Friday, 23 September 2016

Magi: The Adventure of Sinbad

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Once upon a time, there lived a young boy and his name was Sinbad. He had long Purple hair like a Youkai, Yellow eyes as if he could see in the dark like a cat, Smooth White skin like the clouds shining above him in the sky. He was a really skillful person and also a really mysterious boy that you have ever seen before. Some people would call him the “Miracle Child” because when he was just a kid, then he would know where the right path is.

The only way that he could see people’s movements was reading their own waves and their minds were just like waves moving along the shore. When he was just a child, his father went into countless of Wars and he was the only person that survived in more wars than anybody else in his village. Some people would just call him a Traitor because they think that he is betraying his own country.

Since Sinbad’s father has been to countless of wars, he would earn lot’s of money because the empire would give any commoner different amounts of money because they earned that much money and also his father has been serving the royal empire for years and he would never decline the duty of going to war. While Sinbad’s father was at a bar having a little bit of drinks, the empire's soldiers came in with 2 full bags of gold coins as a thank you gift from the empire.

Everybody that was inside the bar was staring at the soldiers and they were really shocked to see that the two guards were holding 2 full bags that had thousands of gold coins inside and that they didn’t notice who or why the guards was giving a man a packet of gold coins. Some people were thinking that if they had that much money, they would keep the money to themselves and they will be selfish with the money.

Whenever the men from Sinbad’s village got sent drafts, they had no choice but to get sent to war. If they keep on ignoring the drafts, than that person will get beaten up until he agrees to go to war. Lot’s of Soldiers from the empire got sent to fetch the king a little prize that was inside a little stadium called “The Dungeon” and that millions of people died. Each Year, some commoners will be sent to get a power and that you can use to rule the kingdom, nobody came back and lot’s of people died.

When Sinbad was still a little kid and he couldn’t understand anything about life and anything about the outside world once he steps out of his village. His father got sent to war one more time, but this time Sinbad’s father got sent to the dungeon to fetch the king some power so that he could rule the whole world. But before Sinbad’s father could leave the village once again to fetch the mysterious power inside the Dungeon.

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