Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Blog Post 2k17

Title: Key Competency - Managing Self

Talofa Bloggers,

Today our class is focusing on our Key Competencies. Our aim was to stay on task and see how much progress we make for reading and writing in one morning block. This should set the standard for how much work we complete each time we have literacy.

Our two learning intentions were:

WALT: 1. Show how much progress we can make in one literacy session
             2. Articulate what we are learning about.

Here is my reading and writing work I completed today.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Year 8 Camp 2k17

Walt: Make an explanation writing about your experience at the Year 8 Camp.

On Wednesday 24th May, we were getting ready for our annual Year 8 Camp. We had to meet each other in the hall by 8:00am because Miss Flavelle and Mrs Tele’a was doing a check up on who was in the hall prepared and, who was not coming to camp. The activities that we had was Go Karts, Jiggers, Paintball, Flying Fox, Archery, Air Rifle & BMX. Mrs Su and her husband David are the bosses of Kauaeranga Valley.
My first favorite activity was Air Rifles. The reason why I like this activity is because we got to feel what an actual gun will feel like and how hard it is to reload it. There were 3 guns, there were two guns that looked like a shotgun. There was one gun that had a scope on it to make it better to aim. We had to shoot small targets and work our way up.

My second favorite activity that I enjoyed was Go Karts. I enjoy this activity because we got to drive around full speed, we also got different courses that we were allowed to do. Some of the students were doing drifts inside the Kart. Vinolia was the first person to do a drift on the Go Kart’s, she didn’t know how she did it.

My third favorite activity that I enjoyed was Paintball. The reason why I enjoy this is because we got to go into teams and shot the other team that we very versing against. We even got to do “Firing Squad.” The rules of this game was to get 1 player up in the front, then the rest of us can shoot at them. If one of us get’s the player in the front, the other person would have to get a turn as well. The most painful experience of this game, is that the paintball’s were very painful and it stung for a while. Then the pain will disappear like nothing happened.

It was a great experience that we had at our annual Year 8 Camp. We all learnt to build each other up and don’t rely on the Prefects and House Captains. All of the Year 8’s were building leadership and learning how to lead the school, as we are leaders ourselves. The activities were amazing and we all had fun getting dirty and muddy at the same time.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Statistical Investigation

Walt: How to gather and display category and simple whole - number data. Interpret displays in context

Our task was to learn what "PPDAC" stands for. 'P' stands for Problem. 'P' stands for Plan. 'D' stands for Data. 'A' stands for Analyse. Last but not least, 'C' stands for Conclusion. I had fun solving all the problems and putting in the right answer. The questions were kind of hard to answer because it took a lot of thinking to use. I learnt how to investigate and use other things to know different graphs that we could use for our learning.

Number Problems

Walt: How to gather and display category and simple whole - number data. Interpret displays in context.

Our task was to solve the questions by using different methods. We could use Addition, Multiply, Subtraction, Timetables & Divides. It was really easy to answer the questions because all we had to do was to either takeaway or addition. It was really easy to solve them all. There were some hard questions that I needed to answer by using my own strategies.

Novel studies - Gangsta Granny

Walt: Manage our reading time while maintaining meaning and understanding of a novel. Use Bloom's Taxonomy thinking skills to show in depth understanding of a novel

Kiwi Kids News 2k17

Walt: Use De Bono's thinking hats to critically examine a current event.

Our task was to select an article from "Kiwi Kids News" and answer the questions. Some of the questions were very hard to answer, the reason why it took so long for me to answer the questions was because I needed to think very hard about the questions before answering, But I had fun learning things around the world.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Discussing Data - FIO L2-3

Walt: Create graphs to communicate Ideas.


 1. Most of the students come to school by bus. The reason why I think the students came to school by bus is because their wasn’t much traffic. Also because their parents were busy with other things.

2. The students begin their dinner around about 6:00pm. I think the reason why the students start their dinners at 6:00pm is because it’s the earliest time.


3. The wettest month which is August will be pouring out about 90% of the rainfall. The driest month is January and it will be pouring out at least 30% of rainfall this month.


