that we had from Mrs Muliaumasealii, we had to answer each box with a full sentence and not just put in a little sentence about the Event. The Event had Mrs Muliaumasealii's logo design about her job and she included Kapa Haka, The Samoan Group some special guest.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Hands up for Henna

Walt: Identifying, using and communicating Keywords and Idea's

Task: Our task was to put in on how we celebrate these 5 special events. Then on the next slide, we had to try and add some pictures of what we wrote and what it is called. Once we finish putting in all the pictures and the Keywords, then we can research more about what Henna is and why do people use Henna and why are they pretty to wear for some people. The Last slide is to imagine that we are writing a book to explain what Henna is to a Year 3 Class and also what Page 1, 2 and 3 will look like.

Monday, 20 June 2016


Walt: Understand Basic Algebra Principles.

Task: Our task was to find all the missing letters to the numbers. But the clue was that the letters had to include with different types of animals that you can see in the Zoo or in other places around the place or around your environment. Once we finished answering all the numbers and changing them to letters, we had to finish the first one in the first place and we had to try and put in all of our evidence from solving the rest of the questions and using them as clues.

Metaphors - Journey Brainstorm

Walt: Make Inferences from information provided in a text to identify Metaphors and to find deeper meaning.

Task: Our task was to read the same story called "The Journey", we had to try and find 2 Metaphors and try to understand what that Metaphor meant. Then when we finished, we had to find 5 Descriptive words reflecting on how the characters felt in the story. The last 2 boxes was to use the 5 descriptive words from our Key Words and to try and make up our own Metaphor without using 'as' or 'like'.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The Visiting Day - 2016

Walt: Detailed Ideas/Information supports the main idea in a text. Scum and Scam through the story to find the answers to the questions.

Task: Our task was to read the story called "The Visiting Day" and that this story is about the Mum and her 2 kids who are going to visit their father in Prison. The Mum brought some Biscuits and her 2 kids brought some Grapes for their Dad. The Reason why their Dad is in jail because he was working at his job and he starting getting heaps of money, but one day he came inside his business and stole as much money as he could.

Japanese Temple - Writing Narrative 2016 (Part 1)

Walt: Write another Narrative about something that you would like to write about.

On a Hot Summery day, there was a little village called “Kouka”. This village was full of fabulous people, amazing buildings full of delicious food, also heaps of people wearing Kimonos and Yukatas. There were some people that was travelling the world to an unknown place that they have never been before. The village was named ‘Kouka’ because long ago, the land was full of darkness and sorrowful people. But then this one man brought peace and happiness to the world.

While some people were working there butt’s off to earn some money from their bosses, they were sweating really hard because they had to work in the middle of the sun. The sun was blazing as if the whole world was going to burn from that one sun. Until an unknown child came along with only his sword and wandered around to find some food to eat for him and his friend. This child had short yellow hair like the blazing sun, smooth skin like a dolphin and eyes like the sun is setting down.

Before the unknown boy came into the village, it was already full of happiness and joyful people. While he was wandering around, some people ran into their houses because they thought that it was the end of their village and their people. When he went into the shop to have something to eat, there were a group of bandits that was wanting to have some fun with one of the waitress that was working in the shop to take their orders.

The young boy got so annoyed about the young waitress moaning out loud, he walked right up to the table and said “Hey, you better stop annoying this young lady, if you don’t then something bad will happen to you!” He said this as if he was going to kill the leader of the bandits and the rest of them to never come back and to also stop picking on young girls that are trying to do their work.

Then the leader of the bandits said “As if a little kid like you can ever defeat me, How about a challenge, if you win then I will leave this village forever and never return, but if I win then you have to become my slave forever?” and the leader of the bandits said “How about that?” and the young boy said “I accept your challenge!” some villagers stayed outside to watch who will win and the rest of the villagers stayed in their houses to make sure that the bandits will not be using them as shields or Hostages.

