Thursday, 26 November 2015

Google Cardboard 2015

This is one of the greatest creation that Google has ever made, just by using Cardboard. When you put it on then it feels like you are in another world because you are checking out different places around the world that you have never seen. If you want to try this out then you can get the cardboard part from Night markets. But all you need is an app and a Smartphone to be available to do these kind of stuff. When you get those things then you can see anything and anywhere you have never been before. While you're at it, there are some safety rules before you could use it. 
1. Don’t stand up

2. Don’t wander around because you could hit something and you could also break the screen

3.Sit down at all times and never stand up

And number 4. Enjoy the new creation from Google.

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