2. It is a disadvantage because reading a flat graph will be easier to see the results. But a 3-dimensional bar graph will be harder because it will be very difficult to read.

Where on Earth - FIO L2-3

Walt: Create graphs to communicate ideas.

1. 7 of the student's family members in from Room 4 come from tonga. 17 family members come from New Zealand. 4 family members from Holland. 3 family members are from Cambodia. Last but not least, 10 family members are from Samoa.

1. What I think the students can improve on is adding a title. The reason why I think this is because you never know what they are talking about. Their graphs can mean many things. Having a title is a really important thing to have, so you know what the graph is about.

2. What my graph shows me is that half of my classmates family members come from New Zealand. The others are from Samoa, Tonga, Niue & Cook Islands.

Statistics - AWS L2-3

Walt: Create graphs to communicate Ideas.

Understanding and Drawing Columns

Task 5: Answers

There are 10 girls in Room 10. There are more girls in Room 10 than boys.

1. There are 8 boys in Group A.

2. There are about 6 girls in Group A.

3. There are 14 pupils altogether in Group A.

5. There is about 14 pupils altogether in Group B.

Monday, 22 May 2017

The Great Marble Challenge

Walt: Make sense of new information before, during and after reading by connecting it to myself, texts I know and my world.

Our task was to make some predictions about "The Great Marble Challenge." Then we had to read the book before answering the questions. It was really difficult to find the answers because their was so much information about the marble challenge. But then, it started getting very easy to spot all the answers. I really enjoyed reading this fantastic book and knowing a lot of information.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Cooking - Tech 2k17

Walt: Create a post about your last day at tech.

Today was our last day in our tech groups before we could move on to our next group. My last group was Cooking. We made Burgers and Fries for the last day because we were always asking our teacher if we could make that before moving on.

I really had a great experience with cooking and learnt lot's of cool things and new recipes that I could use to cook for my family. I had a really great time with our teacher and all the things that we have made. My favourite part was when Aliyah and I were cooking the eggs, our first one looked like it was about to get scrabbled, so we got Isaac to help us with our eggs.

Everybody really enjoyed their time at cooking and how noisy we all were, each time we entered our class to start the session. Loved making delicious food with our amazing teacher and our classmates.
Hopefully next year when I come back for college, looking forward to learning and making new things in the future.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Kiwi Kids News - 2K17

Walt: Use De Bono's thinking hats to critically examine a current event.

Our task was to find an article on the website called "Kiwi Kids News." We had to search for any article that we want to write about, then we had to make a copy of this presentation and write in what we know about that one article. I found a really amazing and eye catching article that I think you might find very interesting, you will be amazed about what you are going to see.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Too much Telly?

Walt: Interpret a range of different graphs.
Answer below:

1: What the three logs have in common is that they are all related to Tv and their homework.

2: The thing different about these three logs is that they have different results compared to other ones.

3: It is true that most students who watch tv do less homework. I think this is because you can get so distracted from what you are really doing then, you won’t do any school work at all

Answer questions below:

1: What I think that is different with Room 5 & 6 is that more people in Room 5 watches Tv, but they also do a little bit of school work.

2: I don’t think that the students are watching to much tv because, they show that they have done more homework before watching tv.

3: The students in my class watch tv for 7 hours and 5 hours on their homework.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Speeches 2K17

Walt: Identify the language features used in the speech.

Our task was to watch a little clip of a college student named Joshua who was saying an inspiring speech. It was said that each prefect had to think of a good speech to say to the school, Joshua's one was the best one out of all of them. Then we had to write down on what we thought about his speech called 'brown brother' and write down some of the questions we would like to ask him. The last slide was to brainstorm a speech topic that we know and we could say in our own words.

Beating the Wind - 2K17

Walt: Recognise cause and effect.

Our task was to read through the text and find out what the cause and effect was. Then we had to make different slides to answer the questions. The questions were really hard to answer because we need to do a lot of thinking to answer the question. Once we have finished, we needed to write down our understanding of what that particular word means, before searching up the actually meaning. The last 2 tasks was to identify the cause and effect from a website called "Aerodynamic for Kids" and, create a little piece of writing that explains how she improved her results then before.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Complex Sentences

Walt: Identify the features of complex sentences.
- Use complex sentences in my recount.

