Thursday, 31 March 2016

Memory Brainstorm Map

Walt: Recount a positive memory or experience using descriptive language features: Adjectives, synonyms and similes.
Our task was to create a Brainstorm Map featuring about all the great memory's that you had with your family and friends. We had to have as many Adjectives, Similies, and Synonymous. We had to create at least 5 similes describing how we ate the Easter Egg and how did it feel. Our Writing had to be based on the topic that we have right now. 

Friday, 18 March 2016

Farewell Mrs Iloa

Farewell Mrs Iloa, you have been a really great teacher to many of us and we would all like to say good luck with the new baby coming your way. We will miss you heaps but we will also be happy for you because you will soon be having a new family member joining your family. We will miss your smiles, and we will miss all your teaching. Thank you for teaching me so many things that I never knew and so many new great words I could use in my writing. You inspired me to do more in my writing and reading so I can get better and better.
Here is a little poem that I would like to write about my favourite teacher.

I'm happy that your my teacher, I enjoy each lesson you teach. As my role model you inspire me. To dream and to work and to dream. With your kindness you get my attention, everyday you are planting a seed of curiosity and motivation to know and to grow and to succeed. You help me fulfill my potential, I'm thankful for all that you've done. I admire you each day , and I just want to say, As a teacher, you're my number one.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Farewell Mrs Iloa

Farewell Mrs Iloa, you have been the best literacy teacher that I could ever ask for. Thank you for being there for me whenever I needed some help with my literacy work. Pt England school will miss you because you have been a great role model to the school and showing us what kindness looks like. You have been the best teacher to many of us and I would also like to say that thank you for teaching me many things over the years. We will cherish your beautiful smile. Team 5 will miss you and we also would like to say that you will always be in our hearts and good luck with the new baby coming your way. God bless you.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Part whole Strategy

Walt : I can split numbers into ones, tens and hundreds to solve subtraction problems.

Task: Our task was to make a copy of this presentation and we had to try and work out what the question is asking us to do then we can work it out with doing Plus's or takeaway's. Our job was to put in the right answer and then when we finish the work we have to go over the work again so we can get the answers right.

Adding and Subtracting - "Where am I at?"

Walt: Demonstrate our knowledge so far of addition and subtraction

Task: Our task was to make a copy of this presentation. We were learning about Addition and Subtraction so our teacher knows what we are learning about and that she can teach us some more. We had to solve out the problem then we had to show how we worked out the question to get the right answer.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Badge of Honor

WALT: Think about a character’s point of view

Task: The task was to make a copy of this presentation, then we had to read the book so we can understand what the story is about and what we have to write. Our job was to answer the questions and we also had to put ourselves in Miss Latu's shoes and act as if we were the principal of the school. It had 4 people in the story but there were two main characters and there names are Tomasi and Isaac, Tomasi is a friend of Isaac but Tomasi goes into fight's while on the other hand Isaac is a really great role model.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Fiafia Night 2016

Walt: Make a poster about what you're excited about this years Fiafia and the group that you're in.

2 years ago we held a Fiafia night at our school, it was the night for us to shine and perform in front of 2000 people (WOW!) can you believe that 2000 people at our school watching our amazing kids perform. Some of us were scared because performing in front of everybody will be really hard for all of us. The group that I'm in for 2016 is Hip Hop. I really like Hip Hop because that is what I am really good at and I really really love dancing a lot. Sometimes you will have to be brave and dance because your family's are supporting you.

Fiafia - Partnership 'Just do it'

Walt: Design 2-3 posters

What is Fiafia? Well fiafia is about Partnership, Participating, Strength and power. Even if you are scared or nervous then you could just be brave and show people what you can do and tell them that you are not afraid, that is why you should be confident and show off to people that you can be cool. You will need Kia Kaha while you are performing.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Triangles Addition

Walt: Use our knowledge of doubles and fives to solve simple maths problems.

Task: Our task was to solve the following problems by using our knowledge of doubles. When we finish that then we had to move on to solving the rest by ourselves. Our next task was to learn our addition' s with fives, so it would be easier to know our maths problems, so we had to solve the following problems by using our knowledge that we already know.

