Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Deconstructing and Re - crafting

WALT: deconstruct, and re-craft our paragraphs so they are more interesting for our readers.

This week we have been Deconstructing and Re - crafting our paragraphs in the story's . We had to try and add details in our writing to make it interesting for our readers. We also had to try and use different features to draw a picture in our readers minds. We had to replace all of the boring sentences and put in some really interesting one's so the reader would understand what where trying to do to make them imagine that it is happening.

Monday, 22 February 2016


Walt: Make a copy of this presentation then work it out.

Task: The task was to make a copy of this presentation then we had to start on slide number 5. It was time to answer the questions, when we are finished we had to play two games called Bamzooki and Mean, median & mode. Then it was time to write down the Steam and Leaf graph write it neatly in our maths books. When we are finished then we can paste our working out onto the other slide, then we will have to answer the questions carefully.

The Prince who gave up everything

Walt: Research and find the answers to each question in the text.

Task: The task was to read the book called 'The Prince who gave up everything'. Then we had to answer all the questions and move onto researching. The first research was to create a new slide and find some information about India. One of the questions that we had to research was really interesting, it was how many languages do they speak in india, the results were that india can speak 780 languages. The next research is to create a new slide with interesting facts about 'what is Buddhism?'. One of the questions was really interesting, the one that I really liked knowing more about was 'why is Buddhism becoming popular'.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Superheroes Saving the day!!

Walt: Create a Narrative writing with the 4 w's.
Back in the 19th century, in a well known country, there were a group of superheroes that claimed themselves as “Justice crew” defender of Las Vegas. There names are Superman, Black Widow, Kitana, Beast Boy, Sub - Zero, Raiden, Blue Beetle and Wonder woman. Only 5 of these superheroes were the only ones that had powers and only 2 that had no super powers because they were normal humans, but they can fight. 

On the next day, the most evilest villains came back for revenge. Half of the superheroes from the bad side use to be good, but then they started being selfish and cold-hearted. So then one of the superheroes built the first time machine ever to be made in history. It was time for the superheroes to leave their world and go back to 1950s. 

When they went back to that time it looked mysterious to them. They were in China, where Sub - Zero was born and where he got taught on how to use his powers wisely. Sub - Zero’s father was strict and always bossy, but Sub - Zero was different to his father, Sub - Zero was clever, sweet, talented and he was always trusting. 

When they found the superheroes that turned evil in the future, they wanted to find some more information about what happened between all of them. When the problem was fixed they went back to the time machine to take them back to the future from where they were born. Everything was back to normal and they lived happily ever after. The End.

Friday, 12 February 2016


Walt: Define and Identify Kindness

Task: The task was to make a copy of this presentation about stories of Kindness around the world. We had to try and find out what kindness meant to us and what the difference between Paying it forward and being kind. We also had to find similar words to 'Kind'. It was time to explain when did we do something kind for someone else.

Thursday, 4 February 2016


Walt: Create a reflection of what you have gained in 2015 and what you want to achieve in 2016

Today I am writing a reflection about what I have gained in 2015 and what I want to achieve in 2016. I have improved my work in 2015 but I want to try my best and do my hardest to make sure that I do better in 2016.

In 2015, I want to achieve Maths. I chose to improve on maths because sometimes I need help and I am always struggling to work out the problem by myself, so that’s why I chose to improve on maths. Also, maths is a really important subject that I really need to learn so then I can learn new ways to solve the problem.

What I really want to achieve in 2016 is to do better in my school work then 2015. I chose to do better in my school work because I want to improve more and more and get better in all my subjects so then I can do great in school. I want to do better in my school work because when I finish school, I can take all the knowledge that I learned and take it with me to college. 

I hope I do better in 2016 and achieve what I want to achieve. I also hope that I can get better in maths so then I can work out any maths problems without needing anyones help.

Gamelab - Te Oro

Walt: Make a blog post about Gamelab, Te Oro.

It was the last day of gamelab. But before we could go down and have lunch, the spark people came and gave us Android 5 phones and $35 dollars Warehouse gift card. I have created a game called Zombie Island. When they finished saying their speech, it was time to go down and have lunch. The ministry of education came to see what we were doing.