Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Pt England School Picnic Day

Last week on Friday, we had our annual school picnic where the whole school got to go to the Pt England Reserve. The day was cloudy, but nothing could stop our lovely principal or any of the students to go down to Pt England Reserve. Before we could leave our school, Mr Burt had to tell us some things for when we arrive to the reserve and he would also explain the places we were allowed to play once we arrive at the reserve.

Once we arrived at Pt England Reserve, we had to sit down in our class lines on the wet grass. But what we could do was to kneel or if you wanted to sit down, then you can. After Mr Burt finished explaining about the places we could play and who we could go to if their are any injuries during the picnic, we could find one of the ladies wearing a orange vest where we could spot her in the crowd. 

Then Mr Burt said one last thing before we could go and enjoy ourselves, "Make sure to have some fun during our annual picnic" and that was one of the most important thing that Mr Burt has ever said to us before we could leave because he wanted us to have as much fun as we want because that is the reason why we are having the picnic.

Then all of the students scattered off to play, eat or just relax in the shade before we could go swimming because the tide was out and we couldn't swim till the end of the picnic. Music was playing and everybody was going wild, some students were playing rugby while most of the students were making clay on the sand or even playing on the rocks.

At the end, everybody had so much fun that most managed to put dirt on themselves and they would make their parents really angry at them because they dirtied their school uniform. But we could dirty our own school uniform because it was Friday and we were allowed to have some fun. We also had a karaoke at the end and some students and staff were sitting down while the others were standing up waiting for their turn to sing a song for all of us. Image result for Pt England Picnic 2016

Summer Learning Journey - Chosen Location: Japan

I have chosen to visit Tokyo because I want to learn more about Tokyo and what kinds of food they eat. I also want to learn how they eat their food and learn how to use self defense to make sure that they know how to defend themselves. Another reason why I chose to research more about Japan, is because I want to learn about how they learn in school and learn more things about their traditional culture.

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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Marking my Narrative Writing - Experiments Gone Wrong

This is my writing where I had to identify some mistakes that I have made in my writing and to also do my checklist to see if I have all 5 senses in my writing. The senses are:

1. Title/Orientation
2. Problem
3. Solution
4. Sounds like
5. Smells like
6. Felt like
7. Looked like
8. Tasted like
9. Editing - Punctuations/Makes Sense
10. Paragraphs.

I have learnt on how to use my senses wisely and how to edit my writing whenever I am writing a narrative writing. I also have to try and include some interesting things about my writing and I need to use at least a checklist to make sure that my writing is correct and it is including all 10 of my checklist. I have learnt many things about writing and what I have to do to make sure that my writing is at a high standard.

Word Problems Part 2

Walt: Find more than one way to solve a problem. Use various strategies to solve word problems.

Task: Our task was to complete our Word Problems Part 2 and too make sure that we can use any strategies to solve each question. Some of the questions were hard to find a solution for the question and trying to use different strategies to solve the problem. I have learnt many things from Miss Berry and she has taught me many things about maths. I've never learnt many things about maths before and I got to learnt most things about maths and what kinds of strategies I can use to solve the questions.

Gray, The Greatest Teacher to walk the Earth? - Writing

Gray, The Greatest Teacher to walk the Earth?

On Tuesday 16th 1995, there was a teacher named Gray, he was about 32 years old and he loved to do science. Gray would always call himself “The Greatest Science Teacher to ever walk the Earth?” Gray and his friends named Jellal, Mavis & Lucy who all lived in Magnolia, where there experiment went wrong. His friends was Lucy and she was 16, Jellal was 17 & Mavis was 14 which made her the youngest girl in the group of friends.

The science experiment that Lucy, Jellal & Mavis wanted to do, was to see if you eat more carrots than you can see in the dark more clearly. Sometimes Gray might think that he is the greatest science in the world, but he still needs more understanding about science and needs to put a little bit more effort into his experiments and work hard at all times.

The problem was that he didn’t do what his friends asked him to do, but instead Gray wanted to do something that was even more interesting than what his friends wanted him to do. So he wanted to use his 50 dollars to see how long it can last before turning into dust. Another problem was that Gray didn’t use the right equipment to do the experiment.

So while Gray was doing his experiment, he could see flames of fire crawling on top of the money, little lights that looked like it was about to spark. What Gray could feel was fire crawling it’s way back up till it reaches the end of the money. What Gray could smell was Gas coming from the money, but he also could smell smoke that looked like it was about to sound a fire alarm any minute. Gray couldn’t taste anything because he was watching the money burning while the fire was doing it’s own job.

What Gray could hear was his friends were really depressed because it was a waste to use his 50 dollars as an experiment. But at the same time, Lucy, Jellal & Mavis was wanting to know what will happen next to the money once the fire has taken over the money. The experiment looked like it was about to explode as if it was going to burn his friends and himself and also including the village.

What Gray felt like he was worried because he kept on thinking that if his experiment would fail, then his friends and the villagers of Magnolia would ie and the fire would spread to each continent of the world and their country would look more like dust, with no food, water or any shelter to protect them and their kids in winter or to give them a comfortably place to stay.

The solution that Gray came up with was to listen to whatever his friends asked him to do and that he had to use the right equipment to make sure that he can get the right results. Also he could make sure that he didn’t put his money to waste.

Fair test - Experiment is fair or not?

Walt:Synthesise information from multiple sources. I can make links between the multiple resources I access to determine what is and isn't a fair test.

Task: Our task was to make our own presentation and to make sure that we include all the information that we have learnt from this year and that we have been learning lot's of things about Science. I have learnt many things from my beautiful and lovely teacher Mrs Ilaoa who has taught me many things about Science and taught me other interesting things about science. Our reading for today was to try and see the difference between a fair test and what is not a fair test for an experiment.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Problem Solving in Science

Walt: Synthesise information from multiple sources. Success criteria: I can make links between the multiple resources I access.

Task: Our task was to read the book and watch the video's that was on our literacy site so we can get as much information as we can to learn more about Elephant toothpaste. On the second slide, we had to write about what problems we have in our environment that has been solved before and how we can solve it. Then the 6th slide was about creating a google drawing about dental care that has been used over the years and also how it first started. I learnt lot's of things about Elephant toothpaste and the work was kind of hard but a little bit easy at the same time.