Friday, 18 September 2015

Market Day

Walt: Write an intersting and detailed recount
Our topic for today is all about Trade and Enterprise. For trade and enterprise we have been learning how to make a profit, sell and make our very own products. As part of our topic, we had our market day held last week on Friday. I was very poor - Jokes I am rich. I managed to get heaps of money from other people. 

We are having a market, there is a reason why we are having a market, it is because we can share what we have created in our Trade and Enterprise groups. People will know that we have tried our hardest to try and create as many as we can before the market comes. My business group is called the musical instruments, my business partners are Kura, Amethyst and meee! In my business group me and my business partners has made Flutes and Drums. When I grow up I want to make a business called technology, so everybody knows what I am doing and what I have created for them, so everybody can come and enjoy my business. Me and my business groups managed to make 14 PT's and 50 Pieces. 

When it was nearly time to do the market, we had to set things up. First we had to put posters up so people know what we have on sale for other people to come to our store. Then we had to move tables around, other people had to move some decks outside so then they can sell their cupcakes and Chocolate fudge and some Chips. When we claimed our spots we had to put our products onto a table that we have claimed so then people can see our products. The table that we went and put our products was the table that was between Room 6 and Room 7.

While everybody was shopping and some were selling. Some people from Christchurch came to the Team 4 block to see what we have on sale. When they came in their pockets were full of PT’s and Pieces. Everybody was so happy that they wanted them to come to their store so then they can get heaps and heaps of money to go and put it into their bank accounts. While they were walking around some of the visitors came to my store but they were just playing with the drums that we made, then they started talking about how good the drum was and how strong it was so when they started drumming it didn’t brake at all. But by the time they came to buy some food, it was already gone.

When we were about to begin the market, Mr Somerville was explaining to us about the rules of swapping over with your business partners. When someone from your group stays on the table and He/She has been their for a long time, then the money that they get from each customer that’s how much money that they will get when they put it into their accounts. The person that was shopping the whole time get’s no money because they weren’t helping their partner with the selling. 

When it was the market, I felt so happy that I got to buy any product. I really had fun selling and buying other people’s stuff that they have created for other people to come and buy their stuff. I really hope that next time I get to have a market and also get to create anything for anyone to buy.

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