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What is Buoyancy?

What is Buoyancy?

A Long time ago in Syracuse, Ancient Greece There was a  Great mathematician named Archimedes. One day when he was taking a bath He discovered something life changing. When he got in some water got displaced and it overflowed over the bath tub.

Archimedes's discovery got him thinking he was so excited that he ran through the streets without any clothes on shouting “Eureka Eureka! this meant I have found it in Greek.

Archimedes figured out if you put something in water and it is lighter than the amount of water being displaced,the object will float.

This is known as buoyancy or the Archimedes  principle, so if the object can float it is buoyant.

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The lightest Wood in the world 11.0

The Lightest Wood in the World? 1.1.04
LI: Use the text to find clues.

1. At Grandma’s house the whau tree needed Pruning .

Polishing                         pruning                         prodding                         pedalling

2. Hundreds of brown Seeds  rained from the prickly seed heads.

Seeds              seal                         head                         hill                         herd                         half

3. They save the seeds because the Possum have been eating the seedlings.

Possum                         posh                         parrot                         cows             

4. The dead wood was very easy to Break and they decide to make a Raft
The Lightest Wood in the World
And it was very light.

Raft                         break                         saw                         boat                         seed

5. They used a Leaf for the sail.  They put lemons on the rafts to see

how many they would carry before they sink.

Lawn                         sink                         leaf                         sank                         seal

6. Makerere thought that their raft would win because it is more Strong.

Stable                         strong                         lighter                         colourful

7. Maori used to use the Whanau wood to make rafts and floats for White nets.This is a Whau tree and the Whau tree is the lightest wood in the world.

Whau                         whanau                         white                         fishing                         frog

1. BLOGGING:  Choose two  sentences above and take a photo from the story or google Post this on your blog. ferns to be found

The Lightest Wood in the World? 1.1.04

The Lightest Wood in the World? 1.1.04
Entelea arborescens
WALT: Use the text to find information, and make inferences.

1. What does pruning mean? Pruning Means to trim (A tree or shrub, or brush) It is good for it to grow.

2. Why does grandma want to save the seeds? Grandma wanted to save the seeds because she wanted to save them so the possums have been eating them and there were nearly none left at all.

3. What did the boys notice about the wood? The Boys notice that the brown whau tree was light for them and it will float. But when they made the green whau it was heavy.

4. Why do you think Daniel thought it was a good idea to make rafts from the whau? Because the Whau tree is the lightest wood in the world.

5. What was the difference between the brown whau branches and the Green Branches.The brown whau was easy for them to use and it was dead.But when they used the green Branches is was hard and heavy for them.

6. Which raft do you think will float better and why?The Green raft will float.

7. What observations did they make about putting the lemons on the rafts? Write what happened to each raft when the put lemons on top?

Dry whau raft:
Green whau raft:
Pine raft: The pine raft sank.

8. BLOGGING: Find a legal image using > Insert > Image > Search and type ‘whau’.
Find a suitable image and post to your blog with a few sentences that explain what the story is about. File:Whau tree (EnteleaJed's Grandma was pruning The Whau tree and The possums kepted on eating the whau tree and they wanted to make rafts.

Friday, 9 May 2014

My Hoilday Highlight

“Have you ever been to Inflatable World Before? Because I have do you want to know what it’s like at inflatable world” Then Me and Mamarei went to put on our socks because if we don’t then we can not play at all. I had to go and follow her so then I can keep Mamarei company, When she needs me at all times. First Mamarei went inside the ball and my Mum went to put her inside the ball so then I can go and roll Mamarei  around with all of the other kids that was inside the other balls,It was amazing and I was having fun with all of the other kids that I made friends with.

My Weekly Reflection Template

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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Living on the River.

PMI Chart - What are the plus (good), minus (bad), and interesting factors about living on the river?

Plus +++
Minus - - -
Interesting !!!
When your going to school you can go inside a boat instead of going inside a car.
When you jump off the bridge and into the water because that is very dangerous.
You can go up to the door and say hello to your friends house.