Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Pes Survivors

 Task: We are learning about how animals adapt and survive in their own environment. Like a Wolf for example. We had to try and get an animal from the Desert environment and the Arctic environment. Then we had to get as much information that we know from that one animal. We had to try and adapt the animal from the desert environment and adapt the animal from the arctic environment.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Camp Bentzon

Walt: Summarise a week long experience into a recount.
On Tuesday the 17th of November the Year 6 students were going to Camp Bentzon at a place called Kawau Island. When we were about to go, Mr Burt said “All of use are ambassadors (The Year 6 students) Then we aboard the bus to drive to Sandspit so then we could catch the ferry to go to kawau island. It was a very long drive because sandspit was so far far away.

Then when we arrived, we started eating our morning tea. Kawau B went to pack the bags onto the ferry so then we could go on. But when we were about to aboard the ferry, we had to let the other people aboard the ferry before we could allow ourselves to go into the ferry. When all the other people aboard the ferry we had to go up the top the ferry. We were supposed to see some Whales and some Dolphins but unfortunately we didn’t see anything.

My first favourite activity is Abseiling because we were on a very tall tower. We had to try and get down but we had to do it very slowly so we don’t get an accident. But first we had to be safe so we won’t hurt ourselves. The first thing we had to put on was a Helmet and a Harness so then they can connect the rope to and we had to make sure that the rope is tight so we won’t fall. My favourite part of abseiling was facing my fears and never be scared of heights.

My second favourite activity is Kayaking because we were going to see some Stingrays and some Jellyfish. Mr Somerville was the person to take care of us. We also had a tutor and she was also the owner of Camp Bentzon. First we went underneath the bridge, but when I went underneath the bridge, I nearly fell out because their was someone else that went under the same bridge I went under. Some of us went through the Mangroves and some went around the Mangroves because they didn’t want to get stuck.

My favourite part of Camp was playing Spotlight. While we were having our camp practice, we had to wait for the right time to play spotlight because it has to be dark for us to be available to play. First the teachers explained to us how to play spotlight and what the rules is. Then it was time to begin the game. Some kids brought their torch out so the teachers could use it to find us. When a teacher finds one of us then they will always say “Spotlight” and you have to return to the deck. 

My other favourite part of camp was having the Concert night. The winning team was Mansion. It was so funny when the Boys were acting like girls and the girls were acting like boys. It was so funny because Alfa said “Come on girls, lets show these boys how it’s done” They started dancing to Hula Hoop.

At the end, I wasn’t really happy to go back home because I got to sleep with my friends and I also got to have heaps of fun. We had heaps of fun with the couples and they were kind to us and also helpful for what they did for us. It was time to hop on the ferry to go back to Sandspit. Then we waved goodbye to the couple and all the other people. So then we went back. But that is just how life goes.