Monday, 29 June 2015

Identifying nouns

Walt: Identify nouns in pictures
Task: This week I have learnt to identify things in the photos. For example if you had a photo on there will be a lot of things that you can say like a man water, legs arms, stick and many other things.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Sun Smart

Today is really hot. It’s summer time.
The sun can burn you. It is really important to slip, slop, slap and wrap on sunny days. The sun can burn you if you don’t put sunscreen on because you might get skin cancer and sunburns.

The first way to stay safe in the sun is to slop on some sunscreen to protect your skin from getting skin cancer and sunburn. You should actually apply sunscreen 20 minutes before you set a step outside then reapply it after every two hours. It is really important to put sunscreen before going into the sun. The sun dangerous so you need to stay in the shade.

Another way to stay safe is to slap on a hat to protect your face from getting burnt. You should really put on a hat especially put one with a wide brim or cap with flaps. This is so your face is protected and that you get the littlest opportunity of getting melanoma. It is shown that lots of people get lots of sunburn on their face and neck then any other part of your body.

The third way to stay safe in the sun is to wrap. Wrap is to put on sunglasses to protect your eyes. It is told that UV radiations can affect your eyesight equally. Trust me you don’t want to get it in your eyes.

Don’t forget to slip, slop slap and wrap!!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Being sun smart

Walt: Write an explanation using simple complex sentences

What I have learnt: I have learnt how to write a simple sentence and how to write a complex sentence. A simple sentence is when a sentence dosen't have a any detail inside. A complex sentence is when you have to add as much as detail as you can.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: Find the fraction of a number
Task: We had to do our Problem Solving and we had to figure out how can we split 72 into a quarter. We were learning about our fractions and how we can solve very hard fractions.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Explaining my thinking and Understanding

This term we had to create a side scroller game because our topic was called Tinkering tools and toys. When it is a wet lunch or a wet morning tea then we can play on our own or other people’s side scroller games. We had to create our own lead character and a side scroller backgrounds, we are using a side scroller backgrounds because our lead character has to move sideways. We got to play some side scroller games so then it can give us some ideas on how we can make our own backgrounds.

What I have learnt is have to create your own side scrolling game and creating our own characters for our topic. I have learnt that you can not always win, sometimes you can lose too but it is all about the fun that you have playing the game. You can create anything as you want to just have to think of what you are going to do for your side scroller game.

Writing an Introdution

Walt:Write and engaging introduction

My Introdution: On a freezing cold day heaps of people were playing on ice, he was really stupid. If I was him then it will really be freezing cold. If he came out of the freezing cold water then he will be shaped like a Ice cube and he will have to be taken onto a truck so then he can get home and have some hot coco.

My next Introdution: In the morning I was still tired so I jumped into super very cold freezing water. When I jumped inside the water I was trying to refresh my day with jumping into the freezing cold water. When I got out of the freezing cold water I was shaped like a Ice cube, then people started to whisper and they were saying that I am a really crazy girl to jump inside the freezing cold water on a very cold day. But I guess that was a very bad thing to do so then I can start up my day.

The Task this week for writing is to write an introdution about an image of a man jumping into cold water. First we had to write our own intordution then when we finished we had to use someone else's sentence beingings to write a second introdution.

How to make a Poppy

Walt: We are learning to give step by step instructions of how to make a poppy.

Task: Last week we had to make a presentation on how we can make a poppy. We had to write what we had to do then, we had to add some pictures so then our audeince knows how to make a poppy when they get home. We had to write what we have had to do, so then we can learn on how we can make our own.

Explaining my Game

The name of my game is called The Big Adventure, Our task was to create a side scroller game.Our task was to explain how our games solve the problem, It was to provide how people can play side scroller games when it is a rainy day.

My lead character is a animal, my animal is a half lion and a eagle. When you put them together it makes a Griffin. My lead character is in a Demon world and he needs to find his Parents and needs to get back home. My mission is to get my parents out of the Demon world and get out so then I can get back home. My character faces a evil griffin, which it has been controlled by a very good controller. To win you have to beat all of the monsters, the monsters are holding a bomb inside their hands.

Another way to win is that you have to use your gun to shoot some people so then they won’t infect you, If you get infected then you will lose 1 life. To gain a life you need to collect some blue and pink bottles.

To jump you have to push the Spacebar, To control earth then you press the letter A, To use your sword you press the letter S. The last one is to use your guns then you press the letter D.

My character will face some evil monsters, some of them are infected and some are not. You have to watch out while you're on your way because they can come out off nowhere. Sometimes there are big people and they hold a big metal, but they can run across you and also hit you very bad. 

If you look at the bottom of the screen then you can use your powers to defeat them also you can use your gun to shoot them. When you get to the last level then you will be challenging the evil boss and try defeating him with all you got.

When it is raining then other people can go and play some side scroller games. It is a very cool idea to play on a raining day because you can have some fun and you won’t be bored, so that is why my game will fix the problem when it is raining.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: Find the fraction of a number.

Task: We had to do our Problem Solving and we had to figure out how many of each flavour would they each get. We were learning about our fractions and how we can solve them out by using our multiplications.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: Find the fraction of a number.

The task that we were given to do was to go and work out the problem. After that we had to write it inside our Maths books and write out what we have done to work out the problem. I have learnt how to solve my problem solving by using divide by's, times tables and by using our fractions to solve this problem out.

Compare and Contrast Christchurch to Auckland

Walt: Find comparisons and differences between items and provide proof.
This week our task was to write some information about comparing Christchurch with Auckland. First we had to read the story to find more information about Christchurch. We also had to find the differences and similarities. In Christchurch the art gallery got demolished, so then a group of people planned to paint the buildings so people can see still see art from local artists.

I have learnt how to find some information about Christchurch and how it is different to Auckland. I have found out that Christchurch has had more earthquakes then Auckland, Auckland only has a few earthquakes in recent times. In Christchurch there is a red zone, and in the red zone there are no buildings because the earthquakes has already damaged the place. Sometimes there are people that builds new homes for some other people so then they will be safe.