Monday, 30 May 2016

Flax Roses

Walt: Watch the clip to find out on how to make your own Raranga Putiputi (Rose made out of Flax) You could either follow the clip or read the instructions to know on what to do.

Task: Our task was to Watch the clip once and try watching it again buy this time on our own and watch it on our own Chromebooks. Then we had to try and create a new document to right down step by step on how to do it right and try make it look like the one that showed on the clip. First we find a partner so that we can get a taste of what the real project will be. When you finish that, then you will get 2 Flax but the first flax is the testing one that you are trying to do, then the second one that you will be doing is to make sure you make it just like you wanted it to be.

S.A Hot History of the Waka - 1

Walt: Locate and Summarise idea's, Paraphrase an idea into my own words.
Task: Our task was to go onto a website and find out as much information that we can about how the Polynesian people could discover new lands. Here are some important and new information that Pt England school didn't know about them and how they could find their Destination so easily by following Migratory Birds, Stars, Ocean Swells, Whales and Clouds. I enjoyed reading some new information about how the Polynesian people could find new and different lands that they go to.

Nate's Kindness talk - Who am I?

Walt: Think about Nate's kindness talk and remember what his main points were about and why did he come to Pt England school to teach us about.

Task: Our task was to try and remember the main key points that Nate has been talking to us about. Who are you?, what he meant by that is "Are you the Otter that likes to Entertain others?", "Are you the Lion that likes to Boss people around?", Are you the Dog that likes to bring Peace to the world?", "Or are you the Beaver that is a Hard Working person?".  Then he said "If you want to be a kind person, then it all depends on your Gene's and your Enviroment that you are living in.

Johnny Angel - Graphic Novelist

Walt: Watch the Video and try to get as much information about how the Graphic Novelist Johnny Angel created the first and ever Samoan superhero Afi.

Task: Our task was to watch the video of Miss Muliaumasealii interviewing the Graphic Novelist Johnny Angel. When Johnny was just a little kid, he was inspired of drawing something new until one day he had an idea to draw his own superhero. Johnny was the first and ever Graphic Novelist to ever create a superhero and that his name was Afi. The name "Afi" was a Samoan name for Fire. Johnny Angel said "Future Technology, Go's Hand in Hand", that was one of Johnny's main points that he gave to us. Johnny Angel will always say that whenever he wakes up in the morning then he feels motivated to draw some new characters and that he has Passion to do whatever he wants to do in his life.;

Friday, 27 May 2016

Sketching - Cultural Patterns or (Pacific Motifs) - Miss Muliaumasealii Class

Walt: Create your own design of different Cultural Patterns or Pacific Motifs that you would like for your Waka.
Task: Our task was to create our own Logo's for our Waka Patterns. We had to try and draw as many drawings as we can but it doesn't have to be to much. Here is one of my drawings that I have been working on for a while so that this picture might be available to be on a T - Shirt. The name of my Waka is Hikianalia and it means that it is guided by the stars to help to discover different Islands that they have never been before. 

Wool and Nail Art - Mr Wisemen's Class

Walt: Explain the Process on how to make your own Wool and Nail Art.
As you can see, here is a photo of me and my group. We have been working on Wool and Nail Art, our task was to make as many shapes as we could. Step 1. Our first task was to get a paper star, Step 2. We had to grab at least 11 Nail so that the star can stay still, Step 3. Make sure that the nail is on the edges of the star so that you are ready to go through the second Process, Step 4. When you finish that, then your piece of artwork should look something like this. But we still have more work to do before we even finish.
As you can see now, the one that we did before is now different. Step 1. Try and remove the paper star that you had in the first place, Step 2. Once you finish removing the paper star, then you can choose only one wool because it will look a little better, Step 3. You can try and make as many shapes as you can, so that you got heaps of options to choose whether you want the shape that you did first or did something else.

At the end, I thought that me and my group has done a really great job because we have been working so hard on this project. I also think that I have been working hard and cooperating with my team so that we can finish in time for the next Process. 

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

AL7 Meeting - What is Soo Yauau?

1. You can show Soo Tauau by Respecting others so that they will be happy.
2. You can show Soo Tauau by making people happy and make them happy about themselves.
3. Another way that you can show Soo Tauau is to help one another and make each other happy.
4. Another way you can show Soo Tauau is when your friend is doing something wrong, then you can remind them to do the right thing.
5. If someone is stuck on something then you can help them out on whatever question or work that they need help on.
6. If you see somebody sad and that they are all alone, then you can try and cheer them out so that they know that they're not alone.
7. If somebody is in a fight then you can try and Soo Tauau with that person so that they won't get into trouble.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Our Waka's - Information about Hikianalia

Walt: Explore a Variety of text to gather information.

