Sunday, 25 September 2016

Funny Family Moments - Hamilton

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When my brother went down to Hamilton with my older cousins, they were talking about all the funny moments that they had in Hamilton. My brother Christopher was talking about himself that he was walking around the room, but the floor was to slippery so than he slipped over and he landed on a box of bottles that he brought for him and he broke half of the bottles that was laid on the table.

Another funny family moment was my cousin Terrance who punched someone, then he ran out of the house and kept on running. My other cousin Lee was walking towards the house, but then he saw Terrence running out of the house and he was wandering what happened.

My cousin Terrance was watching one of my other cousin that was lying down on the ground, He told Terrace to get her up but he said "Ratchet" instead of giving her a hand. My cousin Sarah was rolling down the stairs backwards with her leg up. My other cousin Clarissa was the DJ for my older cousins party, so she kept on sleeping and later on waking up at the same time trying to stay up all night.

My uncle was at the Mall somewhere in the world and he died in that one spot. My Dad thought that he was going to the Mall to die. My uncle also got deported out from the police, when other people were walking out of the airport, all they could see was my uncle wearing handcuffs on his hands and he was escorted out by the police. My uncle also said "That's what you get if you are drunk?" but I also felt sad at the same time.

Terrance was doing a challenge with my other cousin by taking some shots, but you have to drink as much drink as you can to become the winner at that game. Terrance won 4 times in a row while the other cousin was trying to beat him because he wanted to win at least once so that he can talk about it all night long.

My older cousins also had a Costume competition to see who has the best costume out of all of them. My brother & my other cousins were mocking Lee because they thought that he looked like a Chief, but when he took off the hat, he was also wearing a bow around his neck and he looked like something else.

My brother & my other cousins were trying to get out of Hamilton because they didn't know how to get out of Hamilton just to try and find the sign "Auckland." They were just roaming around Hamilton for about 15mins, so they drove through town just to get the WIFI and they finally left Hamilton to come back to Auckland.

My cousin's nickname given to him is "Ninja" because he took some punch with him because everybody was gone. Then the next thing he did was he saw some more drinks lying on the ground after the fight was finished and everybody left to go back to the stadium. By the time they left, Terrance went and started to pick up all the drinks that he could find that was laid on the ground for free.

My other cousin Lee took his pants off because Terrance wanted some pants because he ripped his pants and their was a big hole at the back to his pants. Then Lee took his pants off in front of everybody and he said "Here you can borrow my pants if you want to." Everybody thought that he was going to wear only his underwear to party in.

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