Our task was to identify the features of a complex sentence and know the differences between what a "Independent Clause" & a "Dependent Clause." What the word 'independent clause' means that you are having a complete thought. A 'Dependent Clause' is a sentence that has an incomplete thought about it. It was a really hard task for me because, I didn't understand it, till, I started to learn what they both meant.  

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Statistics 2K17

                          Choice Squares 2K17

Activity 1:

The students in Room 8 at Te Paki School wanted to find out which fruits were preferred by class members. Mr Winiata drew some of their suggestions and a ? on the board:

Why do you think Mr Winiata drew a question mark?The reason why Mr Winiata drew a question mark is because their were some students who didn’t like the fruits that other students chose. So Mr Winiata put in a question mark.

Each student chose one of the fruits or the ? and drew it on a blank choice square. Jo collected all these choice squares in a box. The students found different ways of arranging the choice squares to displace the results.

Kim made a bar graph like this:

Activity 2:

The students in Room 8 checked their lunchboxes to see what fruit was in them. Jo made this graph of the data.

There are only 22 students in Room 8, so why does the graph have 29 squares around the outside?The reason why their is 29 squares outside of the graph is because it is to show how many students have that fruit and, how many people didn’t bring fruit.

B. Does the graph show that the students in Room 8 get their favourite fruit for lunch?The graph only shows how many students have brought their favourite fruit to school. Most people didn’t want to bring a fruit to school.

C. What would you say to Room 8 parents about this data? What I might say to the Room 8 parents and what I think about this data is that, it gave me lot’s of information about how many kids brought fruits to school and how many students didn’t bring fruit at all.

AWS Statistic L2 Task 2:
Understanding and Drawing Tables:

When data or information has been collected it can be displayed in a table.

Being able to understand the data or information in a table is an important skill.

Sports Pupils Play

This table shows the winter sports that pupils in Room 10 play.

1. How many pupils play volleyball?
Only 12 pupils played Volleyball.

2. 17 pupils played which sport?
The 17 pupils played soccer.

3. How many pupils played hockey?
Only about 19 people played Hockey.

4. How many more pupils played rugby then played netball?
More of the pupils played rugby more than netball.

5. Which sport is played by the most number of pupils?
Rugby has the most pupils who have played it.

This table shows how pupils St James school travel to school.

How many Pupils travel to School?

6. How many pupils walk to school?
Only about 70 pupils walk to school from home.

7. How many pupils come by car?
40 pupils come to school by car.

8. How many pupils bike to school?
23 pupils bike to school from home.

9. How many pupils come by train and bus?
7 pupils come by train and 15 pupils come by bus.

10. How many more pupils come by car than by bus?
15 + 25 = 40. So that means that 25 people came by car than bus.

11. How would you work out how many pupils go to this school?
155 students go to that one particularly school.

12. In Linda’s class there are 15 girls and 14 boys. Draw a table to show this information.

Remember to write a heading for each column of your table.

13. In Tracey’s class there were 2 pupils away on Monday, 4 away on Tuesday, none away on Wednesday, 3 away on Thursday and 2 pupils away on Friday.

Draw a table to show this information.

Remember to write a heading for each column of your table.


Collecting & Organising Data


Look at this list of vowels. [a,i,e,a,o,u,i,a,u,u] How many are there of each vowel?

Because there were only 10 vowels it was easy to work out, but if there were 50 or 100 vowels, how could you work out the number of times each vowel occurred?

Using a tally chart can help.

Make a mark in the tally column next to the vowel as you go through the list. Remember to mark off in 5’s.

Frequency means ‘how often something occurs’. Add up the frequency column to find out how many vowels there were.

Answer, 30 vowels.

Tally Chart Example:

                                                 Creating Tally Chart

Task 3:

Pupils in a class were asked how many pets they each had.

Create a tally chart to display these results.

