Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Year 8 Camp 2k17

Walt: Make an explanation writing about your experience at the Year 8 Camp.

On Wednesday 24th May, we were getting ready for our annual Year 8 Camp. We had to meet each other in the hall by 8:00am because Miss Flavelle and Mrs Tele’a was doing a check up on who was in the hall prepared and, who was not coming to camp. The activities that we had was Go Karts, Jiggers, Paintball, Flying Fox, Archery, Air Rifle & BMX. Mrs Su and her husband David are the bosses of Kauaeranga Valley.
My first favorite activity was Air Rifles. The reason why I like this activity is because we got to feel what an actual gun will feel like and how hard it is to reload it. There were 3 guns, there were two guns that looked like a shotgun. There was one gun that had a scope on it to make it better to aim. We had to shoot small targets and work our way up.

My second favorite activity that I enjoyed was Go Karts. I enjoy this activity because we got to drive around full speed, we also got different courses that we were allowed to do. Some of the students were doing drifts inside the Kart. Vinolia was the first person to do a drift on the Go Kart’s, she didn’t know how she did it.

My third favorite activity that I enjoyed was Paintball. The reason why I enjoy this is because we got to go into teams and shot the other team that we very versing against. We even got to do “Firing Squad.” The rules of this game was to get 1 player up in the front, then the rest of us can shoot at them. If one of us get’s the player in the front, the other person would have to get a turn as well. The most painful experience of this game, is that the paintball’s were very painful and it stung for a while. Then the pain will disappear like nothing happened.

It was a great experience that we had at our annual Year 8 Camp. We all learnt to build each other up and don’t rely on the Prefects and House Captains. All of the Year 8’s were building leadership and learning how to lead the school, as we are leaders ourselves. The activities were amazing and we all had fun getting dirty and muddy at the same time.

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