Monday, 1 May 2017

Term 2 Immersion Assembly

Walt: Create a blog post about the Immersion Assembly that happened this morning. Explain what each of the teams items were and what they are focusing on this year.

This is a new term for Pt England School. Our topic is "Now that's thinking." We will be learning about technology that has been used through the years. But, we are going to go from what Maori people used to how we use our technology now. Our main thinking that we have about the topic and what it means to us is "What can we design, create to make Pt England School better."

Team 1 will be learning about how to create and design kites with different materials that they could use. Also, Team 1 and 2 are both learning about how people celebrate Matariki and what they have on Matariki day. My favourite kite that I really liked was the Easter egg kite that Ms Hockley made, out of Easter wrappings.

Team 2 made a movie about created kites that was really similar to team 1 and 2. The teachers were dressed up as students, they were wearing the proper school uniform. All the teachers was showing us the same ways on how they made the kites, but they used different materials to create their own kites.

Team 3 made a movie that is kind of similar to the actually history. How one of the Maori men threw a pebble into the sky that created Matariki stars to guide people through the sea, without getting lost. Then they were explaining about how their use to be a Taniwha that would guard the sea for many years. I really enjoyed the canoe that they created and, also how they made things look amazing.

Team 4 is learning about the technology that has been used through the years and, what the Maori people used before the land was discovered by the Pakeha people. They have given us a great movie to show that they were thinking really hard about the topic and what it meant for them. Mr Goodwin was thinking about create a machine that could take you to the future.

Team 5's theme was about "Bob the Builder" and we were going to create something useful that we could use to make our team 5 block look better. Ms Judd was thinking about the solution about how to make our gardens look beautiful and clean. Then Mrs Tapuke was talking about making funky cushions to make the inside of the team 5 block look even better. Last but not least, Mrs Ilaoa was thinking of a solution to improve on how we hang our bags and make sure it is not messy.

I look forward to this term and can't wait to create and design things to make our school look creative. I'm also looking forward to how our designs turn out and what we could change to make our designs look better than it was before.

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