Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Tauhara Street

Walt: Analyse relationships between characters in a text.

Task: Our task was to read 3 new texts about our actually book that we have to read and 2 other websites that will be giving us different informations about homeless people sleeping in cars or either sleeping where they could find shelter or on the streets. We had answer all the questions with our own thinking of that one idea and we had to put them in full sentences so it could give our readers more information about the story. Then we had to fill out a table about the relationships that the boy had in the text and we got permission to also create another slide if we need want to and we had to think hard if the relationship between the boy will have a Positive or Negative influence on the boy that is in the text.

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  1. Hey Roimata,
    I really liked how you explained to us about the mother and the son and what their going through. Great job with you're presentation love it all
    Keep up the good work