Wednesday, 12 August 2015

If I had a million dollars

Walt: Write effective paragraphs using jucicy and exciting words.

WOW! Having a million dollars, it would be a dream come true. I would really spend my money on the things that I don’t need. I could buy anything that I want. That would be so cool.

I would spend ⅓ of my million dollars at Toyworld it would be amusing. I could buy heaps of teddy bears and more if I want too. It would be so fun to have heaps and heaps of teddy bears because you get to hug them and they could make you so warm because their fur are very soft like a pillow.

At JB Hi Fi I would buy a samsung galaxy S5, alpha drone quadcopter and I would buy a PS4. So when I play my ps4 It would be like I am really in the game, it would be so fun to have an alpha drone quadcopter because you get to fly the drone anywhere you want it to go. 

At Footlocker, I would buy new pairs of shoes in all kinds of colours. But most of all I would buy Nikes, Sneakers and the Spike sneaker shoes. I would prefer these shoes then wearing adidas shoes. I would rather wear these shoes because it is good for me to run in when I have fittness.

I prefer Food Court because I like their tasty ice cream sundae, banana split, burger and also some coca cola. I would prefer these food because they are so nice and so cold just the way I like them. Food court is going to be the best place to spend your money at, I have the reason why you should spend your money at food court because you get to eat all the food and dessert to have all to yourself.

It would be so fun spending your million dollars on the things you always wanted, but it will also be selfish because you are not spending your money wisely on the things you don’t really need. Just imagine the poor people with no money and no homes and you are so rich with heaps of money. If I was you I will spend send the rest of my money to Africa so then they have clean water, shelter to keep them safe and also send some food to them.

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