Friday, 31 March 2017

Narrative Writing 2K17

Walt: Create a Quality Writing by using the following things like A topic sentence, Detail sentence & an Example sentence.
Their was a normal high school, where their was only one girl who never felt like she fitted in with other kids because, she felt like she wasn’t good enough. Her name was Nagisa Shiota and, she was a very shy student. She was raised in an Orphanage because her parents died in a car crash. They were crushed from a truck that was going out of control, she never felt happy staying in the orphanage. 

Until the next day of Graduation, there was an alien who fell right through the roof and landed on his face. He just came by to give the principal a little note, that he wrote and it had a warning on it. The note said “I will demolish this place you call Earth and, make this a home for my people!” the principal was in fear that the people on earth was in great danger.

So then the principal wanted to book an appointment with the president. The president was having a little chat with the alien to see what he deeply desired. Then the alien replied back “You humans will get a chance to live, but I will teach the End class to assassinate me, so is that a deal or not?” The president was wanting to say no, but at the same time, he didn’t want to put the world into danger, so he agreered and let the alien do as he pleases.

So the next day of another semester at school, the principal came inside Class 3-E and introduced them to another teacher, that they will be having for the rest of their lives till it reaches May. The Alien’s name was Koro Sensei, and he would teach them everything that he knows about assassination.

Then the FBI entered the classroom and started bringing different types of guns, knifes and experiments. Afterwards, the FBI left the room straight away, the only person that was left, was Koro Sensei. Everybody was shocked at first to see that an alien was going to be their teacher and that he brought in some supplies to teach the kids what to do.

Then Koro Sensei finally said his first words to the students and, he said “Good Morning everybody, how are you all feeling today?” then everybody was just sitting at their desks, watching Koro Sensei giving them the following instructions. Then he gave them different things to test them out on what they were good at and what they need to work on a little bit more. 

Their objective was to target their teacher and try killing him by using a anti-me BBS that was developed by the Government. Afterwards, another student shouted at the teacher and he said “But Sensei, these anti-me BBS bullets can’t go through you because it’s impossible?” then Koro Sensei replied back and said “They may be BBS bullets, but it can still go right through me and it will take a little while for me to regenerate. 

So each time Koro Sensei enters the classroom, they would all have to come up with a plan to kill their teacher before time runs out and also when they graduate. But it was a really hard mission for the students because the lives on earth was at risk and the people’s hopes was up to the students in Class 3-E to assassinate him before the time comes.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Tech - Cooking (Final Step)

Today at Tamaki for Tech, we have been carrying on with what we did for last week. We were working on cooking our mince before it reaches today, then we had to get 2 pastry's because one was for the bottom of the pie and the other one was for the top of the pie. It took a little while to cook because my partner wouldn't listen and follow the instructions.

I really enjoyed making pies with everybody in my class and I would like to try it out at home. I can also try making pies whenever we are going to picnic because sometimes I can be very hungry. This has helped me to get better at cooking and also to get me prepared for the future ahead of me.

Here are some pictures that I have taken during the process of making the pie.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Place Value

Walt: Demonstrate use of new knowledge on place value

Our task was to answer the maths questions properly and to make sure that we are looking at the number all over again to see if we are correct and trying to understand what the question means. The activity and the questions were kind of hard to answer because I didn't really understand what the question was really trying to ask me at all. But I had lot's of fun, figuring the answer out and trying to work it out myself.

Current Events Template - Kiwikids News

Walt: Use De Bono's thinking hats to critically examine a current event

Our task was to work on an article and to make sure that we can answer the questions in full sentences. But we also had to think hard about the question and what it is talking about, also what it is asking us to do. I had to think really hard about the question because I needed to find the right answer. I had to make sure that the sentences had to be very and have a great quality.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Cooking - Tech

Walt: Blog about your day at Food Tech
Today at Cooking for Tech, we have been cooking Pie with our wonderful teacher. But we were only doing the pastry because we had to also blog about what we were doing. I took some snapshots of our cooking process and I also took a video to show how amazing our cooking was going to turn out delicious next week on Tuesday.

We have made Mince Pie, we are also going to add the last piece for next week on Tuesday for our next tech day at cooking. We needed the following things, 2 cups for the soy sauce and flour, then we need one onion and a mince to mix it together. Then we had to get a teaspoon of oil and put it inside the pan. Then we needed to put the cut up onion into the pan and cut up the mince to make sure it is spread out

Monday, 20 March 2017

Simple & Compound Sentences

Walt: Identify & write simple and compound sentences

Our task was to think of a simple and compound sentence that we could write. The first thing we had to do was highlight a subject in red and the verb in blue. The work was pretty easy, but a little bit difficult because we had to come up with something that will match the subject's and verbs. This will help me with my writing and make me improve more with my writing. I have learnt lots of new highlight's and verbs about this writing and I look forward to doing more of this writing.

