Monday, 12 October 2015


Walt: Write an effective recount
During the school holidays, I went back home to see what was going on. I stayed home most of the time doing nothing. Then it was time for us to go shopping, while we were shopping my mum brought me a new necklace. I liked it a lot, it was very special to me so then my mum went and put the necklace on me.

Then on Sunday my brother took us to the movies. The movie that we were going to watch was Born to dance. My favourite character from the movie was Stan Walker. But my favourite scene was when two groups was the same, but the other group was dressed up in army clothes. Then the leader from K crew knew what they were up to. 

Then the other group that was dressed up in army clothes, took off their army clothes. When they did, the judges were shocked. Then it was time for the judges to chose. It was either the K crew or it was the Freaks. Then the judges has to decide, their choice was decided. Everybody was waiting for the winner, then the winner was the Freaks.

At the end, the movie was finished. I really enjoyed watching the movie. I really hope that next time there will be another movie, but it is all about dancing. I felt so happy that I got to watch Born to dance.

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