Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Year 5 and 6 Camp

   Guess what? last week the year 5 and 6 went to camping for three whole days. My camp group’s name was The Real Dealz. We had to camp at school.  Some of the other year five and six camp people didn’t come to camp, everybody was very excited for the year 5 and 6 campers. All of the year 5 and 6 had to sleep with other kids. Our camp leaders was Zackariah and Yvonne.

Activity 1:
     On the same day that we had to go to school on Wednesday, it was time for us to go down to Pt England Reserve so then we can go kayaking with Mr Burt.  When we were at Pt England Reserve we saw Mr Burt, Mr Kelle and also two lovely ladies.  We had to put our bags and towel away so then we can’t get our stuff wet, then these two young mens was showing us what to do and how we can get inside the kayak.   My partner was Alisha and we were waiting for the two seat kayak’s, when they were available I went up to Mr Burt and was asking him that me and my partner wanted to go into the kayak. When we got inside the kayak we paddled furiously in our kayak to try and stay out of danger.

Activity 2:   
     When it was Thursday Afternoon the Real Dealz group had to go to camp cooking with Mrs Jarman. But the thing was that only the girls can go with Mr Goodwin to the kitchen, but the boys had to stay with Whaea Saffron so then they can use some sticks to practice with. So then we were following Mr Goodwin to go to the kitchen and cook with Mrs Jarman, when we got to the kitchen Mrs Jarman was telling us to find a partner so then we can help each other with some cooking. My partner was Alisha but then another girl didn't have a partner so then me and my partner Alisha was in three’s. Mrs Jarman gave us a piece of paper which had some ingredients for us to make, then Mrs Jarman was saying to us that today we will be making some Chocolate chip cookies. When I heard Mrs Jarman say that I was full of excitement. When we finished we had to put our trays inside the oven, but first we had to wait for Mrs Jarman, we followed Mrs Jarman into the place where all of the teachers gathers up and talks.  Mrs Jarman went and put our tray into the oven and we had to wait for our cookies to be cooked.

Activity 3:   

It was night time, before we were going to sleep we had to follow our camp teacher into a classroom but two groups had to come with our group. The classroom that we could go in and watch some movies was in Mr Baxendine's classroom, Mr Goodwin was trying to press ok on the remote but he never knew how to control it properly. So then he went and pulled out the plug but when he did it made a loud noise,  he told one of the adults to go outside and look for Mr Baxendine when Mr Baxendine entered the classroom we waited for him to make the sound and the Tv work. Then Mr Goodwin tried again and it worked. The movie that we were watching was called The Lego Movie, the first part was when Emmet the builder was always following the rules. Then Emmet started talking to his food friends,  when he was about to walk home he saw a girl and her name was Lucy. When Lucy went and took off her hoodie she started moving her head side by side and Emmet was just in love with her.  When the movie was finished we had to go and lineup outside of the classroom and wait for our camp teachers, then I was looking for my two buddies and there names are Yvonne, Kerstein. When we got into our tent we were eating some food silently so then the secretary can’t hear us eating at night time.

Free Time:
On Friday our last day of camp we were getting dressed into our togs because we were going to Mangere Pools to have a very long swim. We had to get into our group lines, then we had to line up in the breeze the first group that went onto the bus first was the All stars. Then it was my group the Real Dealz when we hopped onto the bus I went and put on my glasses because the sun was going into my eyes until I heard a voice on the other side. I turned my head around and Junior was saying to me “Roimata I like your glass” then I replied back to him “Thank you”. While we were on the bus there were people chatting to each other until the All stars were singing some songs. Then when we got to Mangere Pools we had to line up outside and wait, but we had to eat some apples before we entered the Pools. Then when we entered the pools we had to sit down and grab our togs so then we can get changed in it. Then we were allowed to go inside the pools. When I hopped inside the pool it was freezing cold but then I had to get use to swimming inside the cold freezing water. After that the bombing pool was open and everybody was so excited to do a lot of bombs. Until Mr Goodwin came up and he was going to do a bomb, Mr Goodwin went and did a back-flip and then he landed in the freezing cold deep water.


My favourite thing about camp was when we got to go to the kitchen and make some Chocolate chip cookies with Mrs Jarman. I hope that next time we can do more baking of different kind of cookies, and also more kayaking. My other favourite thing about camp was watch some movies with my friends and also with my camp group. I am very excited for next years Camp.


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