Thursday, 29 October 2015

Number Patterns

Walt: Try different solutions to solve Number Patterns

Task: Our task was to work out the problem using any maths stragies that we already know. We had to figure out what the rule is and what we can use to solve the problem. There are some hard ones that we don't know so instead of doing a division you can mulitipli the numbers because it will be very easy. 

Chocolate Game

Walt: Write an effective recount
Guess What? On Tuesday the 27th of October, we were playing the chocolate game. We were playing the chocolate game in our literacy class, but on the same day it was Mr Somerville’s first day back. 

The rules was to get into a circle. In the middle of the circle you will find a plate with a fork and a knife. If the dice hits 6 then you get to dress up and eat as many chocolate as you can before the next person get’s 6. But if it don’t hit 6 then you will have to pass the dice over to the next person.

Finally it was time to get the game started. While we were rolling the dice some people rolled a 6 and some people didn’t. When I rolled the dice, I was hoping to get a 6 then I did. So then I jumped up to put the costume on, but I managed to get 1 chocolate. Judah, Zack, Billy and Hendrix managed to get as many chocolate as they can.

In the end Zack was the last person to finish off the chocolates that was on the plate. You should try and play the game with your family and friends. You will really enjoy the game because you get to eat as much chocolate as you want.

Friday, 23 October 2015

San Diego Zoo

Walt: Think about my purpose and reader by plaining my recount.

It’s time to go to the zoo! Should be an exciting experience, except our class is actually going on a virtual tour of the zoo. Can you even call it a zoo trip when we are seeing animals on a little screen, on our chromebooks, using the internet?

Do you think that watching a Virtual tour is better than being at a real zoo? I think that I will rather go to a real zoo because you get to see all the cool animals and other animals that you have never seen before.

Reason’s why it is very boring watching it on the internet. First, we won’t be available to see all the other cool animals and all their information. Second, we will just wish that we were there and never had to watch it on the internet. Third, It won’t be fun at all just looking at your small chromebook screen, instead of dreaming what it will be like in the San Diego zoo.

There are many reasons why we can go to a real zoo instead of watching a zoo on the internet. First, we get to see all the fun things that animals can do and also watch the tutor teach them some new tricks like a seal for example. Second, we get to see all the new tricks that animals does, either in the air or in the water.

I like the way they were explaining about San Diego Zoo because it has all the information about any animal and everything about them. San Diego Zoo has everything that I need to know, but a real zoo knows everything and has anything you can get to feed the animals with their favourite food. But being at a real zoo is way more better then watching a fake zoo on the internet.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: Try different solutions to solve multiplication problems

Task: Our task for today was to solve each problem by using multiplication. We had to try and solve the problem by using any strategies that we know already. First we had to solve the problems in our Maths books then we had to try and write it on a Google Presentation. After that we had to do a screenshot of our working out and post it on our blogs.

Animal Research

Walt: How animals survive in thier Enviroment
My Chosen animal is the Scorpion. It has adapted to survive in the desert by these things. Scorpions has exoskeleton, metabolism regulation. They have the ability to avoid harsh temperature from the desert. Scorpions have the ability to live in difficult environments. Scorpions are common in many of the world’s most hottest place on earth. Scorpions use their tail and their claws to protect themselves from enemies. In a scorpion's tail, they have a poison called Venom. Venom is a kind of chemical that affects the nervous system, ultimately killing or paralyzing the enemy.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Free Blog Writing

Walt: Write for an audience

When the school holidays was still on. Me and my mum and dad, and also my little sister was getting ready in the middle of the night. I was tired and also excited, it was because we were leaving New Zealand to go to the Cook Islands. First we had to pack our luggage, then we had to get ready before we could leave.

When we arrived at the Auckland airport, there were people carrying their luggage. First we had to weigh our luggage so then we know how much it weighs. Then we had to go to a machine where they have to do a xray on the luggage so then they know that you are not carrying anything dangerous in your luggage. We went and took the stairs so then we can get to the top.

When we arrived at the top floor, our family was waiting for us. It was time to say goodbye. When we waved back to our family, it was time for us to walk through the door where other people walks through so then they can move on before they are leaving the country. When we entered the room, the room was full of people waiting in line. It was our turn to check our passports, when it was finished we went through the next door.

But when we opened the door there were all kinds of different shops around us, there were Shoes, Wine, Blankets, and also some food. While we were wandering around each shop that we could look at. We brought some food for us to eat before we could enter the plane. We were waiting for our number to be called out the speaker so then we can enter the plane

At the end, I was so happy to leave New Zealand. “I can't wait to see my family in the Cook Islands. Then it was time for us to aboard the plane. Then the engine was starting up, but before we could leave New Zealand they were showing us the safety manual and what to do. “I can’t wait to see the deep blue sea”

Monday, 12 October 2015


Walt: Write an effective recount
During the school holidays, I went back home to see what was going on. I stayed home most of the time doing nothing. Then it was time for us to go shopping, while we were shopping my mum brought me a new necklace. I liked it a lot, it was very special to me so then my mum went and put the necklace on me.

Then on Sunday my brother took us to the movies. The movie that we were going to watch was Born to dance. My favourite character from the movie was Stan Walker. But my favourite scene was when two groups was the same, but the other group was dressed up in army clothes. Then the leader from K crew knew what they were up to. 

Then the other group that was dressed up in army clothes, took off their army clothes. When they did, the judges were shocked. Then it was time for the judges to chose. It was either the K crew or it was the Freaks. Then the judges has to decide, their choice was decided. Everybody was waiting for the winner, then the winner was the Freaks.

At the end, the movie was finished. I really enjoyed watching the movie. I really hope that next time there will be another movie, but it is all about dancing. I felt so happy that I got to watch Born to dance.