Wednesday, 15 November 2017


For this math problem. We were playing a Japanese game called "Sudoku." All we had to do, was to add up all the numbers and make sure they are the same. Then we needed to use brackets. The easiest way was using something called "BEDMAS." B = Brackets, E = Exponents, D = Division, M = Multiplication, A = Addition and S = Subtraction.

Athletics Day

Walt: Write a Quality blog post about Athletics Day.

Last week on Friday, it was an amazing and sunny day. The weather was gleaming brightly in the sky. Lots of students were excited to play some amazing games in the hot blazing weather. Everybody looked really colourful in their astounding house colours. Most people were being really creative with their looks. We all had to wear our hats because we would get sun burnt. This was for our own safety.

My favourite activity was doing the high jump. The reason being is because we got to jump as high as we could, like we were flying in the air. There were lots of amazing people who could jump really high into the air. I was aiming for my personal best by trying to get to the highest poll. But I didn't make it. But at least I tried my best. This sport was all about trying your best and never giving up.

My second favourite sport was softball throwing. The challenge was to throw the ball as far as you could. But the problem was that we needed to make sure it doesn't go out of the square. Lani threw the ball into the air, it looked as if it had it's own wings of flight. I think this because it was flying through the air. Everybody was aiming for their personal best and to achieve their goals.

My last favourite sport was Volleyball. Before we were about to play, their was a strange atmosphere filling the air. That is when everybody was being competitive with each other. Even if there friends were in another team. That didn't matter to them at all. But a song named "Mi Gente," changed everybody's mood. All the girls started dancing with laughter and they were all just having fun.  Everyone was trying their best to hit the ball onto the other side.

Athletics was all about having fun with your friends and trying your best. You always need to give your all to each sport you do. The most important thing about athletics is to have a laugh with everybody and make the most of your time, before going to college. What athletics means to me is no matter what people say about you, nothing can make you sad or make you give up. I had an amazing time with all of the Year 8 girls.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Test Practice Wk3

                  Walt: Use different strategies to solve addition and subtraction word problems.
Our task was to solve all of the different problems by using our own different strategies that we already know. It took a lot of thinking and using problems to solve each question. Some of the questions were really hard to solve and it took a while for me to finish it off.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Family Wedding

                                           Walt: Blog post about your weekend.

On Saturday 4th November, I attended my families wedding. We were going to celebrate my aunties wedding with her beloved husband. The lucky brides name was Veronica George, her husband was so lucky to have her as his wonderful bride.

Back in Veronica's days, she was a championship dancer for her homeland Aitutaki. She competed in so many competitions to keep her title as a champion dancer. Veronica was Cook Island and she had passion for her culture. She wore her beautiful white gown and her father was walking her into the hall.

There was about 4 flower girls and 6 bridesmaids. Everybody stood up to honor and congratulate Veronica on her very special day. All the girls were wearing astounding gold dresses and the men were wearing amazing tuxedos. There were so many people that turned up to her wedding, most of the families were preparing their food inside the Atiu hall.

Lot's of people brought so many foods to the wedding. My favorite part was when the dance group came to perform to the bride and groom. The boys and girls were wearing nice costumes and their dancing was pretty fast. While the Cook Island group was still performing, the kids were playing outside of the hall.

We had so much fun at the wedding. It was special for me because I got to see most of my own cousins that I have never met before. But the one thing that I didn't like about the wedding was that, there was no dessert. I was looking forward to eating some, but they all just disappeared out of nowhere.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Motivational Talk

Walt: Write about Mr Patterson's Motivational Talk.

Today we had a very special guest come in. His name was Mr Patterson. His talk was mostly for us Year 8's who are heading out to college next year. He was telling us about aiming for success and launching our future. Here are some things that might help you in the future, when you really need it.

Then he showed us a formula, that is similar to his talk for us. The formula was A + I = M. There is a meaning behind these words that would help us in the nearer future. A = Aspiration, I = Inspiration and M = Motivation. I have learnt many things from his talk and look forward to reaching my goals. If you have a dream, then you would always have a plan b, if your first dream doesn't work well.

There are different types of motivation. Intrinsic means you can reach for your goals and achieve what you want. The other one is extrinsic, which means external and it is about getting fancy cars, rewards and $100 inside your bank. Being a Grit means leaving the past behind you and trying to make things right, between you and another person.

Their was a story about a boy named Willie who is 11 years old, he gave his lunch and money to a homeless man. He was kind to do something very special to the man, it would change his life forever. If you do good things towards others, then you would get something good in return. Mr Patterson took Willie and his friend down to Wellington on a plane. It was Willie's first experience.

Be a giver and not a taker. This phrase means that whatever you give, it would come back to you. But whatever you take, it will always come back around. Mr Patterson saw two young couples with three kids, so then he brought them to the front of the line. There was about 200 people waiting in the line, to book their flights because it got cancelled. Everybody was surprised to see how kind Mr Patterson was.

There was a quote about doing what you love. This means that if you are able to do what you love, then you would go to your job happy and motivated. It's really bad to go to work because you just want to earn money. I have learnt lot's of things about Mr Patterson's motivational talk. I would like to take his talk with me, along my future to success.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017


Walt: Search for clues within the text to help us make meaning when we infer use the process of elimination to find the 'best fit' answer.
 Our task was to succeed our success criteria. Then we needed to read the text and show our understanding by using long sentences. Once we have finished that, we needed to sort out which one is evidence or inference. But we needed to read the text called 'Moa' so that we could understand it a little bit more. It was really hard because we needed to sort out how Scott and Sarah was feeling at times throughout the story. I learnt so much from my reading and look forward to more awesome work.

"What it means to be a good role model?"

Walt: Write an explanation writing about being a good role model.

A good example of a role model is being able to behave properly, set an example for little kids. Also to be in the right place, right time and have the right attitude. Someone that is positive and can be imitated by others. I’ll be writing about “What good Role Models would look, sound and act like?”

A role model is hard working, respectful and mature. Hard working is when they finish their work on time. Also to set it to a high standard. Being respectful means being a sponge. What I mean by that, is no matter what people say about you, just suck it all in and respond to them in a good manner. Being mature means acting your age and trying to be the older person. My older brother is a perfect example of why I look up to him so much.

Being a role model is encouraging, never gives up and positive. Encouragement is a special element that everybody has. They encourage others to do their best no matter the subject. Never giving up is about trying your best, even though you’re not good at that one thing. Always learn how to be positive towards others in any negative situation. They would always believe in you, even when life is hard for you. My dad is always positive and encourages me to do my best in everything.

The last thing about being a good role model is guiding you, self-talk and motivating. Being able to guide someone is really important. That means that you're guiding them on the right path of being kind and respectful. There is always a time when you need to learn how to self-talk. This means to be able to say positive things about yourself and never think negative. My mother taught me these things so that I would be able to show other people.

Try following these 3 simple steps and you will have lots of people looking up to, as their role model. But remember, role models aren’t always perfect, they learned the hard way of becoming role models. The people that you look up to doesn’t need to be celebrities, they can also be your family members. “You never know who you might be inspiring?”