Monday, 27 February 2017

Te Taiao o Tamaki - Who my role model is and why?

Walt: Plan for a piece of explanation writing. 
- Use the' Title - Introduction - Information - Conclusion (TIIC) structure.
“Who is your role model?”. There is only one person that I really look up to and he is my role model. “Why are they so important to you and why do you look up to them?”, there are lot’s of reasons why people have role models, it is because they want to be just like them or they want something that their role model has.

My role model is Osamu Tezuka. The reason why I look up to him is because his talents are splendid and he created something that nobody can take away from him. I’ve always looked up to him because he created Anime and I’ve always wanted the same talent as him. In life, I want to create my own Manga and Anime to show people he was a great and creative person.

Osamu Tezuka teaches people about life through his animated work and to show people what life's all about. I have always been inspired by his beautiful work. His animated cartoons have helped me to understand what life can be and how hard people try to do their best in anything they come across.

He teaches me that life is not a game and that you need to take it very seriously. In the future, you will need to work every day to be able to do things that you have always wanted to do in life. He encouraged me that I can try new things that I have never done before, he has also showed me that I can do anything in the future.

These are the reasons why I look up to Osamu Tezuka and why he plays an important role in my life. He is one of the role model that I look up to and I have lot’s of information why he is a role model to me. I always look up to him because he is a very special person to me. So, “Who is your role model and why are they so important to you?”

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  1. This is awesome Roimata! Please add more information about your role model as I want to read more about who he is and the work he's done. Sounds amazing! Keep up the good work.