Task: Our task was to make a copy and get started on what Waka colour we are in. We had to do a research for a while and to make sure that we get as much information as we can so that we can answer all the questions. The group that I am in is "Hikianalia" (Which means Yellow). I felt really happy because I got as much information that I had to know about Hikianalia.

Padlet - Waka@PES

Walt: Explore a Variety of text to gather information.
Task: Our task was to add as much information that we know about the 4 Waka's and what they represent. We had to unpack all of our idea's into this Padlet because Mr Burt wanted to know if we knew what all the 4 Waka's represented. Room 5 had to try and put as much as they can into this one padlet.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Where no boat could live

Walt: Find evidence in the article text to support my answers

Task: Our task was to read a book and unpack all of our information that we learnt from the book onto the presentation. Then we had to find out some interesting new information about Chatham Island and who was the first people to ever travel all the way from Polynesia to Chatham Island. One of the interesting facts that I have found out about Chatham Island was that Chatham is known as an unpredictable corner of the world because it has strong winds and frequent storms that happens sometimes at that Island.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Kindness Talk

Walt: Make a blog post about Nate's Attitude talk and add what was happening during the event.
On Wednesday, we had a really special guest called Nate. He came over to our school to talk about Kindness and how to show people how to be kind so that they can share your knowledge of kindness to the world. He had a great personality because he was inspiring us about being kind to others and make sure that they can be happy. 

Nate works at a place called “Attitude”. He gives inspirational talks to children so that they can pass his knowledge on to other people and make them feel better about themselves. He talked to us about Who we are and what we do in life. He was wanting to know our personality, so then he gave names to 4 animals to describe our own personality.

The dog was the Golden Retriever which means that he is really kind and a really peaceful animal and a dog is also really loyal. The Otter was the Entertainer which means that he is a person that entertains others, for example your a Clown and you're trying your hardest to make people laugh.

The Beaver is a hardworking animal which means that he builds things and that he is really good at finishing off his work. The most important thing about a Beaver is that it is a really great builder and that they love to build new things.

The Lion is a Leader which means that he is really bossy and he tells people what to do so that he makes sure that they follow his rule. But if you want other people to listen to you, then you have to also make sure that you’re helping out with others. Then he was talking to us about other people are different from one another and that you don’t have to be the same as the other person.

Nate’s message was “You don’t have to be like other people and be a great person to others, you just have to be yourself. At the end, he taught me a really great lesson to be kind to others and make sure that you “Make Kindness go Viral” so that the world                                                                   can be a better place to live in.

Revolution Tour

                                           Walt: Write a blog post about Revolution Tour.

On May 12th, we had really special guest called “Revolution Tour”, they came to Auckland, NZ from America just to perform for us. We were really lucky because they just came to perform for us Year 7 and 8’s to teach us more thing of being kind and teaching us lessons. It was really a privilege to have them come to our school and teach us more about their lives and how to be a better person.

There was a lot of them that came to visit our school. There were 2 girls that were singers, 1 boy that was doing beats and also good at saying a Poem, 1 boy that was really good at doing songs and making some cool beats. He was like a DJ because he was making some beats and spinning these DVD’s around but he was also a Guitarist.

The last one (Which was the Boss) came out and introduced himself, his name was Reggie Dabbs. The two things that he was really good at was telling Jokes and playing the Sax. His message was that “You can’t change the Past, but you can change the Future”.

That was a really great message for us because when he was just a baby, his mum gave him away to her favourite teacher. He never knew that he had a Mum, Sister or even brothers. He was really sad, the reason why he came to our school because the teachers saved his life. At the end, I was really happy and that he was encouraging us to let go of the past and move on with your life.

i Luminate Brainstorm

Walt: Reflect and respond on key features and points of a performance or assembly presentation.
Task: Our task was to think about the i Luminate performance that these really special guest performed for us. We had to show our support and make sure that i Luminate is going to have a great performance. It was time for the show to begin, when it started everybody was so excited to see what will happen, then the lights started to shut down one by one. Then all of a sudden, the people that was in the costume started to show up and that their costume was glowing in the dark. But the trick was that someone that was controlling the song had some side effects to their costume. At the end, I couldn't believe my eyes to see what was happening because they shocked the whole crowd.   

Monday, 9 May 2016

George Puepuemai's Prefect Presentation

Walt: Reflect and Respond on Key features and points of a performance or assembly presentation: Extend writing using descriptive detailed vocabulary and sentences.  
Our task was to add in all of our idea's related to the questions that we have to answer. We had to try and add as many that we know and what event happened on Friday 6th May. Here is a Padlet that Miss Muliaumasealii has created for us to work on, everybody from Room 5 Literacy has been working on this Padlet for a while. This Padlet is all about Congratulating George because he was going to become our newest prefect for 2016. It was also shocking because never in history of Pt England School that we have ever had a new student that started our school and he became a prefect. He was chosen to become a prefect because he is confident in his learning and he shows leadership to everybody in our school.  

