Friday, 23 September 2016

My Memories of Friends

Here is a little photo of Heather while she was on her trip in Wellington & she has been taking lots of selfies before she could leave Wellington. Heather said that she might go back to Wellington with her brother or either stay back for school. But Heather made her final decision that she would stay back with Alisha, Aysha, Dezarae, Leuwina, Anahere & Me.

Here is another picture about all of us Year 7 students when we were all going to Motat for our class trip. There are some familiar faces that you can see in the photo that some people has attended Pt England School, but they no longer come to our school anymore. Half of the other students you can see in the photo are still attending our school until they go into college.


Here is the last photo of my friends and I taking some selfies of us while the others went and turned out photo's into a Google Drawing. The writing in the middle says "BFF'S till the day we die" which means that we will always stay best friends no matter what, nothing can come in our way to break our friendships that we have together. Each one of us girls have taken our own selfies of ourselves and to put it into a Google Drawing to make it look cooler.

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