Monday, 26 September 2016

Riverside Camp

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My Little Sister & I will be going to Riverside Camp today, we will be coming back until Friday to spend the rest of the School Holidays with our family. We have already packed our stuff so that we can be organized before going to Camp. We have to meet our lovely Principal at our school carpark, lot's of kids will be going and my little sister and I also look forward to the fun times that we will be spending with our friends. The place that we are going to camp at is Willow Park, Auckland. I will keep on blogging until I come back from my amazing experience and the fun times that I had at Willow Park.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Selfies + Best Friends Selfies

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Here are some pictures of My Best Friends & Myself taking some selfies together, there are some other photo's that I have and they will be kept inside my heart forever. My Friends has also been there for me in different situations, they are sometimes funny and really caring to me. I will always have their backs in different situations and I will never let them do things on their own, they are really kind to me and also really good at taking care of other people when they are in need. They will always be my Best Friends forever until the day that we all die.

22 Pushups Challenge

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While my Mum was roaming around on Facebook, I saw a little video of my cousin Sarah doing a challenge like doing 22 Pushups in 22 days Challenge. The only way to do the 22 Pushups Challenge, you have to be selected by the person who did the video and you have no choice but to do the challenge.

 My Mum tried to do the 22 Pushup Challenge, but unfortunately she failed because she only made it up to 16 and she never made it up to 22 until she did 4 turns to try and make it up to 22. I tried it myself to do the 22 Pushup challenge, I only made it up to 21 pushups because I didn't do that much.

The 22 Pushup Challenge can be hard for some people, but my mum tried her best and she made it up to 22 pushups after trying to make it up to a high number that she couldn't reach for a while. This challenge can be used by anybody and you can also nominate other people to do the challenge, but you also have to post it on any website that you have to do it.

Funny Family Moments - Hamilton

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When my brother went down to Hamilton with my older cousins, they were talking about all the funny moments that they had in Hamilton. My brother Christopher was talking about himself that he was walking around the room, but the floor was to slippery so than he slipped over and he landed on a box of bottles that he brought for him and he broke half of the bottles that was laid on the table.

Another funny family moment was my cousin Terrance who punched someone, then he ran out of the house and kept on running. My other cousin Lee was walking towards the house, but then he saw Terrence running out of the house and he was wandering what happened.

My cousin Terrance was watching one of my other cousin that was lying down on the ground, He told Terrace to get her up but he said "Ratchet" instead of giving her a hand. My cousin Sarah was rolling down the stairs backwards with her leg up. My other cousin Clarissa was the DJ for my older cousins party, so she kept on sleeping and later on waking up at the same time trying to stay up all night.

My uncle was at the Mall somewhere in the world and he died in that one spot. My Dad thought that he was going to the Mall to die. My uncle also got deported out from the police, when other people were walking out of the airport, all they could see was my uncle wearing handcuffs on his hands and he was escorted out by the police. My uncle also said "That's what you get if you are drunk?" but I also felt sad at the same time.

Terrance was doing a challenge with my other cousin by taking some shots, but you have to drink as much drink as you can to become the winner at that game. Terrance won 4 times in a row while the other cousin was trying to beat him because he wanted to win at least once so that he can talk about it all night long.

My older cousins also had a Costume competition to see who has the best costume out of all of them. My brother & my other cousins were mocking Lee because they thought that he looked like a Chief, but when he took off the hat, he was also wearing a bow around his neck and he looked like something else.

My brother & my other cousins were trying to get out of Hamilton because they didn't know how to get out of Hamilton just to try and find the sign "Auckland." They were just roaming around Hamilton for about 15mins, so they drove through town just to get the WIFI and they finally left Hamilton to come back to Auckland.

My cousin's nickname given to him is "Ninja" because he took some punch with him because everybody was gone. Then the next thing he did was he saw some more drinks lying on the ground after the fight was finished and everybody left to go back to the stadium. By the time they left, Terrance went and started to pick up all the drinks that he could find that was laid on the ground for free.

