Thursday, 29 October 2015

Chocolate Game

Walt: Write an effective recount
Guess What? On Tuesday the 27th of October, we were playing the chocolate game. We were playing the chocolate game in our literacy class, but on the same day it was Mr Somerville’s first day back. 

The rules was to get into a circle. In the middle of the circle you will find a plate with a fork and a knife. If the dice hits 6 then you get to dress up and eat as many chocolate as you can before the next person get’s 6. But if it don’t hit 6 then you will have to pass the dice over to the next person.

Finally it was time to get the game started. While we were rolling the dice some people rolled a 6 and some people didn’t. When I rolled the dice, I was hoping to get a 6 then I did. So then I jumped up to put the costume on, but I managed to get 1 chocolate. Judah, Zack, Billy and Hendrix managed to get as many chocolate as they can.

In the end Zack was the last person to finish off the chocolates that was on the plate. You should try and play the game with your family and friends. You will really enjoy the game because you get to eat as much chocolate as you want.

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