Friday, 26 August 2016

Hiwi the Kiwi

                        Walt: Write a recount about Hiwi the Kiwi about what happened Yesterday.

Yesterday we got two speakers and their names were Chrissy and Mark. They came to our school to teach us about safety. The one lesson that they were going to teach us today was about being safe whenever we are in the water. We were singing some songs and having lot’s of fun, but some songs had a little bit of messages to teach us about how to be safe in the water and whenever we are close to the water.

The first song we were singing was called “Kai Moana”. The messages inside the song was if we get the right fish, then we could get more fish in the future. The next lesson that I learnt was S.O.S and it was about saving the birds because our community is losing to much of these precious birds and they are really important for our community to make sure that we can get more fish in the future.

The next lesson was if we don’t wear a life jacket, we won’t be safe in the water because life jacket’s could save our lives and to make sure that we won’t die because it would make us float in the water without drowning. Whenever we are going out to sea, we always need to bring a Life jacket and always wear it just for safety and to make sure that we don’t drown when we're in the middle of the sea.

When we are going fishing, we always need to bring a bucket of Ice and a measurement. The reason why we need to bring a bucket of Ice so that it can cool down the fish and we also need a measurement to make sure that our fish is the right size. For example, when you are fishing for a Snapper it has to always be 30 cm long. If it’s smaller than 30 cm then you have to put the fish back into the water because it is still a baby. If the Snapper is pass 30 cm than you have to put it back because it needs to give birth.

If you catch the big fish, then we have to make sure to put it back because it will give birth to other baby fishes. We have to put it back because it is still a baby before it could even be eaten. If you would like to eat a fish, then it has to be at least 30 cm long so we can make sure that the fish is not to small and not to big for us to eat.

If you catch a fish that is from saltwater than you have to make sure that you don’t mix it up with freshwater. If you mix saltwater with freshwater than the fish would rot really easily and it won’t taste really nice. But if you bring a bucket that has salt water inside, then the fish would taste better and it won’t rot so easily. Never ever mix saltwater with freshwater because it won’t look so good at all. If you are wanting to wash a saltwater fish, then you have to try and make sure fresh water is never with saltwater.

There is a coating that is always protecting the fish from getting hurt. For example, we use sunscreen. If we wipe off the sunscreen, we will get sunburnt and it will feel really painful. Whenever you are going fishing, always grab the fish with a wet towel so that you won’t hurt the fish at all and making sure that the fishes coat is not coming off because you might get poked with it and your finger might bleed.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Cross Country - Effective Writing (Show not tell)

Walt: Write an effective writing about Cross Country and make sure that you Show and not Tell your audience what happened at Cross Country. 

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I could hear the roaring of the crowd pounding in my ears, I took deep breaths, focused and ready for a new battle to commence. I was out of my comfort zone, watching the crowd cheer and awaiting for the runners to push their limit until the battle has ended. I could feel my tummy twist and turn in different directions and I could feel butterflies flying everywhere inside me. 

Are your marks, Get set, Go!, The battle has finally commenced, the crowd was going wild, cheering to students to give them encouragement to finish off the battle. I ran like the wind as if I was a cheetah chasing after its prey, I could feel my burning lungs as if I was poisoned, I was gasping for air, trying to finish off my second lap. Tension was building inside me.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Sleep Sleuths - Part 1

Walt: Find information in the text to support our thinking.

Task: Our task was to read 2 texts about different kinds of information from each book and we had to write some information inside tables. The one on the left was the column of what we know about Sleeping, the one in the middle was what we wanted to learn, the last one on the right was what we know now because we got some helpful information from both of the texts that we have been reading. We had to fill out all of the questions in 1 paragraph and we had to think about what the question is asking us to do and how are we supposed to give the right answer to that one question.

Sleeping Advice Column

Walt: Find information in the text to support our thinking.

Task: Our task was to write the title for our Advice Column and we had to write 2 sentences explaining what our advice column is for and what we will be doing on it. We had to give information about what we have to do when we are sleeping and what we can improve with us getting less tired than we already are, we had to make up our own characters and read their problems that they need help with. The next slide was for us to write our own reply back to our own character to give him some advice on how to improve his sleeping.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

NZ Olympic Medal Presentation

Walt: Create a presentation about the New Zealand Olympic Athletes that won a medal from the Olympic Games in Rio.

