Monday, 9 May 2016

George Puepuemai's Prefect Presentation

Walt: Reflect and Respond on Key features and points of a performance or assembly presentation: Extend writing using descriptive detailed vocabulary and sentences.  
Our task was to add in all of our idea's related to the questions that we have to answer. We had to try and add as many that we know and what event happened on Friday 6th May. Here is a Padlet that Miss Muliaumasealii has created for us to work on, everybody from Room 5 Literacy has been working on this Padlet for a while. This Padlet is all about Congratulating George because he was going to become our newest prefect for 2016. It was also shocking because never in history of Pt England School that we have ever had a new student that started our school and he became a prefect. He was chosen to become a prefect because he is confident in his learning and he shows leadership to everybody in our school.  


  1. I always love reading your blog posts Roimata. Your paragraphs that you write explain what you have been doing in class really well. How did you like using padlet? From Miss Berry

  2. Oh this is a really nice work keep it on

  3. Oh this is a really nice work keep it on