Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Brochure Template

Happy Easter

Easter Eggs
Ancient Egyptian and Persians believed that the earth hatched from an egg.
They celebrate new lives by decorating eggs in bright spring colours.
The first chocolate eggs were made in Germany in the 19th Century.

Easter Sunday
Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross for their sins. On Easter Friday Jesus died on the cross, It was said that on Easter Sunday Jesus was resurrected in heaven.


All over the world many people Celebrates Easter but some people don’t even celebrate Easter. Because it is when the Easter bunny comes and puts down the Easter egg. It said that Jesus died on the cross when it was Easter Sunday.

Hauhake Harakeke - Harvesting Flax

Friday, 11 April 2014

What is Fiafia?

What is Fiafia? Screen shot 2014-04-06 at 11.48.18 AM.png
WALT: Understand the structure of an explanation.
Topic: What is fiafia?
Audience: PES, whanau, worldwide blog audience
Purpose: To explain to our audience what fiafia is all about.
Text type: Explanation
Task: You are going to explain to your audience what our school fiafia is all about
Key Vocabulary
fiafia, showcase, traditional, culture,  practice, preparation, routines, choreography, tutors, teamwork, participating and contributing, relating to others, managing self, rehearsal, performance, audience, confidence, represent, pride,  
Helpful Links: Brainstorm  Wiki
Introduction - Start with a question?
- Write what fiafia is
- Talk about the one we have at pt england
- Name the key competencies that apply to the fiafia

Our Fiafia And My Group
- Talk about PES fiafia e.g. how often, history, where, some groups.
- Talk about your fiafia group e.g. what group you are in, what dance/music you are doing/, what does your dance mean, talk about your tutors.

Key Competencies
- Choose 2+ key competencies that relate to the fiafia
- Name the KC then explain how and why it relates to the fiafia. e.g. managing self - you need to manage yourself during practices because...

- Wrap up what you have talked about
- They the audience they now know…
- Something you may be looking forward to...
Once you have finished make sure to mark with a buddy or yourself using our PARAGRAPH RUBRIC. Draw an image that represents your writing in sumo or ABC paint.
What does fiafia means to you?

Kia Orana I am a Cook Island girl and I came from Rarotonga. Do you want to know what does fiafia means to Pt England school? Well fiafia has two meanings in the pacific Island such in Samoa,Tonga and all kind of Island in the pacific Islands. When Samoa and Tonga people say fiafia that means that they are happy, But for NZ people when we say fiafia that means we all Get together and we celebrate our culture, and we have to do it with pride and confidence. The three Key Competencies is Managing self,participating and contributing,Relating to others.

The group that I was in for fiafia was middle hip hop because we get to wear our costume in front of a thousand and a million of people. It was very scary for all of the performances that had to show their talent in front of everyone that was their to watch Pt England’s fiafia. My song was the skrillex, One Direction, trumpets, Robot Dance. I was very scared because I had to perform right in front of the Adults that was their to watch Pt England school kids to do their dance. Some of us was scared but a lot of us was brave to do our dance.

I am really looking forward to Next years fiafia. Are you so excited of the Next years fiafia? What group are you going to be in for fiafia? And remember do not be afraid of what you are doing.

Screenshot 2014-04-11 at 10.48.30.pngThis is my group Middle Hip Hop, and my tutor is Miss Thomsen

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Hauhake Harakeke

Hauhake Harakeke SJ 2.3.05
WALT: Use clues in text  to help find the answers (comprehension).

1. What does hauhake Harakeke mean? It means harvesting flax.

2. When was the harakeke planted?The Harakeke grown in 1987

3. Why is any left over harakeke returned to the bushes?

4. Why is nanny special? Because she shared her knowledge to show the people the gift of harvesting the flax.

We have been reading about a Hauhake Harakeke ceremony. This is one thing that the children in the story made from the flax blades.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Addition and Subtraction

This is my writing about my maths and I am learning how to take away and add on I hope you enjoy everything about my maths.