Friday, 23 October 2015

San Diego Zoo

Walt: Think about my purpose and reader by plaining my recount.

It’s time to go to the zoo! Should be an exciting experience, except our class is actually going on a virtual tour of the zoo. Can you even call it a zoo trip when we are seeing animals on a little screen, on our chromebooks, using the internet?

Do you think that watching a Virtual tour is better than being at a real zoo? I think that I will rather go to a real zoo because you get to see all the cool animals and other animals that you have never seen before.

Reason’s why it is very boring watching it on the internet. First, we won’t be available to see all the other cool animals and all their information. Second, we will just wish that we were there and never had to watch it on the internet. Third, It won’t be fun at all just looking at your small chromebook screen, instead of dreaming what it will be like in the San Diego zoo.

There are many reasons why we can go to a real zoo instead of watching a zoo on the internet. First, we get to see all the fun things that animals can do and also watch the tutor teach them some new tricks like a seal for example. Second, we get to see all the new tricks that animals does, either in the air or in the water.

I like the way they were explaining about San Diego Zoo because it has all the information about any animal and everything about them. San Diego Zoo has everything that I need to know, but a real zoo knows everything and has anything you can get to feed the animals with their favourite food. But being at a real zoo is way more better then watching a fake zoo on the internet.

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