Pacific Origins: Types of Waka's

Walt: Make inferences from information provided in a text Generic Reading group Exercise.

Our task was to read about Types of Waka's that is important to Maori Tribes. We had to work on a Vocab challenge and that we had to try and match the words with the words that was used in the story. When we finished the vocab challenge, we had to fill in the missing blanks from the story and colour our answer in red. The last presentations was to read about the other 5 Waka's and place 3 facts each to each box.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Brainstorm about Immersion Assembly

Walt: Unpack/ brainstorm key features and points of a performance or assembly presentation
The task was to make Brainstorm about the Immersion Assembly. We had to try and remember all the events that happened at the Immersion Assembly, all we had to do was to unpack all our knowledge that we know and put it in each box. Once we were finished, we had to pick 2 box and present it to the whole class because we had to share each of our own ideas to each other and never be afraid.  

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Year 7 Fun time

Walt: Use a variety of interesting vocabulary to keep our readers engaged.
In the last week of Term 1 the Year 8’s had to leave school because of camp. While they were gone, the Year 7’s was now the leader of the school and that we had to show how amazing and how responsible we can be. The Year 7’s had a great experience of learning while doing fun things to make our learning better.

On the first day, we got a great opportunity to watch a movie called “Boys2men” It was about a little boy named “Malanga” and that he was getting abused by his caregiver. While we were watching a movie it was also good because it would make learning much more better for the rest of us. When we were still watching the movie, we got to eat some popcorns and get selected if we wanted to lie down on the bean bag.

On the fourth day, we got split into 4 groups and separated into two classrooms (Room 2 and Room 4) We had to try and complete our art. The first step that we had to do was to grab any flower colour then chose two more flowers so that it can look amazing. When you finish that then you can connect it with all the other flowers and carry on the pattern. If you don’t have enough pins or any flowers then you can try and use your brain to figure out on what to do.

On the last day, the cooking team had to work with Miss Clark and help her with all the cooking. While they were setting up the food, the rest of us had to move to our stations and carry on of what we were doing yesterday. Then 3 hours later one group finished off their flower and had to take it to Miss Muliaumasealii so she could say “That is fine now, you can put it on the table” So we went and put our finished work on the table and waited for the next instructions.

Before we could sit down and wait for the next instructions, we had to bring all the desk and chairs in the middle so that the classroom is tidy. When we have finished that, then we can sit down and relax with the other kids. We were watching some of the old Manaiakalani movies that has been made from Pt England students. 
When the food was ready, some of us had to help Miss Muliaumasealii put the finished flowers up on each poll so when the Year 8 comes back from camp, then we will make them feel welcomed and make sure that the space is nice and tidy. When the food was ready and prepared, we had to run all the way around the field then we have to come back and sit down on a chair.

On the table, the food was prepared and for our hard work we got an a reward and it was “Coca Cola”. We all had a piece of fruit and Pasta set right in front of us. While we were eating, some of us went to have more than they could. But we have to fill up our tummies so that we don’t have to eat anymore.

Immersion Assembly

Walt: Write a recount about the Immersion Assembly and what happened.

Today on Monday 2nd of May 2016, each Team from Team 1 all the way to Team 5 had to perform an item of what they will be working on today. The Theme that Pt England school will be working on is called “As I see it” because we will be making different kinds of artwork to show what we all are doing. We have to try and see different perspectives from any painting that we paint. 

Team 5 teachers has made a little item learning about the 4 different Waka’s meaning and they represent. Miss Tele’a was playing as Hinemoana, Miss Berry was playing as Te Aurere, Miss Garden was playing as Hokule’a, Miss Sadler was playing as Hikianalia and Miss Clark was playing as the person that will be introducing all the contestants. Hinemoana was guided by the Ocean, Te Aurere was guided by the Blood and sweat, Hokule’a was guided by her Ancestors, Hikianalia was guided by the Stars.

All the Waka’s lined up at the starting line, Miss Clark Said “Are your marks, get set, GO!” All the Waka’s started going as fast as they could, Hinemoana was in the lead until Hokule’a started catching up. While the two Waka’s was racing, Hikianalia and Te Aurere started be really aggressive with each other because they could not win the race. All 4 Waka’s was being really Competitive with each other.

Hinemoana tried stopping Hokule’a by going in her way and pushing her aside, but there was nothing that could stop Hokule’a from winning. Hokule’a was nearly at the finish line but Hinemoana was pulling Hokule’a from the finish line, then Hokule’a went down and she won the race. At the end Hikianalia and Te Aurere lost, at the end it was a really tough game against Hinemoana and Hokule’a but unfortunately Hokule’a won. Hikianalia and Te Aurere was congratulating Hokule’a and Hinemoana started to bring up a fight.