Monday, 30 June 2014

Going to Rarotonga!!!!!!!!

I am going to miss everybody because on Monday 1st of july. I will be going to rarotonga and I am going to miss everybody. When I come back from rarotonga then I can show a video of me dancing at my cosins 21st Birthday.


Friday, 27 June 2014

Diamante Poems

Similie Poem


He is as tall as a giraffe.
He is as Cunning as a fox.
He is as Gentle as a Birds Feather.
His skin is as soft as horses hair.
His Hair is as smooth like an Jel.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Fraction Parts

My Mum

               My Mum.

My Mum’s Hair is soft like a birds feather, Her hugs is like a angel from heaven, She is the queen of our hearts in my whole family. My Mum’s face feels smooth like paper, I love you so much mum because you always been there for me even when I need you badly.

My Mum inspires me to do my best at anything even when I can’t do it I still have to try my best at all times, My Mum’s face glows like the sun, Whenever My Mum looks down at the sea I can see her Reflection, Her eyes is like  chocolate. When she looks in the light her eyes shines like a diamond.

For every hug and every kiss To send me on my way, For always putting me to bed, To prepare me for another day, When I am scared then she sings me a song and she kiss me on my head.

My Mum has been the best Mum that I ever had in my life, Because she was special to me and she gave birth to me so then I can do better work when I was baby, Even when I was a baby you showed me how you cared about me and you loved me so much, When I grow up I want to be a great Mum just like you and I could follow your ways.

Love you so much Mum!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Titanic Shipwreck Research

We have been learning about shipwrecks. The Titanic was a great ship that sunk on April 14th 1912. I have added a photo of Belfast in Ireland. This is where the Titanic was made.  

This is a picture of Belfast and NZ is like far away from Belfast.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Family Member

 My Brother’s name is Christopher Henry, His hair is cool and I love him so much. Sometimes he likes to play rugby with me, but I still play with him to because I love him so much. Whenever me and my Family goes somewhere my big brother always plays on his psp and his favorite game is God of war because of the picture with the man’s blood on his chest. That is one of my Favourite game too is it your favourite game?. Sometimes My Brother is a game freaker and he likes to play all kind of games. My brother is special to me and I love him so much.