Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Holiday 2K17

Walt: Create a blog post about your holidays.

We were allowed to take 2 weeks off school because we had Easter on and, to celebrate with our families. I didn't do much in the holidays because we stayed home most of my holiday. Since I won the $20 warehouse voucher, I used my money to buy my little sister and I some Easter eggs. I just wanted to give my gratitude and repay back for what my family did for me.

During my school holidays, I didn't do much because my mum and dad were busy watching movies on their own devices. When it was Easter Monday, I woke up at about 7:30am and got myself ready for breakfast. Then I took a little piece of the Easter Egg and put it into my pocket so my mum wouldn't notice. 

The next day, I was in my brother's room because he went to my cousins house. I turned on the Tv and I had to login to the user before doing anything else. After I finished that, I started playing my favourite game, it is called "Saint Row 3." The aim of the game was to get yourself in trouble by the cops and your enemies. Once you have finished that, you need to kill more people and the tanks and helicopters will come after you.

My holiday was pretty boring because we didn't do much but stay home. But I still had fun staying home and doing nothing at all. I felt like a vampire because we had to stay home and their was no light shining inside our house. We were suppose to do a Easter Hunt, but we couldn't because we wanted to save the rest for another day.

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