Thursday, 27 October 2016

Hauora - Attitude talk

Walt: Get main idea's about Poula's attitude talk about all of our Physical, Social, Mental & Spiritual side.

Task: Our task was to get different kind of key idea's to help us with what Poula was talking to us about the Attitude talk. He was talking to us to look after our Physical, Social, Mental & Spiritual side because they help us function our whole body, if these things aren't working properly, then the body won't be able to function itself. I learnt lot's of things from Poula and a lot of things that will help me with my life to move on. Poula mentioned one important message about our Spiritual and that our spiritual side is like glue, it can pull the Physical, Social, Mental and Spiritual side to function together and make our bodies work properly.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Four Fours Challenge

Walt: Try and get four dice rolls and try to get it near the target numbers or it is on the target number.

Task: Our task was to sit in groups of 4 or 5 because we were all going to use 1 dice each for each group that was formed. I was with Inez, Chris, Leuwina and Alisha and we were making a copy of our own presentations because that was our instructions. Our job was to roll the dice and get at least 4 numbers in each box and try and use as much strategies as you can to get near the target number or you can get the exact number. The hardest one was slide 2, it was because we kept on getting 5 using any strategy that we knew, we couldn't get close to the target number 12.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Immersion Assembly - Ch...Ch...Ch...Ch...Changes

Walt: Use the T.O.P.S model to write a narrative writing about the Immersion Assembly
Today it was our first day back to school and the teachers were going to show us movies, plays or even talk about what their learning about for this years topic. The students walked into the G.I school hall and we got to see lot’s of different equipments and tools that Mr Burt and Mrs Nua were using to bake an amazing pancake for us instead of stickers.

There was a mad scientist named “Fizzy, Wizzy Vottoms” and his experiments would always work because he tried his hardest. He works in a small laboratory that is close by from his house. Fizzy, Wizzy Bottoms tried to make a experiment that included Mentos and Coke, when he put the Mentos inside the bottle, he waited for the Coke to explode like a Volcano that was about to burst out like fireworks. 

Fizzy, Wizzy Bottoms was also known as “Fantastic Scientist?” because he was always trying to make one of the craziest experience and he would always succeed in everything he does. He was always putting all his efforts into each experiment he did. He also had a assistant named Mrs Ilaoa. Mrs IIaoa was always clumsy and she would sometimes bump into Fizzy, Wizzy Bottoms.

There were these scientist that used different materials to make one of the most craziest experience ever made in the world. There names were Mr Somerville and Mr Goodwin. They were the people who could use elements of the scientific method to test the validity of rumors, myths, movie scenes, adages, internet videos and news stories to test if they were true or false.

The crazy Mythbusters were always together and they always looked for different articles to see if they are telling the true or they were just false alarms. They could do a little experiment to see if they work or it was trying to get other people's attention. There is a good reason why Mr Goodwin & Mr Somerville is called the “Mythbusters” because they look at everything to see people saying that one of the experiments is impossible, so they always test the experiment out first before confirming it or the experiment is busted.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Algebra Variables

Walt: Understand and work out Variables

Task: Our task was to use all of our knowledge that we know about Algebra and use it so that we can understand and work our different variables. We had to write an Algebraic expression to show what kind of strategy that we will be using and we are using letters because 50 + T is something like T means 14. The presentation was so complicated for me because it was way to hard, until I got help from friends to teach me how to work the equation out.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Last Day of School Holidays

Walt: Make your final blogpost before the Holidays are over
Today is the last day of the school Holidays before we are going back to school tomorrow. My didn't enjoy my school holidays that much because the only fun moment I had was at Riverside Camp before we had to pack our cabins and our clothing to take back to school.
I'll rate my School Holidays 5/10 because once our Riverside Camp was over, I knew that it won't be fun once I get home because my Mum is gone to Rarotonga and she will be coming back next week on Thursday and I only have my little sister, Older Brother & Dad that will be home waiting for my little sister and I to return.

I'm kind of looking forward to coming back to school and at the same time I don't feel like coming back to school. The reason why I am looking forward to going back to school is because I get to see my wonderful friends, my beautiful teachers & I also look forward to this years topic and also our learning.

I spent my holidays sleeping and watching some video's on my chromebook because I was sometimes getting bored and I also wanted to do something that will allow me to enjoy my holidays to the fullest before ever going back to school and finishing off all of our school work.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Riverside Camp 2016

Walt: Write another Blog Post about the upcoming event that happened in the Holidays for you
Image result for willow park
Today I just came back from my Riverside Camp, I had lot's of fun and I just want to thank the many people who came to help us with our camp and many thanks to the Willow Park staff who allowed us to stay and to make our camp possible if it wasn't for them. All of the Riverside Campers had lot's of fun at camp and we had some good & bad times at our camp.

We had some Duties to do & we had our own Cabins and we also had our own Leaders who had to sleep in the same cabin with us and the other half had to sleep in another room because their wasn't enough space that was inside each room. We always had to sleep really early because we had a lot of things happening at camp.

At our Concert, I saw Mrs Tele'a and her children & also Mr Tele'a. I also saw lot's of people that came to our concert to watch all of our items that we have been practicing for a while and we got to show off all of our skills and played some games along the way.