Friday, 23 September 2016

Loud Shirt Day & Wheels Day

                                            Walt: Create a positive writing about the Holidays.
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Today was the last day of Term 3 and everybody was really sad to say goodbye to each other and also the teachers, but we all have to stay positive because we have to try and remember all the great moments that we have had together from Year's 1 to Year 8 students and also teachers.

We had Loud Shirt Day & Wheels Day to raise money. The money that we have got from Loud Shirt Day is going towards people who are deaf and they can't hear properly. There were lot's of different kinds of wheels like Smart Scooters, Bikes, Skateboards, Scooters. We had to also wear a helmet so that it can protect our heads from getting injured.

Some students were doing lot's of tricks on their things that they have brought to school to have fun on. I will miss my friends & also my beautiful teachers who have taught me lot's of different things that I never knew before & thank you for teaching me lot's of techniques that I could use in my Reading, Writing & Maths.

Happy Holidays Pt England School.

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