Haircut Lament

Walt: Make inferences from information provided in a text.

Task: We had to read the story so we can understand what we are reading about. A 12 year old student went to a salon during Summer, she wanted her hair to be just like Meg Ryan's but the hairstylist didn't know what she was talking about so he cut her hair short and layered. When it was finished she was so sad and embarrassed that her hair looked so ugly. She was hiding her hair for so long because she didn't want people to see it.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Solution: Deconstructing and Re-Crafting.

Walt:Add language features to make our writing more interesting

Aysha was going to die because she was so hot that she started sweating like a waterfall. She started yelling as loud as she could so someone could help her. When she was about to give up, someone came and helped her. When she looked at him he was a little bit small like a dwarf. He came and pulled the fishing rod as hard as he could, but unfortunately that didn’t work. It felt like the fish weighed 200 tonnes. We were pulling so hard for 2 hours now that she was thirsting for water. She tried pulling the fish, but it  felt like some hungry Paranos.
Task: Our task was to come up with a solution with our story. 
We had to edit our writing by replacing all the boring words
with some more interesting words so our writing can get 
better and better. We had to have some writing features
in our writing. In Year 7 & 8 we have to have similes,

Friday, 4 March 2016

Fiafia is on Thursday 7th of April 2016

Walt: Make a Pizap of Fiafia                                                                                                                
Last years Fiafia was so cool. I loved all the groups because they were all awesome. I was in the Hip Hop group from 2 years ago. My Tutors names were Miss Thompson, she was a really great tutor. Sometimes she will give us some treats if we get the moves right. On Thursday the 7th of April 2016, Pt England school is having Fiafia again. We will appreciate it if you could sell some food on the same day as Fiafia. We will also love to see some parents supporting their children on that day. Our show will be set on the school field near the school playground. See you all there :)                        

Memorial Service of Priscilla Tui

Walt: Write a recount about the Memorial Service of Priscilla Tui.
On Friday the 4th of March we had a Memorial Service for a really special lady and her name is Priscilla Tui. When we walked inside the hall, there was a song playing while we were walking inside the hall. While we were walking inside the building, there it was when I saw the Tui family sitting with all of Priscilla’s friends. 

The whole school was singing the national anthem, when that was over then it was time to get the progress moving. We wanted to celebrate the happiness and glory and also kindness that she brought in our lives. She was a Kind, Courage, Loving, careful, Strict. She was like an aunty or like a mum to all of us today. 

Priscilla was strict, but she was trying to push us to become better people. The whole school thought that Priscilla was a ‘Gap filler hero’, When we are in need, she was always there to guide us to happiness. When there is someone hungry then she doesn't just talk about it, she will always do something about. Today there are lunch in the school office it is all because of her. Her three daughters, two sons and her beloved husband came to say a speech about what she was like. 

Then there was a music to lead us all back to class. She will remain in heaven, in jesus arms. God will bless her forevermore. She knew that she didn’t want to see us cry, she wanted us to celebrate her life. She may be gone, but she will always remain in our hearts forever.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Statistics Vocabulary

Walt: We are learning to find the Average (mean), Median and Mode

Task: Our task was to know what the Average (mean), Median and Mode. Finding the Average (mean) means you add all the numbers then divide by how many numbers there are. Finding the Median is that you will have to put all the numerical order. When that is finished the Median can be found the number in the middle. Finding the Mode is the value that occurs the most often. If no number is repeated, there is no mode for that list.

How much money is it?

Walt: Use money values using my number knowledge

Task: Our task was to make a copy of this presentation, once you make a copy then it would show you all of the NZ money. Our job was to make the same amount that is shown on the screen so we know how much money we have to make.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Addition with Doubles

Walt: We are learning to use our knowledge of doubles to solve simple addition problems.

This week we have been learning how to Addition with doubles. We had to look at a example that was placed on the next slide. The next slide was showing us how we can make our own bar graph and how it should be done. It was time for us to give it a try and create our own bar graph ourselves. When that was finished, we can have a go at trying to solve the problems by using our knowledge that we already know.