Friday, 12 May 2017

Too much Telly?

Walt: Interpret a range of different graphs.
Answer below:

1: What the three logs have in common is that they are all related to Tv and their homework.

2: The thing different about these three logs is that they have different results compared to other ones.

3: It is true that most students who watch tv do less homework. I think this is because you can get so distracted from what you are really doing then, you won’t do any school work at all

Answer questions below:

1: What I think that is different with Room 5 & 6 is that more people in Room 5 watches Tv, but they also do a little bit of school work.

2: I don’t think that the students are watching to much tv because, they show that they have done more homework before watching tv.

3: The students in my class watch tv for 7 hours and 5 hours on their homework.

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