Sunday, 25 September 2016

22 Pushups Challenge

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While my Mum was roaming around on Facebook, I saw a little video of my cousin Sarah doing a challenge like doing 22 Pushups in 22 days Challenge. The only way to do the 22 Pushups Challenge, you have to be selected by the person who did the video and you have no choice but to do the challenge.

 My Mum tried to do the 22 Pushup Challenge, but unfortunately she failed because she only made it up to 16 and she never made it up to 22 until she did 4 turns to try and make it up to 22. I tried it myself to do the 22 Pushup challenge, I only made it up to 21 pushups because I didn't do that much.

The 22 Pushup Challenge can be hard for some people, but my mum tried her best and she made it up to 22 pushups after trying to make it up to a high number that she couldn't reach for a while. This challenge can be used by anybody and you can also nominate other people to do the challenge, but you also have to post it on any website that you have to do it.

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