One of the villagers came up to the young boy and said “Are you out of your mind!, their is no way that you can take them all on and defeat the leader of the bandits!” but the man said this as if the young boy was to small to defeat that much people. Then the young boy replied back and said “If none is going to defeat them!, Who will!” but the young boy said this because he was worried about the villagers and the young waitress who was getting harassed from the leader of the bandits and the rest of them.

So they went outside and the referee came in and said “Are you mask? Get Set? GO!” but the referee was sweating so hard out because it was the first time in forever that someone has challenged the leader of the bandits and his group of bandits. First of all, the leader of the bandits sent his group of bandits to defeat the young boy because they thought that he was so weak and that he will die really easily. But the young boy was beating them up one by one and that the rest couldn’t see him because he was to fast for them to catch up to him.

But when he finished defeating them, his true identity finally got revealed and that nobody couldn’t believe their eyes of what they could see right in front of them. Then the young boy finally said “Let me introduce myself?, My name is Melodias, the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins!” When everybody heard him said his name, they were really shocked but they never believed him, so then the young boy showed them his scar. The scar on his left arm showed a dragon that was going in circles and they really believed him.

Melodias had short yellow hair like the sun, smooth skin like a dolphin and green eyes like the seaweed. But when he was about to challenge the leader of the bandits, the leader was already scared because he knew that he couldn’t defeat the young boy.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Intro to Algebra - Maths 2016

Walt: Introductions to Algebra looking at number patterns and using basic facts knowledge.

Task: Our task was to watch a video so that we can understand what Algebra is and how to work it out and also to find the solution to the question. There were some examples of how to use letters instead of words, Y means Variable (Variable means not Consistent or having a fixed pattern: Liable to change)  and X means that you don't know the answer yet. On the other slide, it showed the picture of a easier way to solve the question if it is to hard for you. At the end of the slides, there are some questions that we had to try and solve it ourselves so that we can get a better understanding of what Algebra is.

Friday, 10 June 2016

AL "87" The 3 P's - Positive - Peer - Presence

Walt: Post the Presentation about the 3 P's and write of what the 3 P's stands for. Create a Brainstorm/Movenote/Padlet to show everybody about 10 things that we should say more often.

Task: The Task was to read everthing that we have to know about Positive - Peer - Presence and all about the Key Competencies. When we finish reading that, then we have to watch a video about Kid President talking about "10 things that we should say more often. We had to either Brainstorm/Movenote/Padlet and put all the 10 words that we should say more often to others"

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Story - "The Legend of Red Rose" (Part 2 - 2016)

Walt: Create another writing about anything that you would like to write about.                                                            
Story - The Legend of Red Rose (Part 

When Red Rose power was now unleashed, Gray knew it was time for him to protect the little girl before the Bad guys could even get their hands on Red Rose and use her as a Weapon to take over the whole entire world. When they saw a Bright Yellow colour shining from the ground all the way to the clouds where they could see her. They already knew that their we're still some more people that was still alive and that they were trying to escape the worst war to ever occur their way.

So the Bad guys came to attack the little girl, but Gray was standing in their way to getting what they were waiting for their whole lives. The Bad guys asked Gray “Move out of our way, or do you want to die in this ugly village of yours” but the leader said this to him in a really bad mood as if he was going to kill him soon if he didn’t move out of the way. Gray never cared about their warning and attacked them with his brand new spear that his father gave to him before he did to protect his young boy.

While Gray was trying his best to fight all of them before they can even reach Red Rose. Gray’s head started splattering blood everywhere and that blood was dripping from his head like a water that has been dripped down from your forehead. Red Rose got so Anxious that she couldn't handle all the people that she ever loved to be dieing right in front of her, so when Gray was losing his eyesight to see things, She got so mad that she transformed into her true form (Which was a Terrifying Human Dragon).

