Monday, 22 June 2015

Explaining my Game

The name of my game is called The Big Adventure, Our task was to create a side scroller game.Our task was to explain how our games solve the problem, It was to provide how people can play side scroller games when it is a rainy day.

My lead character is a animal, my animal is a half lion and a eagle. When you put them together it makes a Griffin. My lead character is in a Demon world and he needs to find his Parents and needs to get back home. My mission is to get my parents out of the Demon world and get out so then I can get back home. My character faces a evil griffin, which it has been controlled by a very good controller. To win you have to beat all of the monsters, the monsters are holding a bomb inside their hands.

Another way to win is that you have to use your gun to shoot some people so then they won’t infect you, If you get infected then you will lose 1 life. To gain a life you need to collect some blue and pink bottles.

To jump you have to push the Spacebar, To control earth then you press the letter A, To use your sword you press the letter S. The last one is to use your guns then you press the letter D.

My character will face some evil monsters, some of them are infected and some are not. You have to watch out while you're on your way because they can come out off nowhere. Sometimes there are big people and they hold a big metal, but they can run across you and also hit you very bad. 

If you look at the bottom of the screen then you can use your powers to defeat them also you can use your gun to shoot them. When you get to the last level then you will be challenging the evil boss and try defeating him with all you got.

When it is raining then other people can go and play some side scroller games. It is a very cool idea to play on a raining day because you can have some fun and you won’t be bored, so that is why my game will fix the problem when it is raining.

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