My other cousin Lee took his pants off because Terrance wanted some pants because he ripped his pants and their was a big hole at the back to his pants. Then Lee took his pants off in front of everybody and he said "Here you can borrow my pants if you want to." Everybody thought that he was going to wear only his underwear to party in.

Monster High - Cousins & Little Sister

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My Little Sister, Cousin (Faith) & I are watching Monster high in my brothers room because my brother is gone to Hamilton with all my other older cousins. I am happy but sad at the same time because I will miss my brother for a while, but I'll also be happy because I get to have the whole room to myself and I have to share it with my Little Sister, Cousin (Faith) and myself. I really look forward to my brother coming home so I can take his hats with me for the Riverside Camp.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

The Day the Earth stood Still - Movie

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Klaatu (Keanu Reeves), an extraterrestrial visitor to planet Earth, becomes the herald of upheaval on a global scale. As the world's governments and scientist race to understand what is happening and how to stop it, Dr. Helen Benson (Jennifer Connelly) and her stepson come to understand the chilling ramifications behind Klaatu's statement that he is a "Friend to the Earth." An alien from outer space has tracked down each and every information that they need to know about the planet called "Earth?."

The movie was released on December 21st 2008 in 2004, The Director was Scott Derrickson, The Box office was 233.1 million USD, The actors of this movie is Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Jaden Smith, Kathy Bates and also Jon Hamm. 

These actors and other staff members has been working hard to develop a great movie to be released and to show some of the side effects that they have added to the movie to make the movie look even more better so it can make the audience watching this movie and to make them want to know more about the events that is occurring their city and that there city has been attacked by aliens.

One of the aliens has attacked earth and they are trying to destroy the earth so it can be reborn again as a new planet. Another alien has come to earth as well, but this alien could take human form and he is going to help his other alien friends to destroy the earth to make sure that it is reborn again. The only way to stop the destruction from happening, the humans have to try and change his mind before it is to late.

Fik-Skun - Frontrow Las Vegas 2014

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Today, I've been watching this little video while I was watching it on TV & I really like his song and also his dance moves. He has been competing against other top contestants in the world to be able to be known as the best dancer in the world. Only the Les Twins are the ones that is known as the best dancers in the world and they also come up with new songs and dance moves to impress the crowd.

Meaning of "Making Kindness go Viral?"

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What does "Making Kindness go Viral?" mean, Making kindness go viral means that you can help an old lady who needs help with her shopping & they look really heavy for her to carry, ask the lady if she needs help with her shopping so she doesn't have to get stressed out.

If your Mum is doing the Cooking, give your mum a hand & try to make sure that you're mum doesn't do all the work by herself because that will put a lot of pressure on herself and she won't be able to do somethings anymore. If your mum is washing the car, make sure that you help your mum out no matter what so it can make her job so much easier for her.

If your Dad is cleaning the house, make sure to give your dad a hand just by taking some of the chores and doing some of the hardest stuff because we are young, smart & we are also strong to be able to do anything. If your little sister needs help with her school work, always help her out to make sure that she completes her school work.

If a homeless man or woman has no food or money, try giving them money or at least share your food with them because that will brighten their day and start their day on a good note. If someone is sad, buy them flowers so it could make them smile again and to start their day on a good term, If someone is fundraising something, try and show your support by donating money to them or at least help them out.

I did 3 things for my mum today, I helped her clean the car, than I helped her dry the whole car and last but not least, I did all my chores so that my mum doesn't need to worry to much about doing all the hard things. Making Kindness go Viral is really important because you're showing people that if we spread kindness around the world, than the world can become a better place to stay in.

It is also about "Making Kindness go Viral" and to always show people that you are trying to show them that your are trying to help them out by spreading kindness to each corner of the world. Always make sure to spread the kindness during the Holidays and to never stop spreading Kindness.