Novel Studies

Walt: Manage our reading time while maintaining meaning and understanding of a novel. Use Bloom's Taxonomy thinking skills to show depth understanding of a novel.

Our task was to get books from our teacher, then we had to read and fill out each question. We got to chose only two questions and complete it within the given time. We had to read the book for 2 weeks and answer all of the questions with the right answer. The work was kind of hard because we had to understand what the questions were trying to tell us and what their meaning was. I've had lot's of fun finding information about my author and why he wrote the book called "Billionaire Boy."

Friday, 17 March 2017

Fishing up the North & South Islands.

Walt: How did Maui fish up the North & South Islands.

Our task was to create a presentation about how Maui fished up Aotearoa (Forming the North & South Islands). We had to find some information about what Maui used and how he ended up fishing the north and south islands of New Zealand. I have enjoyed learning lot's about Maui and the legend about how Maui fished up the North and South islands.


Walt: Write a highlight about our trip to Polyfest
“Have you ever been to Polyfest?” and “Why do you enjoy Polyfest so much?” Yesterday was !AWESOME! because we got the opportunity to watch some amazing performance from other schools around Auckland. Here are some highlights that I have enjoyed at Polyfest yesterday and, why people should come to watch students. Polyfest was part of our education to see why people enjoy it so much.

My first highlight was when we arrived to Polyfest, we got to see other different schools from around Auckland and see lot's of amazing stalls that was set out by other people. The first place that we went to was Flava that represented Hip Hop & RN'B. We got to get tattoo's on any body part that we chose, we also got to play video games and interview each other with the same equipment that the Flava staff uses. 

My second highlight that I enjoyed at Polyfest was going to the Niue stage and watching their amazing performance that they have been practising on for a really long time. Their were lot's of people who came to support the Niue group. We got to see some of the ex students that use to attend Pt England School. I saw Jalen and Howard performing in the front row.

Polyfest is really important because your family members are representing their culture, who they are, and their whanau. It will be a great experience for students and parents to enjoy the stalls that they sell and you can enjoy a life experience at every stage that you go to. Their were some active activities that we got to play and have some laughs at because you get to have lot's of fun. It's not about having fun and enjoying yourself, it's about educating ourselves and learning more about each culture.

That is the reason why Polyfest is a great education for us kids and why people enjoy the celebration of Polyfest this year. I had lot's of fun at Polyfest yesterday and it was a great experience for me to go to other stages to watch students perform till their hearts content. I have learnt lot's about Polyfest and why people think Polyfest is really important for us and our education.  

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Novel Studies - Comparing the Characters to Another

Walt: Manage our reading time while maintaining meaning and understanding of a novel. Use Bloom's Taxonomy thinking skills to show in depth understanding of a novel.
Our task was to use a google drawing and do a Venn Diagram of one of the characters that is in the book that we have been reading, then we had to use another character from another book that we have read so recently. So I chose my character Joe, who plays in 'Billionaire boy' and who also plays as the rich boy in his new school. I also compared him to George who plays as "George's Marvellous Medicine" and who also plays as the grandson who hates his grandma so much.

Analyse - David Walliams

Walt: Manage our reading time while maintaining meaning and understanding of a novel. Use Bloom's Taxonomy thinking skills to show in depth understanding of a novel.

Our task was to chose 2 question from Analyse that was on the Novel Studies and we had to create a presentation of the author 'David Walliams' who made many books for kids to read. It was very entertaining and also really cool to read because he was last shown on X Factor as a judge. I have been inspired by him to write my own stories and follow my dreams as an author.

Food Tech - Tamaki College

Walt: Each tech group that you go to, make sure to blog about it everyday on what you did.
Today at Tamaki College, we were cooking Pizza Wheels with our wonder cooking teacher, Miss Heka. We had to either be in 3 or 4 groups in each kitchen. But the hard thing was, that we needed to follow the instructions that was given by Miss Heka and we needed to make sure that we make it right because we might make a mistake.

We have been learning how to follow instructions and to listen carefully to all of the ingredients that we needed to do. The first time we started food tech, we were making milkshakes so it can get us started and to teach us on what we will be doing for the rest of the year. The second thing that we did on the next day of tuesday, we were making Jam and Cinnamon Bun. 

I have enjoyed learning lot's of things about cooking and what to use to make the cooking taste delicious. I look forward to the next cooking that we will be doing next week on Tuesday.

Te Taiao o Tamaki - Water Crisis

Walt: Predicting, I ask questions, skim and scan the text to decide what is important to make and refine predictions. I can predict what will happen if we do / do not try and reduce water.

