Thursday, 26 November 2015

Google Cardboard 2015

This is one of the greatest creation that Google has ever made, just by using Cardboard. When you put it on then it feels like you are in another world because you are checking out different places around the world that you have never seen. If you want to try this out then you can get the cardboard part from Night markets. But all you need is an app and a Smartphone to be available to do these kind of stuff. When you get those things then you can see anything and anywhere you have never been before. While you're at it, there are some safety rules before you could use it. 
1. Don’t stand up

2. Don’t wander around because you could hit something and you could also break the screen

3.Sit down at all times and never stand up

And number 4. Enjoy the new creation from Google.

Kawau Island

Walt: Gather and use information from a text

Task: Our task was to make a presentation about Kawau island and the animals that lives on Kawau island. We had to put as much detail as we could and explain the history about Kawau island and what was happening at Kawau island back in the old days. Did you know? that in 1844 the discovery of copper was made by Alexander Kinghorn and his miners, who at the time were mining for Manganese ore on great barrier island. The British company that owned Kawau decided to form a subsidiary company called the Kawau Company.

Strawberry Farm

Walt: Write for an audience
On Sunday 23th of November I went to Strawberry farm. While we were waiting for my parents to get ready my little and I were playing some hands games because we weren’t allowed to play on the Xbox 360. When my parents was finished getting ready we set off.

When we got into the car it was time for us to go. While we were driving my dad went and put some music on while I was still watching my movie behind my mum’s seat. Some of my dad’s songs was from the old days and when other people play their songs all the time. So then I asked him “Dad can you play Cheerleader” then my dad replied back to me “Is that song good for you?”, my dad only asked because he doesn't really listen to new songs he only listens to old songs.

We were still driving. Then we went past the Otahu pools, I was asking my mum if we could go swimming first before we could go to Strawberry farm. But then my mum said to me that we can’t because we didn’t bring our swimming togs to swim. So then we carried on driving for a long time. It was taking so long that I was getting so thirsty and so hungry at the same time.

When we arrived, I was so happy that I started shouting out “Yay we made it, finally we are here” then my mum asked me to not shout at a public place. There were some people their because it was about to rain. So then my mum ordered for 4 Waffle ice creams and 3 sundaes, when the woman about the ice cream maker was finished making the ice cream it was time for us to dig in the ice cream. At the end I was so happy to come back to strawberry farm.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Birthday Party

Walt: Write for an audience
On Saturday the 21st of November, it was my baby cousin's birthday. Her name was Ellamoana and she was turning 1 years old. First we had to get dress for a special day. When we got to our aunt's house there were heaps of people there including half of the people from her dad’s side who is Samoan.

Then it was time to sing a Happy Birthday to my little baby cousin. While we were singing she started crying because she loved the song a lot. When we were finished, it was time to cut her cake. Then her grandparents from the Samoan side came to cut the other cake. Then it was time to eat. While we were on the table the girls had to wear a Minnie hair bow and the boys had to wear a Mickey mouse mask. On the table there was a 5 or 6 pizzas on the table and some juice.

When we finished eating, it was time to hit the pinatar. But when all the candy came out it wasn't supposed to be for the big kids it was only for the little kids. When all the candy was gone the next pinatar was for the little kids. But it was the adults turn to hit the pinatar. First up was my aunty but she started hitting the pinatar heaps of times when it was supposed to give another person a turn. The last person to hit the pinatar was the birthday girl’s grandfather. Then all the candy came out.

At the end the last activity was to pull a number out from the basket. The only numbers that you could only get a prize and a packet of lollies was from 1-10. Some kids got a prize but most didn’t get a prize at all. When it was my turn I thought that I will go over 10 but then I was very lucky to get a number 6. My prize was 2 toy guns and 1 packet of Chocolate.