Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Side scrolling game

Walt: Create a Side scrolling game

First we had to play Mario brothers and Mega man so then it can give us some ideas about how we can make our game look like. Then we had to go and plan about how our Character will look like and what costume is it going to wear and also what are the powers or the skills that your Character has to do. After that we had to go and draw our Character and what He/She is going to wear as their costume, then we had to think about our Powers or Skill. Then we had to draw a picture of what our Background is going to be when we draw on Sumo paint or Pixlr editor.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Holiday Highlight

During the school holiday, I was bored because I had nothing to do at all. While I was at home I was listening to some songs, then I started dancing with my little sister. Then I went to my mum to ask her if me and my little sister can play with the Xbox 360, then my mum replied back to me “Yes you can play with the Xbox 360”. I was so happy because my mum allowed me to play with our Xbox 360. My favourite game that I like playing was called Just Dance.

The song that we wanted to dance to was called Turn me On. When we finished playing the song, my little sister wanted to play Monkey See, Monkey Do but I didn't really feel like playing that game, but I had to because my mum will tell me to turn off the Xbox if I don’t do what my little sister wants to play.
So then we started playing and I started to get interested in playing game so then I had heaps of fun, then my sister wanted to have a try at boxing the bag but you have to do it carefully because you might get hit in the face. So then my little sister started playing then I got more interested in the game, until my sister lost and only had 12 points because she got hit in the face.

It was my turn, while I was playing my little sister was moaning because I could score more points than her. But then my brother was distracting me so then I lost the game and my little sister was laughing at me. My little sister really wanted to play a different game so then we started playing the Pig game, it was funny because you had to slap your thighs and you also have to dodge the Mud, Hay, Bombs. Me and my little sister was having a Challenge so if any of us gets to the finish line then we win the game, but if we lose then the loser have to do whatever the winner tells them to do.