When she transformed, her Hair, Skin, Eyes and her Voice has changed. Her skin now was as brown as Chocolate, Black hair as if she was going to get revenge on the Bad guys before they could even kill her first, Deep Red eyes as if she killed someone else before and her voice sounded like a deep scary voice. When the Bad guys came closer to Red Rose to see what she was doing, she was covered up with Bats everywhere around her and that one by one the bats came off by themselves. First was her Skin, the Bad guys eye never scared off that, once the bat’s that came off her leg, the rest of them came off.

The Bad Guys took another glance at this mysterious young girl and found her hair as black as the dark or you could say Pitch Black. But once they saw her Deep Red eyes, that was when they remembered about something that their boss told them about and that she was the girl that was told in the Prophecy that they kept on hearing about. They got so scared that they ended up Peeing their pants because they could not believe their eyes on what they are seeing in front of them right now.

They got so frightened, that they ended up running away when they were supposed to turn Red Rose into a Weapon for themselves. Then Red Rose went back to normal and ran up to Gray so that she can go and heal all of his wounds before he dies and get’s sent to Heaven. So she ran up to him and said “Please Gray don’t die on me, you are the only family that I have left” but she said this in a really emotional way because she wanted at least someone to play with and they can look after her.

Then Gray replied back to her and said “It’s ok because I won’t die on you” but he said this as if he was getting ready to die proudly in the hometown that he was born in and that he loved it so much. So she took half of her energy and placed it inside Gray because she wanted him to stay with her until the day that she dies. So then she placed her energy inside his body and waited for him to heal up so they can travel somewhere far away and try getting some food and a place to rest.

He woke up and looked at Red Rose as if he couldn’t believe his eyes that he still survived in the horrible war that was happening. They walked around the village to see if anything was useful for them to use while they are going to some place that is really beautiful and that none of the bad guys can get them easily. So they set off from their hometown to find “The Seven Deadly Sins” and also to find the legend about “The 7 Heroes of China”.

                                                               To be Continued.......
Part 3 of "The Legend of Red Rose" will be coming out either This Year or Next Term. 

Writing - "The Legend of Red Rose" 2016

Walt: Write about Something that you would like to write about.
Once upon a time in a far away land, there lived a boy and his name was Gray. Gray was known because he was the first ever young knight to ever become a General in History. He had White hair like Snow, Smooth skin like an Apple, his eyes was like the beautiful sky that was full of hope and encouragement, His family owned a Weapon store that was always selling Weapon to the Military Force or the Knights. When Gray was just 4 years old, his mother died in a Fire Accident, so he only had a Older sister that was the boss of another country’s Military Force and his Father was the owner of the Weapon store. Gray turned 15 years old now.

Gray could see a little girl living all by herself in a Japanese temple that it’s location was unknown. While he was taking a hike, he could hear somebody crying in the Temple and walked inside with a weapon inside his hand just in case it was an Ambush. He could see a little girl, but he thought that she was a threat to him. He grabbed the baby and walked out of the abandoned Temple before anything worse could happen to him.

His guards was watching over the temple just to make sure it wasn’t a team of Bandits that was setting the trap to use a baby girl to lure in the young General. When the Young General was about to take her away, an old man came along and said to him “Their is a Secret that you must know about this young girl” and the old man said this as if he was about to die. Then the young General replied back to him “What is this Secret that I must know?” he said this in a really confused way because he wanted to know more details about her and the Secret he had to know about the little girl he was holding.

The old man replied back to him and said “She is the last survivor from Ancient times” the old man said this in a way the young General could not understand it at all. Then the young General replied back “What are you talking about?, What do you mean?” He was more confused then he was before. Then the old man replied back to him and said “Long ago in Ancient times, there was a Prophecy to be said that the blood of the Royal Family was passing down from Generations to Generations, but the one child will be born with the Royal Blood but also will have been born with a Tremendous power that not even the King or Queen could handle.