2. How many pupils had 2 pets?
16 people had 2 pets at home.

3. How many pupils are in this class?
There are 62 pupils in this class.

Pupils in Room 5 were asked how they travelled to school.

4. Create a tally chart to display these results.

5. How many pupils walked to school?
9 pupils walked to school from home.

6. How many pupils biked to school?
7 pupils biked to school.

7. How many pupils in this class?
There are 24 pupils in this class.

Mr. McGregor has a problem with caterpillars on his cabbages. One day he counted the number of caterpillars on each cabbage plant. These were his results.

8. Create a tally chart to display these results.

9. What was the most common number of caterpillars on a cabbage?
The most common numbers of caterpillars that was found on Mr. McGregor cabbage is 10.

10. How many cabbage plants were there?
There are 369 cabbage plants that Mr. McGregor had.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Holiday 2K17

Walt: Create a blog post about your holidays.

We were allowed to take 2 weeks off school because we had Easter on and, to celebrate with our families. I didn't do much in the holidays because we stayed home most of my holiday. Since I won the $20 warehouse voucher, I used my money to buy my little sister and I some Easter eggs. I just wanted to give my gratitude and repay back for what my family did for me.

During my school holidays, I didn't do much because my mum and dad were busy watching movies on their own devices. When it was Easter Monday, I woke up at about 7:30am and got myself ready for breakfast. Then I took a little piece of the Easter Egg and put it into my pocket so my mum wouldn't notice. 

The next day, I was in my brother's room because he went to my cousins house. I turned on the Tv and I had to login to the user before doing anything else. After I finished that, I started playing my favourite game, it is called "Saint Row 3." The aim of the game was to get yourself in trouble by the cops and your enemies. Once you have finished that, you need to kill more people and the tanks and helicopters will come after you.

My holiday was pretty boring because we didn't do much but stay home. But I still had fun staying home and doing nothing at all. I felt like a vampire because we had to stay home and their was no light shining inside our house. We were suppose to do a Easter Hunt, but we couldn't because we wanted to save the rest for another day.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Term 2 Immersion Assembly

Walt: Create a blog post about the Immersion Assembly that happened this morning. Explain what each of the teams items were and what they are focusing on this year.

This is a new term for Pt England School. Our topic is "Now that's thinking." We will be learning about technology that has been used through the years. But, we are going to go from what Maori people used to how we use our technology now. Our main thinking that we have about the topic and what it means to us is "What can we design, create to make Pt England School better."

Team 1 will be learning about how to create and design kites with different materials that they could use. Also, Team 1 and 2 are both learning about how people celebrate Matariki and what they have on Matariki day. My favourite kite that I really liked was the Easter egg kite that Ms Hockley made, out of Easter wrappings.

Team 2 made a movie about created kites that was really similar to team 1 and 2. The teachers were dressed up as students, they were wearing the proper school uniform. All the teachers was showing us the same ways on how they made the kites, but they used different materials to create their own kites.

Team 3 made a movie that is kind of similar to the actually history. How one of the Maori men threw a pebble into the sky that created Matariki stars to guide people through the sea, without getting lost. Then they were explaining about how their use to be a Taniwha that would guard the sea for many years. I really enjoyed the canoe that they created and, also how they made things look amazing.

Team 4 is learning about the technology that has been used through the years and, what the Maori people used before the land was discovered by the Pakeha people. They have given us a great movie to show that they were thinking really hard about the topic and what it meant for them. Mr Goodwin was thinking about create a machine that could take you to the future.

Team 5's theme was about "Bob the Builder" and we were going to create something useful that we could use to make our team 5 block look better. Ms Judd was thinking about the solution about how to make our gardens look beautiful and clean. Then Mrs Tapuke was talking about making funky cushions to make the inside of the team 5 block look even better. Last but not least, Mrs Ilaoa was thinking of a solution to improve on how we hang our bags and make sure it is not messy.

I look forward to this term and can't wait to create and design things to make our school look creative. I'm also looking forward to how our designs turn out and what we could change to make our designs look better than it was before.