Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Compare and Contrast Christchurch to Auckland

Walt: Find comparisons and differences between items and provide proof.
This week our task was to write some information about comparing Christchurch with Auckland. First we had to read the story to find more information about Christchurch. We also had to find the differences and similarities. In Christchurch the art gallery got demolished, so then a group of people planned to paint the buildings so people can see still see art from local artists.

I have learnt how to find some information about Christchurch and how it is different to Auckland. I have found out that Christchurch has had more earthquakes then Auckland, Auckland only has a few earthquakes in recent times. In Christchurch there is a red zone, and in the red zone there are no buildings because the earthquakes has already damaged the place. Sometimes there are people that builds new homes for some other people so then they will be safe.

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