But before the young General could ask him more about this mysterious little girl, the old man already passed out and his soul left his body before his body started to burn up by itself. The young General tried to save this old man but he was already dead. So then the Young General took the little girl with him and he brought her back from his mission. When he went back to his parents house, his father was really surprised because he was holding a little girl in his arms. So ever since that day, Gray and his Father has been raising the child as if the child was their own.

They were thinking of a name to call her, Gray was looking at a really small Red Sunflower that his Mother was taking care of before she died, so then he called her “Red Rose” Gray’s father agreed to his suggested in calling the baby girl Red Rose. Red Rose had long beautiful Red hair like a sunflower blooming in the middle of Summer, Smooth White skin like Winter, Green eyes as if she was Brave to do anything in life and encouragement.

She was only 4 years old now, she would always go to the Bakery with her older brother Gray, sometimes when Gray is walking around with Red Rose then everybody will be Praising him for what he did years ago. Red Rose was always wanting to know more about what happened Years Ago and why are people Praising Gray. But one day there was big news about a war that will be happening to the village which was a really known village for having victory’s all the time and selling the most weapons in the whole villages. Before the people could even evacuate their village, the war already started and Gray had to take the little girl before anything could happen to her.

While they were running away from the War that was taking place at their village, she could see people getting shot and blood splattering everywhere. But Gray regretted the day that his Father had to distract the bad guys before they can even reach the last survivors. But before Red Rose and her brother Gray could even reach the end, Red Rose was so scared that she unleashed her power that wasn’t supposed to be awakening at a really young age until she was all grown up.

                                                   TO BE CONTINUED…….

                (Part 2 of “The Legend of Red Rose” will be coming out this year or next Term).

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Algebra Time - Learning about Algebra and how to work it out

Walt: Solve Algebra equations through Multiplication, Division and Addition Strategies.

Task: Our task was to learn our Algebra and how to work it out. The first slide was to use our knowledge that we know to solve other questions and work it out by including Algebra. The Second slide was to carry on using the same thing but this time we had to use the Sum to work out Algebra. If that was to easy for us, then we had to move onto the next slide which was really hard to do for some of us. This time it included a really interesting occasion to solve because it had a letter "Y" and that some of us didn't understand what it was. The "Y" is a high level of Maths and that it is really difficult to solve. For example, if it was Y x 5 = 25 then the Y will of course be 5 because 5 x 5 = 25.

John Ioane - Literary Canvas

Walt: Art works Convey, Communicate and Transmit a meaning within a Context.

Task: Our task was to watch the movie called "Back to the Future" and this movie was made from John Ioane. We had to read the Mythology about the legendary Tagaloa ( Also known as Tagaloa - Lagi or Tagaloa of the Heaven skies) is generally accepted as the supreme ruler. Some people believe that Tagaloa was the creator of the universe, the chief of all Gods and Progenitor or other Gods and humans. Then we had to make a movenote about John Ioane's story about his 2 sons and the legendary Tagaloa.

John Ioane - Padlet

Walt: Watch the movie called "Back to the Future" and write all of the evidence onto the Padlet to share your idea's with others.
Task: Our task was to find evidence from the movie called "Back to the Future" from John Ioane. When we finish watching the movie then we can go onto the Padlet to post up some evidence that we found from the movie so that we know what we have to be Writing. One of the evidence that I found from the movie is that he had 2 sons and they were twins, one of them died at birth and his name is Kavale. The other son is in Hawaiki and his name is Kione.

The Sons of Ma'afu - A traditional story from Tonga

Walt: Find Evidence from the story called "The Sons of Ma'afu"
Task: Our task was to find evidence from the story called "The Sons of Ma'afu". We had to read the story and find some of the questions that we had to answer onto the brainstorm to know what were reading about. At the end of the story, Ma'afu sons had to leave the village because they kept on causing trouble and scaring other people, Some even managed to fate because they will always make holes into houses and broke a man's leg, the man that got hit with the spear couldn't walk properly.