Monday, 22 June 2015

Explaining my thinking and Understanding

This term we had to create a side scroller game because our topic was called Tinkering tools and toys. When it is a wet lunch or a wet morning tea then we can play on our own or other people’s side scroller games. We had to create our own lead character and a side scroller backgrounds, we are using a side scroller backgrounds because our lead character has to move sideways. We got to play some side scroller games so then it can give us some ideas on how we can make our own backgrounds.

What I have learnt is have to create your own side scrolling game and creating our own characters for our topic. I have learnt that you can not always win, sometimes you can lose too but it is all about the fun that you have playing the game. You can create anything as you want to just have to think of what you are going to do for your side scroller game.

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