Friday, 19 September 2014

Key Competencies Explanation.

Key Competencies

Have you ever heard of the key competencies? Thinking, managing self, participating and contributing, relating to others, using language symbols and texts? If you have, then I bet you are a super learner! However, if you haven’t, well I am here to explain exactly what they are.

Managing Self:
For Example when you are not making the right choices, you can use your brain to manage yourself.
Always manage yourself so then you can get a good report. If you can manage yourself at school, then I am sure that you will get a job when you grow up.

You use your brain to think about what you say to other people. You have to use your brain so then you can think about what you’re actions to other people.

Sometimes in your life people might hurt you feelings, thats why we come to school so then we can make other people happy. Sometimes when you are a adult then you might hurt their feelings.

Relating to others:
For example relating to others means you are being kind and listening to other people when they have something to say. Relating to others is the same as Helping each other

Friday, 12 September 2014

What Makes a good Champion.

What makes a good Champion from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Me and my Friend has made a moive of what makes a good Champion.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Cybersmart Explanation

Use my brain use my heart I’m going to be cyber smart.

Use my brain use my heart I’m going to be cybersmart! Have you ever heard about this phrase before. At Pt England School we use this korero everyday. This Korero helps us learn to be successful learners.

Use my brain
You need to always use your brain whenever you are online. The only time we can go online is when we need to know more information for what you're learning about. If you use your brain properly then you are cybersmart.

Use my heart
Your heart helps your brain make the right decisions, if you didn’t have your heart then you won’t think the right way. Sometimes people are angry with the other person but that does not mean that you can go and send them a angry email.

Whenever your friends goes onto the wrong site and they tell you to go on, you will have to make your decision to go on the website or remind your friend that the website they are on is not good for them. For example if you get a doggy email you always have to follow these steps.

1.Take a screenshot

2.Send the doggy email that you got, send the doggy email to the teacher or Mr Burt.

3. The last step you will have to do is delete the doggy email that you got.

4.The last step is that you are now a cybersmart person, because you did the right thing.

KEEP CALM AND THINK SMARTCybersmart Outreach Section