Friday, 31 July 2015

My Job Aplication and C.V

Walt: Write an aplication for a job.
To whom it may concern,

Teachers Dishes:

I am applying for the position of teachers dishes. I think that I would be good at this job because I am responsible, trustworthy and speedy person and can do my job perfectly. 

This job is perfect for me because at home my mum tells me to clean the dishes and I do it straight away. I am the perfect person that is able to be responsible, trustworthy and a speedy. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my application. I look forward to hearing from you soon

Yours sincerely,

Roimata Ru


Letter reference:

My daughter Roimata is a trustworthy and speedy person that you can trust to be cleaning teachers dishes. 

I believe that Roimata will be a great person to hire for this job because she can take responsibility of herself and others. She is a very good girl and can work really well with many people.

Roimata will be great for this position because she has the right personality for working with people. She can participate with others and can take good care and do her job correctly.

Monday, 27 July 2015

My Work

Teachers Dishes:

I am applying for the position of teachers dishes. I think that I would be good at this job because I am responsible, trustworthy and a speedy person and can do my job perfectly.
This job is perfect for me because at home my mum tells me to clean the dishes and I do it straight away. When I am doing the dishes at school, I will be earning 1PT a week. Every week I will be staying behind after school or I will be taking the teacher's cups before we begin our silent reading.

Friday, 24 July 2015


On Friday, I was with my mum and my little sister. When we got to Sylvia Park we were taking some pictures of the new mini golf. Before we went into the Cinemas we had to decide what movie we will be watching. 2 of us chose to watch the minions and the other 2 decide to watch inside out. But my cousin decide to watch Inside out, so when we entered the cinemas we were looking at the big screen to see what time the movie starts.

Then my cousin went and paid for the tickets so then we can get inside. When the tickets were paid off we went to pake’n save to buy some food to eat so then we won’t get really hungry. When we finished shopping we were looking around the mall and looking at all the shops where we can buy heaps of clothes. Then we went back to the cinemas to go and watch our movie, before we entered my cousin asked us if we needed to go to the toilet. 

While I was waiting for my other small cousins to hurry up, we were looking at the new movies that will be coming out on September. The new movies that I was really excited to watch was Hotel Transylvania and Pixel, I was so excited and I cannot wait to watch the new movies that will be coming out in the afternoon. When we entered the room it was so quiet while we were looking for our seats.

The movie was about to begin, I was so happy that I came to watch Inside out. I was sitting down on my seat and eating some nachos then the movie started, there was a girl and she had feelings inside herself. There names were Fear, Anger, Happy, Sadness and Disgust. They all had different talents. Riley was a really sweet and happy girl that likes to have fun. Riley’s emotions control her memory and some of riley’s important memories are kept safe because they are the important things that happened in her life.  

My favourite part of the movie was when Happy and Sadness came back to help the other emotions. When the movie was finished I wished to come back to the movies to watch another cool movie. That is what I did in the holidays.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Problem Solving

Walt: Solve tricky number problems in the thousands.

Task: We had to write a explanation on our maths book and we had to try and solve the problem. When we finish writing our explanation on our books, then we had to write what we had done on our books and how did we work out the answer.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Animation Term 4

Walt: Make a side scrolling game.
This term we had to make a side scrolling game. In my game, my charcter is Half Eagle and Half Lion. My chracters goal is to try and collect as many coins as it can so then it you can upgrade your own chracter. My chracter has to try and get up to the highest level, if he dies then he will be sent back from where he started and he will have to start all over again. The only way for my chracter to die, is when he gets bitten by any snakes and he could also get posien from other peoples powers that they have.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Walt: Understand and use new vocabulary

Task: Our task was to create our own definition. We had to create a google drawing that shows our personal definition of new and intersting vocab. We had to put as much detail as we can into our definition. I have learnt how to study new vocabulary and to write a complex sentence.


Walt: Understand and use new vocabulary.
Link to Padlet
Task: This is a padlet that the Pavalovas have been working on. We were looking at scientists and the S.E.M, s.e.m stands for scientists electoral microscope. We had to bold our words so then people knows our new and intersing vocabulary.

What have you leanrt: I have learnt that you can only see anything by using a microscope or a magnifying glass to look at the bugs. Did you know? that a magnifying glass can only see up to 100 meters and a microscope can see up to 1000 meters.