Task: Our task was to create a presentation about the Olympic Games that was held in Rio, but we had to only add the New Zealand Athletes that won a medal in Rio. We had to add as much details as we can and some information about the athletes, we also had to show some pictures and video's about them. We had to show some cool and different fonts, then we had to do different kinds of backgrounds to make sure that they don't look the same.

A Bumpy Road to Rio

Walt: Identify the main ideas of a text.

Task: Our task was to read two articles about the problems in Rio. The articles were called "A Bumpy Road to Rio" and their is another that is also called "Not so good Sports" and these two articles are about different things. Once we have finished reading about the articles, then we had to write in all of the different information that we know from the two articles.

How Our Muscles Work?

                                  Walt: Create an Explanation about How Our Muscles Work.

Last week, in reading, we investigated what muscle fatigue was and why our muscles get fatigued. This week we are going to investigate even further and write about How our Muscles Work. We had to watch two little video’s to tell us different kinds of information that we need to know about our muscles that we have in our body and what their jobs are.

Whenever you are holding something really heavy, it is Skeletal muscles which are also called Voluntary muscles working that enable you to do it . You can bend these muscles and move them when you’re going for a walk, running, swimming, smiling, tying your shoes up, keeping your eyes focused, writing your own name, or even waving to a friend. Skeletal muscles is just one type though they’re the kind you think of when you are trying to think of muscles. Power and Strength that you get in your body comes from your Skeletal muscles. A person has more than 600 muscles inside our bodies in different shapes and sizes, our muscles also have different kinds of jobs that they do to make our bodies move better. Skeletal muscles are attached to one end of another bone and it stretches across the joint, the place where two bones meet, and attach to the bone on the other side of your body.

The tricep muscle is an extensor and making sure that you’re muscle has straighten the arm. The sensors in the muscles send messages back to the brain, and the result is smooth, coordinated movement. I can say that messages in the brain can travel up to 268 miles or an hour. If your body feels something really painful, the muscles will send a signal back to your brain to alert your brain that there's something wrong with you.

The muscles move your body parts by decreasing or even relaxing. They work in pairs called Flexors and Extensors. In your arm, the bicep muscles is a flexor and to bend your arm at the elbow, which is a joint. The Bicep muscle is a two - headed that lies on the upper arm of our body.

The types of muscles that we have inside our body is Smooth muscles, Cardiac muscles, and Skeletal muscles. Another way of saying Smooth muscles is called Involuntary this means that they work even doe you're not trying. When a person happens to through up, the smooth muscle in the stomach is out worked. Cardiac muscles keep your heart beating, and Smooth muscles is found in your stomach, intestines, and Bladder. When you decide to move, your brain sends a message through the Spinal cord to the nerves, the nerves contract the muscles you want to move.

We let our Skeletal muscles to do all the work if we are carrying something really heavy and another way of saying Skeletal muscles is called Voluntary muscles. Our muscles have all kinds of different jobs to operate our body so that we can move better. For me personally, muscles are very important to us because it moves our bodies and that it is really helpful. If we never had muscles inside our bodies, we won’t be able to move at all.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Ratios and Proportions Intro 2

Walt: Ratios and Fractions

Task: Today we will be learning about Ratios and Proportions. Before we could even start the Maths work, we had to try and know what Ratios are and how they are used in different kinds of Problem Solving and how Proportions are used and why do we have to use these different kinds of ways to solve any questions. On the next slide, it showed us what a Ratio is and what it looks like. Then it shows how can we use Ratios.

Adding Decimal Numbers

Walt: Add Decimal Numbers by using your knowledge that you already know from the past and work the question out in your Maths books to get the correct answer.

Task: Our task was to use all of our knowledge that we know about Decimals and how their are many other ways to work out the Decimals. There is not only one way to work out the Decimal to get the answer, there are many other ways that can help you to work out the Decimal problems without making you worried about it. The first slide, we had to use our Maths Books and work out the answer for each and every Decimal problem that we come across.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Silicon Valley - Gabriel & Saia

Image result for khan academyToday at Pt England School, we got two really special guest that came to visit our Team 5 Block to talk about their trip to Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is located in California, Usa which is near San Francisco in the West side. Gabriel and Saia were the 2 lucky Tamaki College that got chosen from all over the world to visit different kinds of business companies in America and to see how they run their company. Only 8 students from all over the world got chosen from different schools to visit these really special companies that they know and some that is really brand new to them.

