Friday, 31 March 2017

Narrative Writing 2K17

Walt: Create a Quality Writing by using the following things like A topic sentence, Detail sentence & an Example sentence.
Their was a normal high school, where their was only one girl who never felt like she fitted in with other kids because, she felt like she wasn’t good enough. Her name was Nagisa Shiota and, she was a very shy student. She was raised in an Orphanage because her parents died in a car crash. They were crushed from a truck that was going out of control, she never felt happy staying in the orphanage. 

Until the next day of Graduation, there was an alien who fell right through the roof and landed on his face. He just came by to give the principal a little note, that he wrote and it had a warning on it. The note said “I will demolish this place you call Earth and, make this a home for my people!” the principal was in fear that the people on earth was in great danger.

So then the principal wanted to book an appointment with the president. The president was having a little chat with the alien to see what he deeply desired. Then the alien replied back “You humans will get a chance to live, but I will teach the End class to assassinate me, so is that a deal or not?” The president was wanting to say no, but at the same time, he didn’t want to put the world into danger, so he agreered and let the alien do as he pleases.

So the next day of another semester at school, the principal came inside Class 3-E and introduced them to another teacher, that they will be having for the rest of their lives till it reaches May. The Alien’s name was Koro Sensei, and he would teach them everything that he knows about assassination.

Then the FBI entered the classroom and started bringing different types of guns, knifes and experiments. Afterwards, the FBI left the room straight away, the only person that was left, was Koro Sensei. Everybody was shocked at first to see that an alien was going to be their teacher and that he brought in some supplies to teach the kids what to do.

Then Koro Sensei finally said his first words to the students and, he said “Good Morning everybody, how are you all feeling today?” then everybody was just sitting at their desks, watching Koro Sensei giving them the following instructions. Then he gave them different things to test them out on what they were good at and what they need to work on a little bit more. 

Their objective was to target their teacher and try killing him by using a anti-me BBS that was developed by the Government. Afterwards, another student shouted at the teacher and he said “But Sensei, these anti-me BBS bullets can’t go through you because it’s impossible?” then Koro Sensei replied back and said “They may be BBS bullets, but it can still go right through me and it will take a little while for me to regenerate. 

So each time Koro Sensei enters the classroom, they would all have to come up with a plan to kill their teacher before time runs out and also when they graduate. But it was a really hard mission for the students because the lives on earth was at risk and the people’s hopes was up to the students in Class 3-E to assassinate him before the time comes.

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