Our task was to make a copy of this presentation from Mrs Tele'a reading group. Her group was 'Aoraki' and since they are the highest literacy group, we had to read the one text that they had, it was all about the water crisis that is happening only in Auckland. I have learnt lot's of things that happened in Auckland and also why we need to predict the questions and skim & scan the text to decide what is very important to make a refine prediction.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Place Value Problems


Can you write the value of the underlined digit?

36 - 6

63 - 6

629 - 9

904 - 9

12 - 1

907 - 7

1990 - 1

3842 - 3


Write these words in numbers.

Three hundred and two


Eight hundred and sixty three


One thousand


Nine hundred


Seventy seven


One thousand two hundred and one

Two thousand four hundred and fifty seven



Add ten to these numbers:

345 - 10

283 - 10

23 - 10

9 - 10

672 - 10

Add one hundred to each of these numbers:

243 - 100

74 - 100

188 - 100

765 - 100

12 - 100

Friday, 10 March 2017

Te Taiao o Tamaki - Myths and Legends about the Sea

Walt: Research the various myths and legends that were used to explain features of our environment. Features such as land, our oceans

Our task was to watch 2 video's that was on the Inquiry page of the Team 5 block. We had to watch the 2 video's because they were both related to water and how the Polynesian people found Aotearoa. We had to create our own presentations to gather some information and put them on different slides. It was fun learning some things that I never knew before and also because I got to learn a lot about the myths and legends on how New Zealand became land.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Te Taiao o Tamaki - Current Events Template

Walt: Use De Bono's thinking hats to critically examine a current event.

Our task was to use our thinking hats and we had to examine the current events that happened in the book that we were all given from Mrs lloa. We had to answer the questions that was about the current events that happened in the book. I have learnt a lot about novel studies and I enjoyed it a lot. The reason why is because I have learnt a lot about the book and I got a better understanding about what the book is about.

Te Taiao o Tamaki - Why do people borrow books from the Library?

Walt: Write a Template on why people borrow books from the Library.
Do you have any reasons why people even borrow books from the library? Today I will be explaining what the importance of borrowing a book from the library is about.

People borrow books because it helps us to keep our brains going and it also helps us in our general knowledge. We also borrow books because it helps us to build our vocabulary and because they enjoy reading books and it is fun. Another reason why people or kids borrow books from the library is because it can be very interesting when you start reading it.

The reason why people borrow books from the library is because you can learn new words that you never knew before and they can be very helpful for us to use in our reading or writing. But the main thing about a book is that you have to understand the book, you also need to try and know the meaning of the word. Borrowing a book could also teach you things about the world.

A book can be very interesting and fascinating sometimes, but most times, it’s not about how cool it is, it is all about making sure that you can understand the book. But another reason why people borrow books is because it develops our skills and we can get plenty of knowledge from it. Sometimes borrowing a book can help you to gain information that you never knew before.

These are the reasons why people borrow books from the Library and why it is so important for us to read books and what they can help us with. I don’t think the reason why people borrowing books from the Library because they find it difficult for themselves, but some people find reading books interesting because it teaches us about things that we need to know.

Te Taiao o Tamaki - Planning

Walt: Write a planning for your template to make sure you know what you're writing about.
Our task was to use this planning so we know what we're going to write and that we won't take so long to know what we're going to write. It is really easy to make a plan so you know what you're going to write without having to take so long, that will just waste your time because you used up most of your time to think on what you're going to write in the template. I find this very easy and it wasn't so easy to write it in, but the hard part was trying to find a reason why people borrow books from the Library.

Te Taiao o Tamaki- Multiplication Pyramid

Walt: Find a Fraction of a Number.
Our task was to use as much maths skills that we have learnt about during our maths time session, we also had to make sure that we can use place value knowledge, timetables, skip counting and to use our doubles and halves till we can reach the top of the pyramid. It was quite difficult to solve because we had all these ideas, but we could only use one idea and we had to stick to it. 

Te Taiao o Tamaki - Fractions of a Number

Walt: Find a fraction of a number.

In Room 4, we have been learning about fractions of a number. The whole class was always doing fractions because we were always struggling with our fractions and we were all at stage 4. It was a little bit hard in the beginning because we didn't know our fractions and it was really hard for us. But we all started to get fractions and it started to get easier for us. The more we knew about fractions, it was more easier for us to focus in.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Te Taiao O Tamaki - Maori Class - (Term 1)

Walt: Create a Presentation with the knowledge that you know about your country and create some information about it, by using a Whakapapa.

Our task was to create a Whakapapa about ourselves and everything that we know about the place that we came from. This was assigned to us from Whae Kelly and she wanted us to put as much effort as we can to show the world what we have learnt about during our Maori Classes. I have learnt a lot of things from Whae Kelly and she has been a great teacher at teaching us all these amazing things that she has learnt in University before coming to our wonderful school.