Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Cooking - Tech 2k17

Walt: Create a post about your last day at tech.

Today was our last day in our tech groups before we could move on to our next group. My last group was Cooking. We made Burgers and Fries for the last day because we were always asking our teacher if we could make that before moving on.

I really had a great experience with cooking and learnt lot's of cool things and new recipes that I could use to cook for my family. I had a really great time with our teacher and all the things that we have made. My favourite part was when Aliyah and I were cooking the eggs, our first one looked like it was about to get scrabbled, so we got Isaac to help us with our eggs.

Everybody really enjoyed their time at cooking and how noisy we all were, each time we entered our class to start the session. Loved making delicious food with our amazing teacher and our classmates.
Hopefully next year when I come back for college, looking forward to learning and making new things in the future.

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