Friday, 21 August 2015

Trade Fair

Walt: Add one main idea per paragraph

This term we are learning about Trade and Enterprise. Our learning is about creating and selling a product that we have designed and made. We were broken up to 6 different business groups to learn about what it takes to become a business man or woman.

As part of our terms topic we had a trade fair. A trade fair is different from a Market because a market is when you buy some things, but a trade fair is when you order something first then you will get it later. Me and my partners made a presentation about what design we will be doing and a order form so people can come and order something.

For the trade fair my partners and I have created a business called Music. We were selling a flute, our flute costed 1pt. My business was going very well with our selling. We made a presentation with all of our ideas, so that people knew what we were selling and we could take their orders.
Our teachers have created a currency a new kind of way for money. Another word for saying currency is money. We use Pt’s and Pieces as our money. For example 2pt is like $2.00 and 50 Pices are like 50 cents and 20 pieces are like 20 cents. The only time we put our pieces and pt’s into our account is at lunch time and morning tea. Everyday when we come to school we always get 20 Pieces each day we come.

I’m really excited about our market day coming up in week 8! We are hoping to make lots of PTs and Pieces. I cannot wait for the market and to create our products, before the market comes.

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