Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Discussing Data - FIO L2-3

Walt: Create graphs to communicate Ideas.


 1. Most of the students come to school by bus. The reason why I think the students came to school by bus is because their wasn’t much traffic. Also because their parents were busy with other things.

2. The students begin their dinner around about 6:00pm. I think the reason why the students start their dinners at 6:00pm is because it’s the earliest time.


3. The wettest month which is August will be pouring out about 90% of the rainfall. The driest month is January and it will be pouring out at least 30% of rainfall this month.


2. It is a disadvantage because reading a flat graph will be easier to see the results. But a 3-dimensional bar graph will be harder because it will be very difficult to read.

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