The Company that I would like to visit in America is Khan Academy because it is a place that I’ve never been to before and that I would like to know more about this mysterious place that I’ve never heard of before. At Khan Academy, there are all kinds of different types that you could do. You can learn Maths, Art, Computer programming, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Finance, History and more.

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational company created in 2006 by educator Salman Khan with the aim of providing a “free, world-class education for anyone in the world that would like to learn about these new things. Salman Khan was the one person that was the Co founder of Khan Academy and also the person who found Khan Academy in the first place. One day in the future, I would like to visit Khan Academy and learn as much as I can so that I can bring that knowledge back with me and use it to reach my goals and get better with my learning

Monday, 15 August 2016

Intro to Ratios

Walt: Today we will be looking at Ratios.

Task: Our task was to list out all the different kinds of ways that we can do to solve Ratio problems. A Ratio is a comparison of two whole numbers in the same unit. Here are the four possible ways to write a Ratio, 5/7, 5 to 7, 5:7 or 5 girls to 7 boys. We had to write in how many Orange Circles or Triangles their were, then we had to write in the Ratio for that problem. On the second presentation, we had to do the same thing with the first presentation but we also had to add some of the images that suits the evidence in the Question that we have to answer.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

BFG blog post

Walt: Write a small Narrative writing about how the BFG movie is different from the book.

Last term our literacy teacher read to us a Roald Dahl's BFG. Yesterday our class went to watch the recently released BFG movie. I really enjoyed yesterday's break from school because we got to watch the new BFG that came out in 2016 and it was really funny.

I thought that the movie was really funny and it was also really interesting to me. Throughout the movie, I started to understand how the BFG felt for Sophie and that he really cared for her like the time he was with the boy in the "Red Jacket". The movie was starting to hook me into the story and wanting to find out more about what will happen with the BFG and Sophie. The BFG movie had lot's of details and it was explaining each of the giants personality and what there like to treat each other.

I really think that the movie was really different to the book because in the movie, it had more details and the book was missing some information from the movie. The book was missing some key informations. For example, "The boy with the Red Jacket?" or "The giants at the end got thrown into a pit instead of an island." In the book, the queen never farted. But in the movie, the queen farted because she drank a really special drink that the BFG gave to her and all her companies.

My favourite character is Sophie. I choose Sophie because she stood up for the giant no matter how small she was. Sophie may have been small, but Sophie didn't care how small she was compared to all the other giants and that she cared for the giant and made his dream come true and that he was waiting for a miracle to happen in all his life. Sophie may have been a little Bossy and a really judgemental girl, but in the inside she was a really kind and helpful girl.

"No matter how small you are, you can still make a big difference". This is what Sophie meant to me and why she is my favourite character. She stood up for the BFG even when she didn't know him that well and that she was so small compared to all the other giants. The BFG's miracle came true when all the mean giants was dumped on an island in the middle of nowhere, the BFG was now living in peace forever without the other giants annoying him everyday. "No matter how far Sophie was from the BFG, the BFG could still hear her lovely voice everyday".

"No matter how far you are, another person from the other side would still hear you?" and that is what Sophie had with herself and that she will never forget the one miracle that a really big friend of her's has made her wish come true. "You never know when a miracle will happen to you" and that Sophie's heart desired to live in a better family and that she wanted she be happy all day. A really great miracle happened to the BFG because Sophie the kind hearted girl helped him out to get rid of the mean giants that bullied the BFG for years.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Why do our Muscles get tired?

Walt: Make effective notes summarise key ideas

Task: Our task was to read the book and summarise the key ideas to make note of the important information that we need to know. Did you know that the tiredness that you feel inside your body is called Muscle Fatigue and the only way that you can beat muscle fatigue is to exercise a little bit more and that you have to eat the right sort of food. Our biggest muscle in our body is what we sit on and it's called "Gluteus Maximus".