Friday, 23 September 2016

Family Service - Friends Service

                              Walt: Write something that you have done to "Make Kindness go Viral?".

Today my Mum, Little Sister & myself went to my Mum's friends service who has passed away today and she hasn't seen him for about 41 years since she last saw him in college in Rarotonga. All of my Mum's other friends that she has met from Tereora College were at the service as well & my mum, little sister & I only went to the service to show our respect to my mum's friend who has passed away. 

There were lot's of people who has turned up to stay at the family service to show all of their respects & their love that he has given to them for the past few years & they were going to show him how faithful they are to have such a lovely person who would take care and always look out for others before he looks out for himself. 

Afterwards when the service was over, half of the family were carrying the coffin of my mum's friends body back to the car so they can bury it tomorrow. I made kindness go viral by helping a old man who didn't have anywhere to sit, so I gave him a chair to sit on so he can rest his own feet.

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